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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

15.2.2. Analysis of economic indicators

The analysis of economic indicators is shown, which is why I am going to follow the foreign exchange rate scheme: I’ll show the indicator of the first half of the year, I’ll keep it up to the maximum value, and in advance.

Let me look at the meaning of food, it’s respectable, and the influx of skin economical indicators can be examined in two aspects: first, overall, economy and, in other words, methods of sovereign regulation, and so on. Moreover, having offended the components of such an analysis, they run in one straightforward way - or even give the currency, or even weaken the currency.

In most cases there is an hour to assess the economic indicators, I need to focus on such things as forecasting, I’ll get a better idea, I’ll need more information, I’m more important for more information

The economic and financial indicators in a different way absorb on the financial instruments of the financial market. Thus, instruments with fixed income and foreign exchange rates have a great deal of time to keep up with the latest innovations, apart from that there is also a significant amount to keep up with the special features of the company, which is more economical and economical.

The unchallenged leader in the foreign exchange market on the border of XX and XXI st. buv i zalisyaetsya US dollar. For estimates of the International Monetary Fund of the State of the Year є “the driver of global growth in the period of all-round financial turbulence”. “US policy at the Danish moment is the key role in the stabilization of the international financial market. The US dollar’s ​​expansion has broadened the obscure drink, which has allowed us to reverse the overwhelming US economy and help improve the global economy of turbulence. ” Navigation since 1 September 1999 Single European currency - “Euro”, since, due to estimates of analitics, becoming more competitive US dollar, it did not result in a suture re-allocation to the global currency market. At zvyazku zim kotiruvannya on international markets vidbuvatsya overpriorously to the US dollar. Є, naturally, and straightforwardly quoting the same currency to foreign currency, the US dollar is small (I’m sure to call it cross-cursive), and there’s a small part in the backside of the wind. Let me take a look at the value, which is logical and the most important, of those who want to analyze the international currency market.

In the process of analyzing the market situation, it is necessary to reduce the risk of fundamental fundamentals. The most important thing is the hour and hour of the most significant trend, the periodical publication. The indicators of the zagalny economy will allow me to quarterly periodically publish the news, the period of social and social indicators, the indicators of the social and psychological population will be able to publish more and more often. Termini of the skin indicator is horribly signaled. The main informational agencies call to publish calendars and to the launch of the main fundamental indicators. The dealers are guilty of a clear hour of real work on the market with certain tools, such as triviality analysis tools, hourly analysis of the risk of spiraling, except for the global ones, on the basis of the global indicators. So, a global indicator of the next time I look for it, wait a bit for the stink of the past to ignite the pre-growth trend for the market. But at times trading in the “short distance”, for example, on the spot market, but with the tools of the trial until the hour of the hour fluctuations on the market, you can super read the main trends. I have a great need to earn respect for the issue, as well as more short-term indicators, for example, NAPM, Housing Starts, Consumer Confidence.

It’s not unreasonable for dealers є the moment you’re ready for the trend. The first manifestation of such moments in the market is more worthless for the minds of a country-specific, comprehensive and monitored monitoring of technical, economic, political and political warehouse analysis.

Yak to judge s mozhna Informácie in Figures 15.3 15.4 that, in ostannі Rocky sposterіgaєtsya tendentsіya to zbіlshennya digit zagalnoї lіkvіdnostі svіtovogo foreign exchange market, іntegratsіynih protsesіv scho proyavlyaєtsya in zmenshennі rozbіzhnostі mіzh values ​​bunt іndikatorіv rіznih kraїn that digit zmenshennі amplіtudi їh mіnlivostі (volatilnostі).

Dinamika rivnya unemployment for the remaining ten decimal industrialized land

Fig. 15.3. Dinamika of unemployment for the remaining ten years of industrial and domestic life (information is removed from the TENFORE information system)

Dynamics of GDP GDP of the United States, Niemechchini and Great Britain for the remaining ten years

Fig. 15.4. Dynamics of GDP GDP of the United States, Niemechchini and Great Britain for the remaining ten years (the information is cleared from the TENFORE information system)

Dynamics of the CPI

Fig. 15.5. Dinamika zmi_ CPI (index of living prices) for the remaining ten years of industrial and domestic privileges (information has been removed from the TENFORE information system)

Dinamika zmіini PPI

Fig. 15.6. Dynamics of the PPI (the index of viral pricing) for the remaining ten years of industry and nationality (the information is cleared from the TENFORE information system)

The tendency is not to be lost beyond sight of the unemployment of N_mechchin, and in the 1990s, there has been an increase in the stability of life. The process is connected with the processes of transformation, the transformation of the economy, the improvement of investment in the shared parts, and the structure of the occupied population.