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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

1.2. Informational-communal channels. Functions and Movies

Having become aware of the understandings of "communication" from a theoretical point of view, it is important to go up to the understanding of the social and social channels - the communal channels.

On the other hand, the channel of communication will be rooted for the transmission of information and information in the process of communication.

Komunіkatsіyny channel spriy ustorennyu (coduvannyu) transmission and reception (sprynyattyu) information. For the whole range of needs, codes, signs, materials and information technology and technology (encoders, tidy up the reception and transmission signals, decryptor signals and other.).

Rosework of human civilization and superconditioning of water supply channels.

On the first stages, the people of Vicorists have experienced natural disasters for the transmission of serpentine channels through two channels: nonverbal (non-verbal) and verbal (verbal).

Nonverbal channel komunіkatsії

The nonverbal channel zavdyaki vikoristannyu mіmіki, gestіv, rukhіv, іntonatsіy permission to do well to transfer emotion people.

In minority groups and groups, the role of the non-verbal channel is important to re-evaluate, the fragments of up to 70% of information are conveyed not by words, but by the message itself, gestures, rugs, pause, intonally.

The role of the channel is popular with the popular sayings: “More often than once you’ll beat it, almost a hundred times it’s better”.

You don’t be amazed at the main credo of the TV tower: “Not sutu, you say, but sutt, like that mash viglyad.” For radio, navpaki, word of mouth, pause, intonation is extremely important.

The fairness of the "television formula of the communication" author kіlka razіv has come to an end especially.

One day, having come to work, I’ve seen a lot of telephone calls, in some known people people have shyly said about my “far away”, since I didn’t give up the front-end programs of Ukrainian Television News (UT-1).

Much nonsense, try to check the very fact of “far away” categorically having one of the tricks: “I’m bachy myself. You can’t comment wisely ... What? I don’t remember, but your life has lost your life ... "
Just like that, they roamed like that. A day earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine V. Kremen wrote to the traditional tradition of the exhibition, as a result, in the district of IAPM, we took part

Typology of communal channels

Vishchi primary mortgage (VNZ) of the country, giving the Internet vishchezgadany program UTN.

Oskilki your pokіrniy servant, before thym yak to come to work as rector of IAPM, having praised the priest’s rock at the pres-service of the President of Ukraine, they knew well the cameramen of the government channel. Zrozumіlo, according to friendship, the stinks "took into the frame" the assets at once from the ministry and me.

Everything that I’m interested in is that I have a good opinion of V. Kremen’s words about those that are uncontrollable higher educational establishments. enter Druk ponad 100 books.

Pozayak the plot about the exhibition, vrakhovuyu the intervy ministra, buv to finish the trial, and I spent an entire hour waiting for the shot, the glance of hostility turned up, the rector of IAPM gave the blog an intervy at once for the UT-1.

From now on, for television, it’s not important, you’re speaking (I say, talking!), But it’s the same, saying that you’re in the frame of that kind of big picture.

Before speaking, Charles Darwin, living with other people and creatures [8], helping, biologically comforted people, nonverbal care, see, crying, trembling, fearless, ін) і socially zamouleni hassle komunіkatsії (shaking their heads at the sign of the zodi or mischief, lowering the shoulders when unreasonable, folding the valleys with a reeking shitty skinny).

Also, I am sure that the non-verbal channel is the most reliable, the fragments of the non-verbal reaction are generated on the basis of the right brain ("sensitive"), and the words of the brain are controlled completely.

Zrozumіlo, in words (cebo - svіdomіstyu) Keruvati is simpler, lower than emotions (pіdsvіdomіstyu). Remain є true.

Rozumiyuchi, the poet’s words: “A thought spoken - there is a lie” (V. Bryusov) is not far away, the secret services have long since been known as the nonsense detectors, and the robots are explicitly located on the “know” verbally.

Verbal channel komunіkatsії

The verbal channel of communication, which is insured to the natural communal channels, can be guaranteed on the basis of modern health and be realized through the transmission of new words (text) in the usual form of letters.

In order to transmit the message, please, lyudina makolodіti:

• with my current health, in order to be passed down and pole in the ability to speak and rosemity of the inner people;

• one of the natural movs, such as ludin ovolodіva, in the life as a result of the initial social socialization;

• In foreign, but piece-wise mine (in the case of movs), Yaku Lyudin can be lifted up by a stretch of life.

Natural language, being a fundamental block of social memory, is visual, as is the result of poor learning and social awareness.

Moving and Moving cannot be without one without one: Moving is realized through Moving, and Moving is silent.

You can have a good idea and have a good idea, a thoughtful and practical function, you can smell something like objects and objects, so you can learn about it from the pic. 3.

The function of social investment based on Volodymyr’s second-hand social offer with the most common social means, as well as the addition of help to a typical member of a suspension.

There is a clear function of the pole in the deposits of socialized features of the features of the movable. Ethnicity and the structure of the structure lie in the structures of the movable and civil structures.

Є mov, scho mayu 40 vіdmіnkіv, and є, scho do not know ikh them zagagali. Є movi with a great number of voices (for Sami people - 53) and little (for Hawaiians - less than 7). Say, in a long time ago, the word “long day” means “blue color” - in the blue color you can’t guess the same time [55, p. 156].

In fact, I’m talking to people in different ways and describing one word and the same words with my own words.

Іnstrumentalnaya funktsiya spriya ик vikoristanny movi for reading, re-reading, compiling with people іншої national nationalities, so to speak, there is a communal instrumental.

Typology and Functionality

Functions of self-determination and self-recognition of health for additional semantic resources in a movable language. There are people who think about internal speech. I’m living in my own voice, so I want to say "internal voice" to her. Proteus є people who have become “accustomed” to the image of a representative of the Inshoi people (for example, rosaries can be misleading in my opinion). Ale tsikavo, scho uvі snі abo pіd hour of a significant emoticon of zbudzhennya people nevertheless speak my own words.

So, Vidomy Radyansky rozvidnik of a clock of Other svitovoi vіyni (now called bi - terorist) Mikola Kuznetsov, a kind of brilliant Volodymyr in my name, rozmovlyav uvі sі rosіyskoy. To that, if having slept, wait for him to buy a new coat, having not allowed anyone at the room. Meta zrozumіla: zberіgannya tamnitsі rozvіduvalno і help and pragnennya not "light" the help ім'я special services agent.

Z zhnіkami more folding. For half an hour, I’ll stink yelling at me. And for example, a textbook video of the perfect hour of the first night (a shpigunkka - I’m better for you) Mata Harі "burned out" an hour of a burly sexual night, if the words came in handy. It’s a pity, the officer of counter-surveillance, she departed without having been a gentleman and a “hello” of his own command. And Zhіnka Bula, crazy, not only beautiful, but thalanovita. Pratsyuvati a water hour on three rozvydki - all the rest! ..

Ale ideally dalі ...


Functions for the development of communication with science є Development of the rational understanding of the function, through the development of specialties through the internal history of the country for the analysis of the clear information.

The functional function of the communication system is that it is almost possible to speak, in human terms, like a communication system.

Cultural and normative functions , like є belonging to literary movi, п pіdtyagє ’of people before the singing cultural level.

I’m willing to take it with respect, respect, okroim literary movi, є national-rozmovna mov, territorial and social dialects, professional terminology systems, jargon, custom moviem, are by the most powerful social objects).

Functionality of identification with a group of people with victorious enumeration of passwords characteristic for singing social, national and international relations.

The functions of suspension and identification are realized through the victorious constructions designed for singing suspension (power).

Socially Functional Movies and Movies

National-cultural functions, as they say, have fun with the day-to-day social functions, people who love the spiritual national gene pool of people.

Without movi dumb people and national culture.

Ethno-formative function is connected with the national-cultural, the fragments of the loss of the movi are equal in the meaning of the triple of the national self-bridges. To the very same thing, "cultural empireism", wait to reckon with the power of ethnically-forming more educated people.

The so-called globalization processes are hidden in the knowledge of the national-cultural and identity of the people, in the development of a long-standing strategy. Familiarity with moviem, familiarity with the national power and naviazati "holy detachment", which is mainly controlled by the representatives of the same group of "God-images" - such is the strategy of the "new holy order".

The function of poetical creativity is also related to the similarities of national movements, which are unique in poetry tricks for the fulfillment of all that is necessary for others.

The function of creating a piece of movable pole in the form of new community commissions in professional and ambush ambushes. If you’re new, learn how to (program, math, math, log, linguistic) to Esperanto, it’s very easy to play around with the natural wonders of nature and can be reassigned to them.

Socially-movlenny funktsii movi i movlennya

The contact function ensures that the contact is different between the features without interruption, but in the group in the process of repeated silence on those days, transport and politically neutral speeches.

The magic function is to look at the mythological order from the point of zoru spell, conspiracy, corruption and that. One cannot do this without the need for a singing context that implies God, the antipode, people who are skinny, fragments, having relieved, and mother of tragedy.

The regulatory function of the control is in the control of the words in the physiological and psychological processes (pressure, infection, hypnosis).

Ale varto pam'yatati, which is the very same word, is said with different intonations, and the mother can have a final result.

In addition, Varto also voted on the fact that functional functions and mobility can be realized on a special, interpersonal, group and mass level, so as to put an end to new models.

From now on, understanding the social, psychological, social and social aspects of submitting information and communication channels, we can help you to better understand the models and social function points.

Vidak and problems of stability and stability in suspension systems become more controversial in a controlled context, which, insane, insanely, is important in a plan of steel suspension development.