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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

2.5. Political comunication

The social, sound, political system of suspensions is almost unique, it’s a lot of the same thing as the internal and external situations. It’s up to you to keep your information fully in order to find the right information, as well as to enter informational subsystems about system development.

Political communications є own social and informational field of politics, which is from all the components of the political sphere of suspensions and the structure of political duality.

I'll take a look at K. Deutch (Harvard University, USA), a clear, analitical political sphere, the publicist and official N. Viner’s ideas [15], the political system doesn’t have to stop at the station, take care of your business. Politics that are likely to be achieved for the whole time are the processes of management and coordination of museums [85].

How much will we understand форма informational security policy? How do I react to the situation, why don’t I? How can I predict how to transfer development? Chi can you adequately absorb on unobtrusive snakes? This is a vitally important problem. It’s necessary and necessary for a political system є a political community and an informative way of efficient function.

The ear of the problems of political communication is due to the propaganda reached during the period of the Persian Holy Week (1914-1917). But fundamental principles and terminology "political communications" were manifested in 40s of XX century art.

Violation is straightforward at the intersection of social and political sciences. It’s full of interest in the development of cybernetic theory and the advent of new communal systems and technologies.

Special respect for those who are politically motivated in terms of suspensions, I have to deal with the communal aspects, problems of function and concern of the mass information and power of society [44].

I have political and state information before the government, the data transmission and the information technology are in place, and I have a political system. Remaining the mother of a serious problem through lack of knowledge, or lack of information. I won’t get new information out of the way before and after I’ve removed it, but now I’ve got a political report. The process of transmitting political information, as I circulate one part of the political system to the main, the middle of the political and the suspension systems, as well as the other political structures, the suspension groups, are called 116. 42].

The skin is political system of rosorta I dare to measure politically communicated to my own abilities. The chain is developing immediately with political structures. However, there is an uninterrupted sound between the economical development of the suspension and the development of the structures of the political community. The remaining signaled as a technical equalization of the transmission of information, as well as the basic ideological political system.

Yak and suspensions, political systems can be but liberal or authoritarian Chi totalitarian. The typical typology is May i politicheskoy komunіkatsії.

The liberal structures of the political community may have a democratic pidhid, as well as a permanent dialogue between the government and the government. For the sake of concept, you can talk about the "order of a huge thought", which is a kind of democratic democracy, the prism of the information and the rulers and the rulers.

Komunіkatsіya zhittєvo neobhodimna polіtichnyі systems. Political analysis of the problems of information and political communication in response to the problems that have arisen, in order to focus on the boundaries of the functional concept of the political sphere of suspensibility.

For example, G. Almond and J. Coleman examined the community for a look at homogeneity, mobility, obedience and directness.

In the quarrels of political polity, the “message” (texts, secondary), as a rule, is greater than the average number of people. It’s stinky to know the singing rules of the grin. And in suspensions, it’s possible to develop political information by differentiating the address of the addressee (people living in villages, people living in rural areas, unemployed people living in rural areas). Wanting, loudly, absolutely homogeneous systems of political communication is not true. Much less should be said about the average back-country cultural and political development of the country.

Similarly, it is possible to classify a system of political communications from the perspective of mobility, efficiency of information, and circulating channels. Yakshcho, say, newspapers and magazines reach readers more often after every other day, that is, without interruption, without knowing the high level of development of the political system and filling in the political community system. The same can be said about the oaths of information and information. In the case of rozvinenich in all sensory political information systems, it is not up to you to go downstairs with a directive hat, but to navigate in the first place: see the bulk of the populace to the squad structures of the most attractive district.

Political communications є with a specific kind of political news and looks, like a non-political element of suspensibility, a part of the political privacy.

Masova community (a form of information and propaganda dyalnost) є dyalnistyu social subnect with a wide range of social, national and social forms of business.

For the sake of health, there is an additional specific social and political institute - the concern of the mass community.

More political information and information can be transmitted in three main ways of communication: contacts to the people of mass communication, through the organization of informal contact.

The first issue is about drunking (newspapers, magazines, books, posters, leaflets) or electronic (telecasting, radio, computer) sober mass media. Another person has to make a reservation for the respect of the municipal authorities, political parties, suspension organizations, guides, the group and that. Remaining victorious as a two-sided lance, exchange of political information among the rulers and podleglimi thugs.

The process of communication through informal contacts is characterized by two stages of transmission of information. Auditory information іnformatsіyu is not seamlessly presented by dzherela іnformatsії, but іd leader of the huge thoughts. From now on, the praise of hvilya is overwhelmingly poured into the leaders of the great thoughts, and the friend is broadened even more among them. From now on, stay сут on the day by repeaters. (ım, to speech, do more, lower mas-media, oskilki know without a word.)

I want a way of informal contacts in political and social matters in primitive suspensions, a human officer should be one of the most respectable, thanks to the lack of priority, it’s important to remember more.

First of all, the fragments of verbal information are improved by the non-verbal and the first persuasion of emotional attentiveness, which by your own means is filled with water on the level of information before the intended information.

Nevid'noy my warehouse form, faksatsіі that samoviddvorennya udidentichnosti be-yako ї natsії that power as a sociocultural and political dіlnosti є national-state symbols and that ideal. Zrozumіlo, scho stink can’t be self-competitive without real-time implementation of a communal gent.

Symbol є ideally or ideally-shaped structure. For a wide rozumіnnі symbol - the whole image, for the structure of a kind of subjective image and for the appearance of a distinctive part of one whole.

Symbols can be imaginatively graphically - at the sight of the Christian chrest, a young month, coat of arms, ensign, sickle and hammer, but such human articles, like Uncle Sem (USA), John Bull (Great Britain), Marianna (France).

Symbols of power can be a sword, a club, a militia, a police, a police office (the Biliy dim, the Kremlin, the пliseyskiy palace).

Risnomanіtnі symbols and may be of greater significance in the lives of people. With the help of a symbolic stink, replace one with one, and in the whole plan of the symbol є with singing tricks of regulation of social behavior. We are to be identified in front of tim, that is, be informative, wholly sprite,, singing succinct visual and sound symbols. The first skin is the subject of deciphering the formulas, which may be used for the singing sens.

The leather people are on target and vshanov’s powerful national-power symbols; they are based on long-standing traditions. A part of ix is ​​formed spontaneously, a part of is provoked by a political life.

Centrally in the system of political symbols, yak, by the day, the subsystem of the political system zagagili, pospidyut prapory, constitution, hymn, holy, penniless signs, political ritual (for example, the process of the new President of the United States). Remain є an important component of the "huge religion", characteristic of singing suspension.

To conclude and concentrate on ideas of freedom and human rights, the statue of Liberty has become for Americans, a symbol of "American peace", the success of the land of "unrequited powers".

Viraznik national spirit, an official, scho сп spryaє formuannuyu national self-bridges and a water hour with a symbol of the country can be buti mist. Say, Kiev for the best of Ukraine - on behalf of the President, Verkhovna Rada, Uryad, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral and that.

Symbols є also vibir name the national penny unit of Ukraine - hryvnia. In the context of the fact that at that time Ukraine was not a small state power, the kingdom of Moscow went over, seemingly completely, the Ukrainian name of the state - Russia, the introduction of the name of the Ukrainian penny unit, the same name of the penny unit of Russia, є glyboko symbolic act. Vin nemovbi perekidaє the word of the psychological sound of the populace of the Ukrainian suspension with ancestors, whose power is one of the most valuable in Europe.

Gromadska dumka form on the front of the front with mas-media. Zrozumіlo, who is politically, especially ruling, who wants to reconcile the greater population with the correctness of their own and additional ownership of their dominion.

I have a context that violates the constituent (neutral), sponical (yak zaklik д to singing) and motivational political information. Sponukalnaya information can be butted out for activation ("learning" before singing straight) and destabilizing (ruining political structures, norms and behaviors).

If you marvel at the political information from the point of view of the argument, then you can violate the logic and reconcile.

Logically reconciling to rational, prove, science arguments.

Emotional reconfiguration of the click on the element of human psychology. Meta - the most significant system of valuable or special features, the priority of activities in the way specified by propagandists.

Political information, it’s better to get to the right place, maybe you can do it on a regular basis, often (by sending internal "censorship"), but you can’t do it at all.

In a whole context, the role of the social-cultural group is large, to ensure that it is easy to establish (as it is) the information society.

Surely, warto take the specialties of the social and cultural group into the political information society:

• special features in view of the information and relocation of the group with a strong influx of the group, until a certain amount of rest is observed;

• Lyudin wants to (at least be punished) for pretrimannya (at least nevikonannya) group standards;

• the thought is “voiced” in the auditorium, more importantly, in the auditorium, especially the look;

• group discourse and decision to relax the inner support of the singing thought;

• national navigation will weaken the grip of "group ministry";

• Naiorthodoxal group members are ready to go ahead with information, so as to comply with the norms;

• great importance for successful memorization of information is the form and special features of the present (dovra to the informant, hostility of the other objectivity and truthfulness).

In addition, one must pay special respect to the addressing of political information, packaging to the standard standards of the largest population groups.

As a rule, information is presented “standardized” to standard classes (ideological, culturally important) of the group, and you will have a much better chance of achieving better information.

The axis here is closer to the formulas of singing, which is more common in the culture of politics.