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My Fucking Lovely Ganja Work

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And work is not so bad ... Good morning, comrades!

We start production gymnastics.
Relax your members: Close your eyes: You are on vacation:

You are on the shore of a warm ocean: Leaning back on a soft wicker sun lounger: In one hand you have a large glass with a cold <Tropicana> cocktail, and in the other :. STOP!

Relax your members! In your other hand you have the magazine Murzilka. You are warm, even hot: a slim and charming islander massages your feet and slowly rises higher and higher: Voluptuous languor spreads over your body.

You are in anticipation of numerous: IMPRESSIONS! And then: fuck, TSUNAMI from where not to take it!

Where to run? Sho do? On the beach, panic, children's screams, female cries! All fucking rested! With a frantic speed, a wave of 20 meters approaches you!

You are standing on the shore, in the hands of the magazine <Murzilka> and you think - this is fucked up! But no!!! Open your eyes !!! You are at work - you are saved !!! You are ready to massage the heels of your boss, just do not return to that tropical nightmare!

And now stretch, drink a coffee and R A B O T A T b! IMMEDIATELY !! I wish you all a good mood and fruitful week !!! :)