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Anti-dust anti-corrosion

Anti-dust anti-corrosion
Suitable for all types of cars on gasoline, diesel and gas, 12V

Ultrasonic Automotive Electrical Device (Anti-dust "Sunpulse"), protecting the car body from rust and dust.

The anti-dust device "Sunpulse" is the latest technical achievement in the science of electrostatics, and effective protection of the metal body of the car . It is considered the main achievement in the field of protecting metal from rust and dust over the past 20 years.

The main advantages of the device Antipyl "Sunpulse":

  • Rust protection for the entire car body
  • Increased paint durability
  • The device can be used to protect all types of frames.
  • Does not interfere with the operation of other electrical appliances.
  • Consumption is lower than most car alarm systems.
  • It creates an antistatic field, thanks to which dust is repelled from your car
  • Simplicity and ease of installation
  • Suitable for any cars
  • Safe for humans

Installing Anti-dust "Sunpulse":

  • 1) Thick wires are connected: red - to the battery terminal "plus", black - to the battery terminal "minus".
  • 2) Attach thin wires to the car body.
  • 3) The body is attached with double-sided adhesive tape in any convenient place under the hood.

The device has international quality certificates.

Cigarette lighter charger to cigarette lighter

Cigarette lighter charger to cigarette lighter

Instructions for using the device

  • 1. Put the key in the ignition in the "ACC" position. Make sure that all devices in the car (air conditioner, radio, lights and aphids) are turned off, otherwise charging will not take place.
  • 2. Turn on the TEST / LAMP mode on the larger cigarette lighter and insert it into the vehicle's cigarette lighter with a discharged battery. If the light on the larger cigarette lighter is green , then the battery is not in working condition. Check starter and related devices. DO NOT TOUCH THE SECOND (smaller) END. METAL PARTS OF THE SECOND CAR.
  • 3. Insert the smaller cigarette lighter in the appropriate connector of the car with a charged battery.
  • 4. Start the car engine with a charged battery. The lamp "CONNEST" should turn on the larger cigarette lighter. If it is not included, check the connection at both ends.
  • 5. Switch to “CHARGE” mode, the “CHARGE” light should turn on and charging will start.
  • 6. After the recommended charging time, switch the larger cigarette lighter to “TEST / LAMP” mode and press the brake pedal 1 time and, if:
    • a. If the TEST light comes on GREEN, then you can start the engine.
    • b. The TEST lamp will turn RED, then switch back to “CHARGE” mode.

Cigarette lighter charger to cigarette lighter

Charging time varies depending on the condition of the battery.


  • 1. Make sure your car has a 12V battery installed. The device is designed for a slave ONLY with 12V batteries.
  • 2. Ensure that both cigarette lighters are fully inserted into the appropriate connectors. This can be checked by turning on the “TEST / LAMP” mode. The “CONNECT” light should come on.
  • 3. Check the cigarette lighter connection procedure:
    • a. Larger — in a car with a discharged battery.
    • b. Smaller — to a car with a charged battery.
  • 4. When trying to charge, make sure that the “CHARGE” mode is on.
  • 5. Make sure all the car's appliances are turned off, otherwise charging will take much longer.
  • 6. You can also reduce the charging time by increasing the engine speed of the charging car to 2000 rpm.

Device advantages

  • Charging the battery from the cigarette lighter to the cigarette lighter
  • Easy, safe and no dirt on hands
  • Indicates battery status
  • Can tell you the time to start the engine while charging
  • In a short time, the battery of your car will be safely charged and you can go about your business.
  • Can be used as a signal light.


  • 4.5m length
  • Charging voltage 0-12B
  • Charging current 0-14A
  • Charging time 5-30 min
  • Charging suspension at t °> 80 ° C ± 5 ° C
  • Resume charging at t ° <65 ° C ± 5 ° C

Do not use with 24V batteries.

Do not use for charging vehicles with incorrect electrical wiring.

After connecting one end, never touch another metal.

The charging device has an alarm lamp that can be used on any car with a normally functioning 12V battery. In order to turn on the signal lamp, you need to switch the ignition to “OFF” or “ACC” mode, then at a larger cigarette lighter, you need to turn on the “TEST / LAMP” mode and insert a smaller cigarette lighter into the corresponding connector in the car.