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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

4.6. Internet is the technology of globalization

Global suspension is characterized by the fact that there is an informative and functional function of the economic, political, social and spiritual spheres.

The whole planet has come under a planetary scale and has become a belt for the Internet (INTERNET) and the All-Holy Pavutini (World Wide Web, but shortened by WWW).

Please tell me that you understand the need to understand, but just to be honest about the speech.

The cob of science rozubki, as a result, was brought to the Internet, dating back to 60 rocks of the past table. Nowadays, it’s up to you to manage prospective business and military development (ARPA) of the US defense ministry as many as possible computer and computer centers, as well as companies that are engaged in a wide range of activities.

Architects of targeting 1969 p. two ARPANET computers lost water every other day: first, first of all, I got more feedback from the information and the next time I got to know the problem of the other way.

A stretch of kіlkoh rock in the middle of the measure, the yak zodom became the basis for the creation of the Internet, the yoke collapsed as a folding con iguer with access. All of this was not required due to the special regime of the strategic strategically important information and industrial complex, ale and folding of the essence of technological power, which are more accessible by “slipping” in the computer on the right -

Zrozumіlo, since all of them didn’t even go a long way, the fragmentation of the corridor by the great amount of cinnamon information has changed over to the science of the day.

Tsіkavo, scho іdeya Vsesvіtnії Pavutini nabula practical training zavdyaki zavryaki uropeyskih all. Later, the United States, as the first and second largest leader in the information and communication industry, realized the success of Internet technology with success.

And the goal of the All-Holy Pavutini was repaired from the idea of ​​creating a hypertext middle-class treasure, a yakprikntsi of the 80th rock and one of the European Center for Nuclear Deliveries (CERN) Limen.

The first hour of the development of technology and the WWW system was born, as long as the first web server is installed on CERN computers.

Requirements for timely operation of Americans: even through the website there is a first website behind Europe - in the USA. And nevdovzi even stink me flock legislators modi in tsі galuzі.

Tempi zrostannya Pavutini to oppose. More in birch l993 p. її traffic becoming less than 0, l% traffic magistral Іnternetu, ale even through pyvroku vin zrіs at 10 times, so up to l%! At such a brisk pace, there was a greater number of web servers, as well as more Internet corridors.

For example, XX century All the Pavutin’s words are needed to send online news, which is now the subject of discussion in Brussels, the Great Patriotic War (l995).

l99l p. Internet biting 5 tis. measure iz 40 krainsk svіtu i ob'єdnuvav 700 yew. komp'yuterіv, 4 mln.

At the thought of the predecessor of the problems of G. Weinstein [lO], until a few years ago, the Internet needs to be set up to store it carefully. І on the right are not only in complexity and scale of the scale of Internetization. The temperament of development of prices є nastilki burhlivimi, scho digits osoplennya koristuvachіv Іnternetu radically change little is not shomіsyatsya.

Say, by the phone of 38 rokvob, let the win become accessible choke of communal services for 30% of Americans. Televizor zdolav tsei rubіzh for l7 rokіv, and computer'yuter - for l3. Natomst Internet having saved 30% of the US population for 7 more years, you can go through exotically new ones until every day you need them.

For evaluators, prior to 2005 p. Kilkist coristuvach_v Internet can become up to l billion people.

If the structure and the corridors are measured at least. At 2000 p. 34% of the United States Internet share fell to the United States, 29% to Western Europe, 29% to the Asia-Pacific region (without Japan), l6% to Japan, lO% to Japan, and ll% to the country.

Ochkuatsya, scho even 2005 p. most of the time will be in the territories of the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe [lO, p. l7-l8].

Wanting the United States song hour, it’s possible to get lost in the most well-known internationalized world.

Varto’s respect for water, 95.6% of all connections to the Internet and 97% of all websites (at the camp for 2000 rubles) fell to the largest number of excluded countries, of which 4% was less than 4%. for the whole ntshv.

The rate of growth of the Internet broadcasts is limited to the lowered number of compartments (just the same, by the way, you can see the whole range of color televisions), as well as all the time if you want to

For the ironclad share, the zaddyaki of the development of new informational and communal technologies for corridors by the Internet does not require the mother of the same computer.

In the first place, it is possible to deactivate information through a mobile telephone ringtone, in another way, through a cable television tower system from Victoria, which is not worse than expensive television set-top boxes. All in all, there is a greater demand for active auditors on the Internet.

For predictive estimates, in total for 2004, for example. there will be more than 1 billion mobile phone users [119], and even the closest hour mobile phones can be an extended hassle for access to the Internet, below the computer [92].

Alya tse is unlikely to say yes to talk about the crisis of Internet development (may you be sure to keep your pace at the bottom of the page, come up with new websites that have been categorized for repair since 2001).

At the thought of analytics, the Internet system will experience the singing technological technology. Predict that the Internet of Maybayn’s naiimіrіnіshe, matima nabagato (revolutionіnno) bіlshu pass through the health of communal systems, and on a visit to the static web-sites come trimіnі іnterfeys [10, p. 20].

Yesterday, scho to navigate Internet statistics is important. You can talk about Internet forecasts here. Let’s do it all with respect, respect, carefully, quickly and quickly develop new information and communication technologies, and don’t need to give us more power, but we’ve got better ideas ...

Strictly digital dividing between middle-aged and middle-aged countries, when I’m developing, then one of the reasons for this appearance is the dominance of the English language in the middle of the All-Holy Pavutini. Zrozumіlo, scho for thoughts obviously more than 80% of our website and 96% of commercial sites, designed by my English, the Internet effectively protect the hegemony of the Call. And with real headers to develop Internet є, for the wishes of even the most beloved G. Vainshtein, not the goal of globalization, the skill of the elite nature of the globalization. The whole problem is about those that the Internet is not only the technological basis of the new informational suspension, but will be tapping into the song bar, trying to get in touch with me, I’ll be developing.