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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

3.5.Іmіdzhevі model komunіkatsії

Favorably in the community room, I’ll deal with the problems of the mifs (R. Bart, A. Guliga, K. Levy-Stros, B. Malinovsky, G. Poeptsov, V. Toporov, K. Jung and the others.) two strains:

1. Analysis of regional and international aspects of mythology from the point of view of psychology, anthropology, ethnography, history, literature and knowledge.

2. Vivchennya osobennosti incentives and realizatsii ііmіdzhіv, in front of the political and economic.

To our thought, Varto obdnati qi straight into one magistral doslidzhen, oskilki іmіdzh takozh mє mіfologіchnu nature.

Bronislav Malinowski (Great Britain), vivichayu mifologichnuyu commune in primitive suspensions, dyshov visnovka, scho for the minds of the majority of the people об s ун б али али характер характер характер характер характер характер характер приклад приклад приклад приклад приклад приклад приклад приклад. 281]. Ozhe, mythos є suttvoyuvoy warehouse civilization, a kind of "virishuє" singing problems. Perekaz mіfіv, say, the Cossacks so thinly "permeate" the first suspension of communal sounds, the utmost value.

Arseniy Guliga ( Rosіya ) vvazhaє, scho mіf св the form of svіdomostі, and lead to "ruinivnі mіfu" not lead up to the pan-racial rationality, but before the confirmation of the іnshy mіfu. If the low myth comes to winter, the big one is: civilization is coming forward, the culture is falling apart "[19, p. 275].

The axis here is my respect for our respect: the history of mankind is characterized by the constant zmina of one of the myths in the world. As a matter of fact, then Varto Visunuti hypothesis of a regular production of mif. It’s just that before the Cim they didn’t take care of public relations, but shamans, priests, and Vlad's skinny.

Myth of motivations based on the principles of the applicant, because it’s just a blunder. Before that, it’s zauzvoimo, scho іtіrіti mіf is impotent. That, zreshtoyu, tsim nihto і not be engaged, osklki in tsomu dumb use.

Zgadaymo, scho mіf maє racіonalnu ta іrratsіonalnuyu components. I nevidomo, yak z them domіnuє. Our hi-tech dvіdch dvіdchit, shcho, say, on political vibrators, a rational demonstration of no more than a third of people. It’s important to rob oneself on the basis of a different informational picture (one of the most important programs, behaviors, biographies of people).

For the whole aspect, we have the idea of ​​reaching even the younger C. Jung, the archetypes of which are the yokesmen of the collective, homeless.

From now on, hovering over the structure of the MIFU following the principle of “rational - irrational”, it means that the rational component is to lie down in the form of an informative picture of the undergrowth, appearances, people. And the irrational beauty can be described on the level of collective, homeless society (through archetypes). The problem is that it’s almost a systemic character, the fragments of the government’s power structure are folding, the structure is loose.

Varto zgadati K. Levi-Strosa, a kind of Persim, giving a present to him about the structure of myth on the basis of its function. The emphasis is on the fact that today there is a business, as a result of which there are warehouse and warehouse facilities. Of particular importance To Levi-Stros, I must repeat the situation, a kind of structure of the mifu [32].

On the video of the "classic" metrological community, the social community по, by the day, with the most common kind of Persian.

Riznitsya polega is that the model of image communication transmission is able to receive the image, and it’s possible at its own element of “classic” elements.

We can’t remember the myth of those who land on three pillars, for generations, they have even died. But if you can understand what you mean about the essence of the Stalinist totalitarian regime in full of new, not earlier information to us about the millions of victims of political repressions.

Above all, the long-standing myth "democracy is an effective form of rule" during the non-Western years of the Afrika nation, the United States’s most important country, is at home.

Also logically weighed in visions: leathery generation, leathery hour of our mifi, as well as formed by communal complications of complications. The greater world is the result of the rational components of the world. And the axis is collectively besvidome - rech is conservative. First, from the medical and biological and social psychological nature of people, it is possible to transmit the basic components of the building, and the other way can be “clean” in the hour and space.

Models of image communication can be characterized as active, realizing more than just for the brains of the need for energy in the presence of mass communication. Remain able to manage information in a given direction.

The model of communication is real, which is realizable communication with a predicted and controlled reaction of the population. As a rule, the auditorium must have a decent show up to the information officer, born by an image maker to show a technologically advanced message.

Vihodyachi z tsogo, in the framework of the models іmіdzhіїї komunіkatsіі ask:

• format of effective performance;

• the format of the behavior of the sub-account, which is to “put” the image;

• robbing the channel of the skinny.

From now on, the knowledge of the models of the mythological (social) communication is particularly important for the speakers by the huge number of languages, especially the most practical services, as well as the communication channel and the format of the communication.