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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

4.3. Infosphere and Global Communications Models

Stretch of the remaining rock XX - the cob of the XXI century. radically different landscape of the goluzі masovoі komunіkatsіі. We are in the process of settling for the television industry, in literally ten years in the most distant lands of the world, having seen more than one television age.

Revolutionary transition to the digital method of coding information (in a binary system) by zooming in cardinally in the global processes of mass communication, as a result of these ZMKs, we often began to actively use multimedia computers.

Multimedia - organization structure, yak:

• control of the interests of the mass community (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, video, video studio and video;

• Victory text, sound, graphical, multiplication and video information.

In the remaining order, we can talk about computer multimedia .

The middle of the multimedia-imperio warto campaign is Time Warner, Sony, Matsushita, Bertelsmann, News Corporation, Finivest, Microsoft, Capital Cities / ABC, Walt Kisney, Paramount, Televisa, TV Globo ін.

The number of corporations may be higher than the indicators of profitability, lower virobility companies, and control telephone companies, cable and television systems, computer companies. І ніі it is practically impracticable to enter the communication services of the electronic software, but to develop software for computer security measures.

Yakі realіy muzhliostі mayut multimedia corporations, you can access the application Time Warner, yak 1993 p. Robert James’s novel "Moera of the Country of Madison" was "untied".

A hint of a kind of corporation type of book, like a bestseller (2.5 million copies!). In parallel to the studio recording the VIP release, the album is written for the motives of the novel by the author’s own videos, the video source is quickly recognized, which can be broadcast on the loud cable channel Time Warner Cable System. І all the price is watermarked due to the publication of articles and reviews from other mass-media organizations, which should belong to Time Warner corporation.

But there is more to come. The Warner Brothers film studio is known for the motives of the film book, a kind of succession held by the grandiose PR company in 1996 p.

Podalsha corporate strategy looked like this. Pislya znizhennya poitu in cinemas and video stores film movies after reading testimonials cable corporations, in the year - reselling to the last US TV channels, and then - for the cordon.

About the tricks for Time Warner, you really need to tell, but only those who won’t feel like astronomers - I’m totally silent.

And the axis of the butt of the media-imperii - News Corporation, as far as I am concerned, is the Australian for R. Merdock’s followers.

The entire Oxford University graduate (Great Britain) went to Batkivska recession base - two adelaide newspapers were available for 30 media years, so you can save up to three months through your own media plan.

Volodіyuchi low British newspapers, R. Meredok, having helped M. Thatcher to lead the front campaign and the Bouv рад рад ником рад ником ником ником ником ником ником ником ником баг ать ать пит пит nutrition policy.

Koli vin 1988 p. adding the "New York Post", then entering the editor’s page and the news column for the servants of the administration R. Reagan, the current President of the United States.

The very same R. Murdoch is allowed to those who didn’t allow anyone to allow anyone in the United States - the Federal Commission on Public Relations has waited a little more in the city, even though it’s been a newspaper, and another television station.

The axis is so shy the great business, and the shy is the great politics.

For the official office of Jerel 1994, the multimedia and empire of R. Murdoch (with a net income of 1 billion dollars), the bula is able to save two thirds of the world's population.

Zrozumіlo, scho tsі dannі can not fail to hear the song trivi. That media tycoon himself has a “modestly” vision: “Monopoly is a thirst for love .... Docs are not mash” [93, p. 281].

Kіnets XX century marked by significant processes of concentration in the industrial sector. The head of this process has become the zest of multimedia and empire with the largest corporations in the computer industry and industrial telecom.

Provision of new technologies in the areas of interest in the country has led to the creation of a new concept - the information supermagistral, the yak viddvoryu sozasnі processes and trends in the galaxy of information spheres. Skunk stink є important, judge yourself. The colossal vice president of the United States A. Gore, at the right time, has been appointed to the administration of the Bill Clinton for the development of information in the USA [115, p. 23]. Enough? Todi is the essence of what is understood.

To our thought, information and information on supermagic demand are required for the integration of global, international and local measurements of satellite-based cableless and terrestrial communication based on the information technology and resource infrastructure.

Prior to the elements of information infrastructure, the cost of computers with multimedia supplements, a base, including those on laser disks, a bit electronic and that electronics.

A range of resources, secrecy, viral interactive programming, interactive televisions, video, games, mobile sounds and a lot of know-how and technology and information technology.

With the butts of the Integrated Computers and Television can be serviced:

• Microsoft Corporation Alliance (software products for computers and computer measures) and the NBC conglomerate (software products for CDs, digital video, interactive television and traditional media);

• added value by the multimedia conglomerate Walt Kisney of the television news Capstal / ABC (the share of purchases became $ 19 billion);

• buying company Westinghouse American National Television CBS (5.4 billion dollars) thinly.

For all the business benefits, say, of the Walt Kisney company, the main problem of the Bula is the need for an effective business of film, video, and television production. Walt Kisney has significantly reduced its distribution potential since the advent of the vigorous television line.

Pozayak global media-imeperії, as though I have already intertwined, do not get separated by national cordons, warto, obviously discern the understanding of the information flows, without any important difference in the functions of the information sphere.

Understanding the information flow, we can see through the wide and high school.

A wide range of information is available in a wide range of ways to improve the privacy of information in the most important segments of the sphere, which can be achieved through explicit communication channels that exist before. Prior to the communal channels in this plan, the cost of insurance: mass media, new information technologies, sports, political, economic, cultural, tourism, personal contacts, and so on.

At a higher educational institution, a significant flow of information is necessary to ensure that the information and communications are in order to reach us ahead of the media (video-audio and news) and telecommunication systems.

The number of direct flows of information flows in nature is determined by nature’s resources of power, values ​​and resources of individum, national and international systems.

Zokrema іnformatsіynі streams absorb:

• on іndivіdualnoy іvnі - on judging, culture, blessing, work, vіdpochinok;

• at the institute - for politics, economy, religion;

• on the group (social, ethnic, professional, century and other) - on identity, mobility, fate;

• on the middle - on the legal basis (conflict), resources, transnational corporations.

Not long ago, the most popular, especially after the breakdown of the Soviet Socialist Republic, became in the USA the visitor’s love of D. Rothkopf: “In the US economy and politics, you need to keep this in mind, if you want to keep it in good condition; , if they are standard and standard, then you’ll be American, if you have a lot of television, radio, music, computer programs — all are American; Ms. ty "[111, p. 45].

Hey, comment zaviv ?!

I don’t think that scho cis vislovlyuvannya varto is underestimated.

For example, XX century formed the club of the club, the postman of news is new, the house is in the economy - the global communication infrastructure, the leadership of the United States.

The current member of the virtual club is the global television news agency CNN Intern ation al (USA) and the news agencies The Reuters (Great Britain), Agence France Press (France) and Associated Press (USA).

It’s sound, of the land, of which you’re developing, reveling in competing with global media.

Agency agencies, such as NANAP (The Non-Alligned News Agencies Pool - Bureau of the Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic of Non-Recognized), PANA (The Pan-African News Agency - The Pan-African News Agency), CANA (The Carriben News Agency - the Caribbean News Agency), IPS (Inter Press Service - Unlucky media organization) are reluctant to break through the information blockade on the side of the western countries, but they are clearly not in a rage.

That was all the reason for kraisk svіtu to reckon on the seizure of svіy іnformatsііniy prostіr legislative legislature.

For example, Canada and France praised the laws of the fence-wide extension of the foreign television product. An analogous principle was laid as the basis for information policy in China, Singapore, Bagatokh of the Blizky Descent.

Obviously, having instructed the hour and the Ukrainians to gradually overcome the problem.

The global media technology has passed the information technology in two ways. The leading media organizations of the first tier are Reuters Television, Worldwide Television News (WTN), CkNUS and CNN, among the wholesale television channels, sound and text “pictures”. In Europe, exchange by telenovelas is also provided by EVN agency Evrovision (Evrovision News Echange).

Media-providers of a different tier - great television channels and cable channels and cable channels - news and information products.

Ale dosledzhennya O. Zernetskoi showed that "I’ve got practice with robots with materials from international tele-vin agencies, you should take the latest image from yourself, as it’s practically not possible to read the last hour" on another level "[25, p. 17]

There are so many great problems with you, the fragments of information and information of the Russian Federation are concentrated in the hands of small numbers of people - those who know the world’s empowerment, allow them to "not remember" the continent’s territory, and they’ll be able to live in a different country. " I ce need rosumity, as a rule, I’m seriously engaged in serious media-management.