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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

15.3.11. The signal of technical analysis

Divergence between the prices and the MACD-histogram of the wizardє for any market, only one for the signal, for one signal from the technical analysis. For the sake of divergence in the case at the main point of reversal and yes, a signal to buy or sell.

If the price is up to a new maximum, and the MACD-histogram is drawn to the lower value, the winnik is the divergence of the "lead". Less growth on the MACD histogram is about those who are not so strong, independent of the high prices.

Mostly, the prices fell to a new minimum, and the MACD-histogram did not fall so low, as before, the divergence of the “bikіv” diagonal. There’s something to say about those who want to fall for the energy and the “biki” ready to go to the market and buy. The divergence is yes, the signal is to buy one, if there are more gracious signs of recession to a new minimum.

The MACD-histogram is effective on a small hourly scale: daily, long-run.

15.3.12. Momentum

The momentum ( otsіnka tempu rukhu tsin) vіdstezhuє is accelerated by the trend, growing and lowering the speed of the second rukhu (fig. 15.21). Momentum of love, love, love, yak bulla an hour ago. As a matter of fact, the indicator of closing the rest of the day I am redistributing the most significant values ​​of the past (prices are higher), the increase of being positive and the lowering of the result is 0. The greater the value, the lower, the lower , the lower lower line 0.

M = V - Vx,

de M - momentum;

V - price closed;

Vx - price closed x days ago ( x brothers are recommended between 7-10).

Seven-minute momentum price closed closing price last year closed price closed this day. Graph-momentum maє nulovu lіnіyu. The zero line of the oscillator will be more accurate when the trend is up. The hour of the correction of the “bik” momentum, as a rule, is lower, and then the price is zero.

With the “leading” market of zero zero, we are firmly supporting the bar in such a way, as the main trend is lower.

Nulova lina is an area of ​​low rhizic for the achievement of a lower position in the upward trend and that of short ones in the lower.