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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

4.5. The formation of the national informational space of Ukraine

But what about the whole aspect of Ukraine?

For example, behind the camp for 2000 p. in Ukraine bulo registered ponad 10 thousand. periodic vidan with a circulation of 3024 mln primaries, most of which are 6710 - Mali misceva sphere of distribution.

The national and minor status of Mali is 1859 newspapers and 206 magazines, the police - 5432 newspapers and 662 magazines. Reshita periodicals belonged to the categories zbіrnikіv, almanac, digest, bulletin, calendar.

Teleradioprostіr lasted 791 teleradomniks. Zokrem, the National Council of Ukraine with food, television and radio broadcasting, 1995-1999 pp. I saw licensed 73 television and radio companies (of which 67 - efirnih, 2 - ether-cable, 4 - efir-drotyany), 346 television companies (of which 258 - efirny, 76 - cable, 8 - efir-cable, 4 ), 372 radio companies (of them 113 - efirnikh, 255 - cable, 4 - ether-cable).

Tsikavo, scho iz from 791 television and radio companies, the status of sovereign television and radio organizations is less than 78 companies (74 television, 2 television, 2 radio) [51, p. 8].

In fact, according to the number of mass media, there is no reason to see the highest standards, then according to the number of residents per person in Ukraine there are 60 newspapers and magazines (the price is not higher than 300 for the planet).

Radiopriymachiv mi mamo 193 units per 1000 population.

Tobto, from the main indicators of the global average, not seeming to be about the leaders of the network economy - this is the economy, in the main computer technology and the most important thing to do is to inform the public about it.

Skazimo, r 1995 p. in the United States, 365 computers per 1000 population are insured, and 23% of American robots in Mali have personal computers, connected to the Internet [16, p. 95].

(About the current camp of informatization and integration in conversation we speak more clearly.)

Zrozumilo, who’s in the whole avengers of Ukraine, the wiggling isn’t worn out, only about 20% of our population is more than regular, regularly buy money or pay extra for one newspaper (div.

Ale tse is not a drive for historical song. They know their problems, demanding the burden of precedence over the viral laws. We’re talking all about talking about the intellectuality of our ability to keep up with the space and time.

We even punished for that sutta specialty, right now at an o'clock reckoning of independence (1991) in Ukraine, an informative space was found to be intensively developed, expanded. Vin і ninі є nadto mobile. Nasampered for the most of the remaining rockets, even the more mature the number of friends is seen in the nature and nature. Ninja in Ukraine to publish about five thousand periodicals, from them three thousand newspapers, magazines - almost thousands, newsletters - one hundred, almanacs - 43, periodicals - 107, additional dates - 27, calendars - regionally rozpovsyujennya minimum registered: newspapers - about 700, magazines - also 700, newsletters - 87, zbіrnikіv - 92, calendars - 3, almanac - 24 (total - ponad 1.5 thousand). With the area of ​​committees at the right of the press for information 2003 Bulo registered 3400 vidan. Nearly 40 regular vidanas to go to Ukraine with national movements of national minorities - Bulgarian, Ugric, Romanian, Greek, Krimkotarsk, German, Serbian, Ukrainian, and Ukrainian. The preschool age is mainly concentrated in the majority of compact living of national minorities and the active need for food and problems of life [7].

Chіlne mіsse mid-usa ZMK in Ukraine posіdayut incontinence, which were until 1995 p. in Ukraine, it didn’t disappear. Most newspapers and magazines were published by the organs of national and national committees, I am glad to hear from you, and I’m seeing from you. In the early years, in our country, we have seen with significant peace the permanent control of the state, and more precisely, of the party organs, the Komsomol, the Communist Party, the Communist Party and that.

I will appear at once with the sovereign great number of uncontrollable wrangling, the main interests of the mass community, and we will take a look at the way before the democratic democratization of the people of Ukraine, I will proceed before a democratic, huge suspension. The whole process is active, inevitable.

In Ukraine, for example, a large number of foreign-owned and foreign spheres of public relations (54%) are established by unstable structures.

Desha іnsha picture sposterіgaєsya at mіstsevіy presі. Here the power of the vidanny become 62 vidotsotki.

Own структура the structure of re-registration in Ukraine of periodic views, and myself: I will surpass the number of friends of the ZMK with the mission to create newspapers. In the middle of the regional, foreign, foreign and foreign spheres, there are more magazines and magazines to be restructured, there are more newspapers (1175 are newspapers, 1199 are magazines, 348 are journal-type after 2001 r.).

Those who want a functional and informative expanse with significant peace to lay the whole day and the nature of great politics, cardinal political processes - zagalnovіdomo. Other words ц also. Since Ukraine was vandalized by an independent, sovereign power, it was overwhelmed by the great number of friends who wandered around, being the same winners and sisters of the state, as well as newspapers, as well as the Government of the Russian Federation (state authority 1990). The Supreme For the sake of Ukraine - 1991 p.) That is, the authority of certain middles of the ZMK is higher and more important.

Choose the most basic type of Ukrainian vidan for the form of financial resources and the world deposits of the state:

1. Powers, who want to make up their minds for the budget of the state budget, state budgets, for the budget of ministries, municipalities, and state enterprises. From the most central newspapers є “Voice of Ukraine” - the organ of the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine and “Government Kur'єr” - the organ of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

2. Formally, independent newspapers, which can be abolished by supporting the state budget through the Foundation for Independent Presias. From the central vidan such є "Independence", "Truth of Ukraine", "Young Ukraine" is skinny.

3. Independent view of how to earn money for your own dream through direct journalism, charity, and supplementary business. The average number of them is “All-Ukrainian Vedomosti”, “Financial Ukraine”, “Kiev Vedomosti”, “News”;

4 Formally, independent views, in their budgets presenting foreign funds, eliminating other funds and water hours, are controlled by the leaders of Ukrainian parties, and large organizations and trade unions. Butt of such a view є "Hour Time".

5. Partisan views, utterly scribbled by party parts, - the newspaper Komunist, Tovarish is skinny.

From now on, it is possible to sow the gadgets, especially on the Ukrainian information market, pricing, part-time, seeing the part of the foreign capital, foreign and state newspapers, magazines. The percentage of distribution behind the circulation and that of the remaining territories of the last and the last is 60 and 40 times [7].

The transformation was recognized and recognized by the right side in Ukraine. Until 1991 Won Bula is clearly organized and clearly regulated. So, 26 books of views of the sovereign, as well as of huge organizations (Young, Science, Duma’s writer, Radyansky scribe), 51 head organizations, 25 відділів regional police officer. Tsi vidavnitstva boules over the worn out, under the monopoly rights to vidannya, prote list 1991 r. stink actually dealt with their status, commercialized, awakened their view dyalnist.

Vipuska of groomed products was covered by 522 polygraphic enterprises (combining clubs, book factories, republican, regional, Moscow, etc.), as well as 1012 homesteads, and workshops. There are 1080 books and 455 books in the system of the State Committee for the Coordination of Information Technologies of the Ural Republic of Belarus. In addition, 458 rooms for Ukrainian public relations, 6712 for Soyuzdruku, 16 for Academic books, 3 for Military books and international structures, were covered in general literature. Zagal before 1991 in Ukraine, in the middle year, 8 thousand titles of books and brochures were seen with a circulation of approximately 170 million In addition, 26 republican representatives were allowed to enter 4 thousand vidanas in the river ponad.

None in Ukraine of functions up to 1000 representatives and various prominent organizations, in some of the sovereign sectors there should not be more than 22 books and those of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine "Young People", Young people of Ukraine "Ukrainian" The polygraphic complex of Ukraine - for two thousand households of different forms of power: state and communal - 21.1%, collective - 56.6%, private - 21.8%, legal special powers - 0.5%. The state authorities have 23 polygraphic enterprises, including 5 book factories of virological education, such as Polygraphbook, 4 regional newspapers, 14 newspaper and magazine publications, 2 newspapers and magazines. At least several booksellers were deprived of more than 5 sovereign wholesale and retail books and bookshelves (from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lvov, Donetsk, Odessa). Actually, the most prominent structures in Ukraine for today are more affordable. Mova can be led to less about efficiency, durability, and daring.

Zrostaє stayed an hour children’s vidan that quiet vidan, scho rozpovsyuzhuyutsya between Ukraine. So, on the cob 2000 p. The Ministry of Information, the Committee of Information Bulo recorded and re-restored the number of 8300 periodic vidans, of which 3311 are from the foreign and foreign spheres and almost 5000 are from the middle. Tobuto, suttvo zmіnyuєtsya і structure of other interests of the mass community.

Strictly growing and increasing the number of Ukrainian vidan, the pace of the process is small, the Ukrainian stench is not stinking.

W metoyu pіdvischennya efektivnostі upravlіnnya in sistemі E-ZMK, bezposeredno on vikonannya Decree of the President of Ukraine od 16 Veresnya 1998 rock number 1033 Bula utvorena Derzhavna aktsіonerna kompaniia "Ukraїnske telebachennya i radіomovlennya" poklikat virіshuvati vnutrіshnі power zagalnonatsіonalnogo sovereign telebachennya i radіomovlennya, zabezpechuvati їh stabіlny rozvitok. Ale Tsyo is clearly not enough.

At the first place in Ukraine, 10 information agencies were established in Ukraine: Ukrinform, Respublika, Interfax-Ukraine, Creative Work on Noviny,

"UNIAN", "Ukrainian News Agency", "Inform-Cathedral" (Dnipropetrovsk), information and information agency "Vika" (Lviv), student information agency CIA (Information agency, information agency) "Intellect" (Lviv). The leading role of the middle of these agencies is the insane State Power Agency of Ukraine (DINAU), the pre-payer of a certain number of 300 major periodicals. And with a wide range of 20 informative pages and news DINA, there are nearly thousands of sub-markets, middle-sized newspapers, all-Ukrainian state-owned and local news,

On the front page about the DINAU sponsorship, I’ll expand my information for the cordon through the power measure, as well as through the agency’s registered agencies.

Information about suspension, economic and economic processes of DINAU is available for newspapers, magazines in the USA, Canada, Austria, Slovachchini, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Greece, Moldova, there are a lot of Ukrainians in these countries. So, we’ll meet the foreign laws and regulations of the mass community, such as those pages and texts, such as “Legislation: documents, comments, consultations”, “News of business”, “Planet”, “Zakordon i noviny, vіd іnі іt ії іnі , "News of Ukraine" (Russian and English Movies), "Crime Chronicle", "Ukraine: Chronicle of Last Minute", that.

Crimea is located in foreign countries of Ukraine, the DINAU agency is actively imposing calls, international agencies, ITAR-TARS (Russia), Latvian, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Lithuania , Belgium, Ukraine.

From now on, the informational space of Ukraine is actually formed for the tenfold independence: a) it is completely up to the main problems of state-governedness, fill in the form of self-governed, sovereign power; b) one by one to the integration process, so as not to bypass Ukraine. Wanting such a formation, it’s important not to say anything about the residual, completed, won, however, to talk about those that are more informative and communal in Ukraine.

Zlittya іzіchnyh sub'єktіv komunіkatsіііnі spheres іnchіt about those whіch warto vіzerіz seriously posed to vіvchennіya problems іnformatsіynyі suspіlstvo, yak іnlіzhuyut representatives of іznі galuzy science knowledge.

We have a great deal of knowledge and information about suspension — suspension, to some extent, the processing of information and viral products by the product of the first-rate power of the scientifically-technologically advanced, socially-economical and economical.

Pozayak about informational suspension, more than a few books have been written, there has been a lot of change of mind for typological models of informational suspension, so far I have a look.