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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

5. Marxism and Social Security

Marxism is a legitimate way of recognizing the reality of being in full view of the most important social interests. The deceased wives of Marx’s ideology, who wanted to be condemned, didn’t speak deceitfully but mercifully, rightly did not belong to you, but to Adam Smith, Hegel, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Saint-Simon.

So, the main political idea of ​​the Marxist meeting about the primacy of suspension over special people, which has become the foremost stone of socialist activism in the Soviet Socialist Republic, did not belong to Marx, but to Saint Simon’s positive historical and philosophical philosophy. Tsya philosophy, who recognized the creator of suspension of history as a creator, didn’t add to the indi-vidual strength, of course, it’s a great deal of historical process.

Zagalna is critical the assessment of the Marxist sentence is not zoomed in by an economical serpent, but by these ideological approaches, which by singing world have signified the first steps that are necessary, and the essence of this is a bag of yogis. Yakby is not a radical follower of Marxism, so that year-old, chanting, and yogo were used as a straightforward science, adding and completing the development of a classic political economy.

Rosvinuvshi rіkardіans'ku theory of wartosti, Marx went on to date on nutrition about income in suspension, because it is logical to solve the problem of labor, I didn’t know the difference. Abstract, deemed by it, I was not at all in a perfect mood, then I didn’t overstate them, but I could give a more detailed analysis of the surroundings of the suspension-economical processes.

I myself am often abstract, Marx will show the role of pre-admission wartost (scho, for thought, for example) as the official bureaucrat, development of capital, the basics of technical progress, incentive. By itself, with the help of an abstract abstraction, the mechanism of renewal of economic and renewal is necessary before the fact that I can analyze and propose to the process of formulating the price. Chi not so much as a base to become the basis of Keynesian encyclopedia?

The theory of value and benefit for the minds of strong competition, land rents, interest rates, wages in the third volume “Capital”, with a thorough application butt, abstract logic, and more relevant principles are recommended. .

In our contribution to the economics of science ре theory of the realization of Marx, the yakulo was also formulated with the position of the labor theory. Marx didn’t nullify the absolutization of the most important indicators, but I would like to point out those that show the tendency, which is more important, more important, and more expensive. I’ll explain the nature of the cycle, the crisis of overburning, the sign of the phase of the cycle, the analysis of the evidence of these properties. This is all the time you need to be appreciated by ordinary economic science.

Schemes for realizing a suspension product, in some of which are shown the majority of the parts of the product that has been launched, a significant extension of the problem of proportionality, so that the suspension of the suspension is violated. Vysnovka, zroblenі Marxom, recognized on the brink no more than the orthodox Marxists. His thesis is about the primary role of virobnitz and virobnitz and osnogo rozpodilu of the most virobniztva and rozpodilu objects that existed in vihidnoy for bagatochs of the most common (especially Keynesian) theories.

On the basis of theoretical abstracts, Marx took a broad view of the capitalist visionary official. At the boundaries of the theory of extended capitalization, we have a number of visually important, first-time factors, visually important issues that need to be addressed about the problem of economic and social importance.

Methodological approaches to the proportional proportional suspension of virology, formulated by Marx in the following schemes, use the rules for encouraging the balance of public gratitude in the forensic table with the type “vitrati-vipusk”, proclaim V. Leon.

Vysnovki from the theory of future capital, I could see the growth of organic and future capital, as well as the heirs of science-technical progress and development of productive forces, are repeated in the current neoclassical and theorious economies. Underestimation of the category of organic business of the capital of the trials of the hour of the cause of the reason for the lack of visibility, formulated on the basis of virological functions.

We especially appreciate Marx’s process of analyzing problems of resolving and competing against each other and engaging in mechanics of economical incentives to ensure the attainment of science-and-technology progress.

It’s more profitable, the Marxist economic theory to avenge the lowest scientific knowledge of the business, to characterize the laws of functionality of the capital city, the idea of ​​the competitiveness of the market, the middle of the world market

The assessment of the Marxist sentence on the part of the mother and daughter of the systematic analysis is zagalna. Of course, it’s not possible to completely reckon with Marx’s whole view of the vision of the problems of capitalist virology without the prism of social, classroom vidnos, but the fact that it is economically viable is unimportant.

Ninethe Marxist economically, the main words are in the center of respect for those who want to come back, as if they pretend to look at the doctrine of Marx and formalize it with the help of an economical and mathematical model. However, do not wait for anything to be taken away, fragments of the greatest virshuvanikh Marx of problems for his nature do not give in to the analysis.

Marx and his followers at their own posts have come across the labor theory, criticism of the theory of boundary corridor, the theory of factorization. That in the current macroeconomic analysis of theories, you can get the most out of it, Marxist labor theory cannot be used as a basis for applied projects, it is not possible to keep them in the middle of the most important models. legal factor of value, so that the process of economic improvement.

At Marx’s vartostation, it’s easy to get involved with vidnazhni-ya the price and income, the fragments are grounded on the business needless of one factor, and the most economical idea is based on bagatofactory analysis. The middle of these factors is prazia, capital, land, public relations. In fact, in the center of events, it’s not just a matter of arrogance, but the price and price of the money that comes with the development factor.

For capital goods, goods are not sold, but for prices, as long as they are posted. Marx himself recognized the third volume of Kapitalu, having formulated an overview about the price of virobnost, and of a certain one, they will be formed in full by a lower number of factors, and more than one nature. For the sake of law, urakhova’s science is so economically sound, it’s positively positive in relation to the Marxist theory of factors, and it’s a factor in the form of the theory of frontier corridor and factor factors.

Soundly, the Marxist economy and revenge and bagato hibni visnovkіv. Ale, bewildered, tse coherently be the theory. However, the idea of ​​Marxism with a singing world has been tested in practice, so that it’s possible to complete the social assessment of this year.

The economics of Marx’s theory is tied to a grounded boot about speeding capitalism, its obsolescence for death, and the development of this suspension fret is zoomed in by negative laws. The problems of capital economy (crisis, anarchy, inflation, unemployment), on the thought of the Marxists, cannot be more varied between capital, the risk of being privately owned is limited.

Treba is required to vote, scho ia of the bows is very economical. The call doesn’t mean anything. Navpaki, knowing the truth of the truth about the shortcomings of the market economy, is the most economical science of the way you can solve the problems. Itself are so theories of the theory of social-market statehood, neoclassical, monetarist and Keynesian doctrines.

In Russia, Marxism, having spoken about the vivid methods of developing the problems of capitalist suspension, was overwhelmed by the revolutionary Marxists, the revolutionary revolution, the social revolution. The protractor of failure to analyze the scientific decline of Marx’s cause, but I don’t want to.

The political side of Marx and Engels ’words is super polite, it’s not primed with such a logic as an economic doctrine. So, on the day, okremі mіrkuvannya with the drive of socialism and the gentry of the new formation, scho not to be communicated and not to be analyzed. Uh, the last supporters, they called themselves Marxists, eagerly accentuated respect on the ideas of Marx-politician, lower than Marx, so that they "poked" economically and consume ideology.

The official communal doctrine of the bulo was taken to the forensic scholars of Marx, all those who want to, often because of form, proclaimed by the method that validated the rule of law, encouraged a new good reason.

That posture of respect for the followers of Marxism was stricken by those who Marx has two eyes to look at, and two hats for the transition to socialism as a fair fair suspension - revolution and evolution.

I want to have my own best wishes for the transfer of revolution to capitalism, for the first version for “Capital” (“Economical manuscripts of 1857-1861 pp.)” Marx analyzes the need for new science , if there’s a wart, as a result of live life, we’ll be able to type in the form.

Win wrote: “Exchange of living rights for the improvement of praci, so that organization of suspension of the form of protest and capital, which is a constant step to the development of a new business. Before changing our minds to the last step є ’and I’m selling, there will be plenty of uninterrupted working hours, there’s a lot of vitality, like a viral factor of viral co-operation. But with the great promise, the goal is to reduce the number of working hours and the number of days available, but it’s possible to keep them in good condition and have a good time we’ll have an uninterrupted working hour, and sooner we’ll lie in the middle of the mystery of science and the progress of technology, as long as the science of science is fixed up to virology ”* 9. Chi varto bulo criticize the theory of convergence systems like reaction, like what, do you grab the class interests of the bourgeois, if it’s stinky to take such a bag?

* 9: {Marx K., Engels F. Create. - T. 46.- Part II. - S. 194.}

Ofitsіyna communist doctrine, quoting the "Manifest of the Communist Party", has earned respect for those who have the right to commune to the public, but that they have to be recognized, they must be disclosed, they must be disclosed. antagonism of class and exploitation.

The thesis about the dominant form of power, which is often used in Marx, is also ambiguous, and he wrote, and the bureaucracy is “a mother in his own power, ... that’s private power” * 10. There is a power like the dictate of one of the classes of suspensions, Marx has always been in favor, so that is the right time, the same, the sovereign form of moisture is also fast.

* 10: {There by itself. - T. 1. - S. 57.}

Yak bachimo, Marx’s baubles, which are a problem of transforming suspension, were ambiguous, they left a great space for the vibra of social forms of transition and it means great power for a meaningful interpretation. Unequivocal and categorical buve lisne of bows and whistles about the essential need for recital. Orthodox followers of Marxism, the tsilki ers and they took them to the forefront and they did everything, abi to live. The prototype of the ideology of Marx-politics has significantly increased in number, less than the ideology of Marx-economy. The contribution of Marxist economic theory to science was introduced by economists of all generations and all scientific sciences. It’s a big deal with aspects of theoretical and economic concepts, which Marx has spoken of, scientific knowledge, which is logical, motivated by an auxiliary method, based on the principles of historical, historical, historical and historical. In bagatokh vipsad Marx bouv provisnik of ordinary economic theories. Tom Marxist economical theory can be respected with a straight forward development of economical thoughts.