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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

Z.Z. Psychological and psychotherapeutic models of communication

Psychological model of the communion of Zygmund Freud

The model of the communion of Zygmund Freud є to be guided by the desire for homelessness, as it is important to be regulated on the basis of rational influx.

The problem is є even cinnamon for us. Cause? The technique of psychoanalysis allows you to enter the rosumny processes of unacceptable, super-fast-paced, irrelevant norms, unrealized bazhan and thoughts.

Psychoanalysis allows me to stimulate a psychological model of hourly suspension, as well as a model of communication.

To the thought of Karen Hornі, "step by step almost certainly not say anything else about one's strength, nor about any other meaning" [67, p. 36].

Knowledge of triumph, ochkuvan, bazhan and most important things, vimiryuvannya ratings allow you to satisfy yourself effectively plan and realize the political (closed vibration) campaign within the framework of public relations.

Put it on you? Nayyaskravіshimy tsyomu plan є Presidential distillation in Russia 1997 p.

For the presidency post, the main two political leaders were scolded: Boris Yultsin, a kind of self-reckoning, and Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Russian communes.

Staying prompted by your vibrancy campaign on nostalgic motives - having paid, earlier, if you had communal boules when you were in possession, and you paid pensions instantly, I stole less, I lived more ...

And the team of B. Yeltsin prompted his PR campaign in contrasts, which is also stronger, almost fearful.

Tilki-no G. Zyuganov to do the same “box-by-box” about the good life with the “excused socialism”, as soon as you can repair the demonstration of a kind of squeaky film about lenin’s and their acquaintance.

Try it harder, as if є strong_shim: fear for life chi nostalgia? I’m quite likely to predict that you have a vibrant campaign.

The main postulate of the communal model of Z. Freud is that our behavior should not wait to be motivated by our motives.

Consider those that have sexual motives in theory, they are too much in the core, the very essence of psychoanalysis is the chorus of the motives, the idea of ​​coming homelessly, the more cinnamon problems in our communal problems.

Without a doubt, at the thought of Z. Freud, one is forced to circumvent the "censorship" of the bridge and break through in the door of the church. Sounds and interests psychoanalysis before pardons, rims, dreams, humor - "in the skin арт share the heat".

Zrozumіlo, the model is nowadays suitable for analysis of vidnosin for the sight of "individ - individ" (likar - patsinnt). It’s not the drama of Z. Freud’s respect for one psychologist and political psychologist, oskilki vin at once right away with U. Bullit proving the psychology of the special features of US President T. Wilson [64]. In the fake Tsey method, having denied the name of the psychobiographic.

Ale Z. Freud, having carried out the previous and masovidnyh psychological phenomena. Zokrem, a wine analyzing the psychology of the church of the Army of Armenia, vіdnayshovshi kіlka spіlnyh rice:

• the manifestation of a spontaneous mischief, abi unpack the decay of an organization;

• the cultivation of a fraudulent manifestation (люзluzії), which is the upper master (in the church - Christ, and in the army - commander), a kind of loving skin okremy member of Masia with true love [35].

And a quote was given to the classics of psychoanalysis allowing you to make the gingerbread more comfortable for the development of a psychological psychology especially in the context of Z. Freud’s communal model: Indivisibility, more clearly, more progressively, more and more often, often from long-standing mass psychology "[65, p. 304-305]. І ce write a better view of the end-of-life ...

Look at yourself dodamo, scho 3. Freud as a whole obediently scoring his voice at the song distortions in the development of a well-deserved psychology (especially politically) in the plan of a world-wide conversion of roles in the development of a historical process.

Narazі Ukrainian psychological school (like all radianska) ignored the special aspects of the problem, operating with the integral understandings of "masi - become - the leader".

Dosvіd showє, what is true - wait in the middle. Shukav Ії і Karl Jung - one more prominent representative of the psychoanalytic school.