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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.

6.4. Special Come Press Service

With the help of realizing your functions in the holidays in the masses of the communal subdivision of the political, economical and spiritual spheres of presidency, the pres-service should not be forgotten until you get the most outreach to you. hour and in positive for you interpretation.

For the whole pres-service, please come back, and if you’re tired, come in special.

І. Press Conference

It’s no less expensive to cross a pole than cheap, but you can buy ZMK bagato.

In Vlasna, the topic of a press conference is guilty of information and information. The goal of the show is to show off all the way in and out for the audience, but it’s especially characteristic for the press conference.

Request for press conference

Clear the way you requested: call back, send mail, send by fax, fax and list (for obvious hours for cooking), SMS - via mobile phone.

Fax machines and leaflets-requested obov'yazkovo may mestiti contact phone and e-mail organizer. The requested addresses also indicate the exact address of the call, as if they were until the last check, and there was a single circuit for driving through the car.

Becoming more effective in such a way as possible, as a fax-modem pay, mounted in a computer.

The great men can ask for a journalist to also help with information about how to get to the informational information agency. Todd information about how to appear in the editorial offices of newspapers in front of the cob of the fly. Proteu at tsomu it is impotent to control, how much journalist come to the conference and what it is.

Completely, before the speech, request no more journals (40-50), but the last ones, which are reflected in the problems of the price of the conference.

Hour and trivial press-conference

Hold a press conference on 11-12 about 15 years old. Newspapers have the most important terminology of information - 15 years. Up to 11 years of age, a bagato editorial office conduct flying. Varto also has a memory, a TV journal requires a singing hour, abi pidgotuvatis before photographing or even a video audio recording.

Necessarily vrakhovuvati th day of the newspaper. Say, districts go around, as a rule, in the middle of Saturday. Відтак, naikrashchі days for the press-conference - ponedіlok quart.

Television features special features, due to the need for installation of the material (professionals for editing the plot with the latest news to increase the amount of more than 45 hvilin) ​​and renting editing studios. That’s why it’s necessary to know, like a clock to be used for programs, in your opinion, "enlighten" your zakhid.

Trivial press conference is not guilty of transcribing 90 hvilin.

In front of the press conference, the conference will be organized around the catering. As a rule, the great grand pres-center has a concert hall, it’s necessary to be late for administering. For the total demand of the sheet, having designated the date, I will name the pres-conference, rivals, the number of participants, and the necessary technical services. Potim z'yasuvati vitrati for rent and technical services and late entry in osh at koshtoris. Vartі іndi zali variєєєє зал зал зал від зал зално зално в в в в в в віііііііі тех тех тех тех тех тех техннн р р р р р р р р р р рв р р р,,,, м м м м м м м м м м мстстостостстстстостост, престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж та та та та та та, час час та та час та та та та час та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та та ор ор ор ор ор ор ор ор ор ор орен орен ор орененененененен вар вар вар вар вар вар вар зал зал зал зал зал зал зал зал зал зал зал зал зал в в в в в в в вііііііі тех тех тех тех техннн р р р р р р р р р р р р р р р р р р рня, м м м м м м мст м, істккості престиж, престиж престиж престиж престиж престиж, престиж та престиж престижност та та та та та та та та та та та та заход та та заход та заход та та та та та

As a matter of fact, about a security mortgage, it is necessary to confirm with the guard of the chief of the pres-center the list of guests and the journalist, z'yasuvati moments, and after an hour of transferring to the leased note. So it’s too late to demand a meal about the gourmet magazines and guests visiting.

The hall is for a press conference, and it’s especially nice to go about the campaign campaign, but it’s more and more decorated.

On the back side of the table for the presidency, a perfect presentation, a poster with the official organisation of the vibro campaign, a portrait of the candidate, in a word - visualize the presentation.

Bazhano did not ask for a presidential style for more than 4-5 participants. Nepogano, if the Persian lady is standing upright.

On the table for the presidency, there is a rosette of tablets with data about the members of the presidency. Plant on the plates, as a rule, do not mean. However, I’m still a bit of a materiel for distribution, then I mean the same thing for those who have the same message: nickname is great letters, I’m talking about it with small letters, and below - I’ll name the organization party. For example:

BIBIK Valery Mikhailovich

Mizhregional Academy of Personnel Management Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor

On the table for the presidency and in tears, it’s innocent of a lot of mobile phones and those items that can be fully respected, journalism and requested.

Before entering the entrance, you need to put a restoration style, at the first place you can see what is needed.

Beginning to re-require technical possession - microphones, projectors, monitors are skinny. Television chambers bazhano put on one trivia with full. For the ideal minds for the establishment of the necessary special special maidanchik. Yakshcho yogo mute пот, it’s almost necessary to ring in the first row and aisles (on a rivne stage) for television and photojournalists.

At the hall of dotsіlno rozmіstiti "jupiter" with a cut of 45 degrees to the stage. In addition to the following pres-service functions:

• forecasting the topics of power supply;

• organization of "necessary" power supply, pre-service;

• accreditation of journals and requests for press conferences;

• read the text of the transcripts and the preparation of the press release;

• Psychological preparation for the preparation of preschool.

The final order of the press conference

1. Sustainability and registration of magazines in the cold, during the next hour, I’m distributing pres-releases, pres-packages of this material.

Pres-conference and briefing can be repaired in no way after 5 hours of free time.

2. The address of the pres-secretary, vіdrekomenduvannya participants (5-10 hvilin), is introductory.

First, the word is given out by chance, then the power is set, which is usually the leading one.

Win to keep order in the hall, control the situation, not allowing the interruption of others.

3. Look at the participants (more than 40 hvilin).

For 5-10 hvilin before the completion of the press conference, the leading speaker will give the journalist a chance to put two remaining meals.

4. Nutrition-vіdpovіdі (more than 40 hvilin).

Lead maє ask the journalist to give a hand, to recommend and put less power. Yakshcho power, at the thought of the slave, nezrozumіle, provocative chi revenge negative text, vin є ma zrobiti ouzvazhennya and ask for correct formuli power.

5. Conclude the word of the Press Secretary.

For example, you need to give an audience for respect and request for another appointment (it’s already designated as such). Ogolositi about the presentation, buffet, reception, first meeting, some kind of transmission is given for the press-conference.

Security Bezpeki pid hour press conference For the whole take control:

• entry to reception and admission of accreditation to the press conference journalist and participant;

• entry to the flood - to the cob of call. The protection of the right is also possible to get out of the way to the magazines and to show the bags and the equipment; With the help of the method turn on the robot mode;

• Doors to the floodgate (through Kіlka hvilin pіslya, you can conceive the cob of the entrance). Quietly, they have come to the knowledge of escorting the priests of the presbytery and the service of the Bezpeka to great strength;

• go to the stage, tribune, uniquely with the full focus of television cameras;

• bichny doors to enter the stage (to take revenge for the cool).

2. Cooking pres-relіzіv

Before the press conference, a briefing was held to distribute the press release, and the first time for the journal is required for journalistic information.

Press release of the facts with theses theses, ale and reading and readability.

For tsyogo bazhanotrimatvoryatsya singing rules:

• vikoristovuvati one arkush papier with text from one side (it is easy to read and fax it);

• take away the wide field and the text in two intervals;

• the title of robiti is spelling out, in the first place and zrozumіlim;

• unique folding speeches and abbreviations;

• writing the text has fallen, abi yogo importantly flew by;

• replace the symbols and numbers of the words vikoristovuvati (for example, tysyach, milyon_v, vidotskiv).

3. On the sidelines

For bagatoch journalist conference press conference, repair is completed. It’s stinky to see the candidate and take him into the lodge. The head of the pres-secretary is in control of the situation, in particular in-depth journalism on the go, and in-person communication.

If you are journalist in informal situations, it’s safe to remember that you don’t have information "not for the press", and since the journalism hasn’t been taken away, there’s no need for video, photo cameras and video cameras.

When writing a press conference, it is necessary to verify the reaction of the ZMK, to protect the public from publicity, to record and transcribe it.

4. Briefings

Briefings - regular organization of activities with journalists. As a rule, at one hour at the same time. Thus, we can be a pres-center of the organization of the vibratory campaign. For the hour of regular briefings to the journalist, you can submit a report of visits of the leader for the week, press release, declare the candidate, press service leanly.

5. Priyomi, cocktails

Take cocktails not varto organizovuvati often, but don’t give pidstav for speculation with the drive of material abilities organisation any candidate.

A water hour of presentation , priyomi - an ideal way to protect information, yaku need to protect ZMK, a positive psychological background.

Priyom do not obv'yazkovo retool on the bench. The basic nature of such an approach for the campaign is to be identified as a front warehouse of the requested magazines, the popular mid-vibrations.

Zamovlyayuchi chastvuvannya і napoї, requiring vrakhovuvati, shcho middle of journalist bagato zhіnok, like loving licorice with no need to drink.

Having familiarized ourselves with the practical practical aspects of organizing huge sounds for another prestigious service, we turn to singing theoretical ones, which are more important for organizing, and have no significant problems.

From now on, I will formulate the rules for the robot

1. Vivchiti napam'am memory of the main part by sight.

2. Speak for a look at the huge number, and not your own, set up the organization.

3. Submit the news in the available for the rozumіnnya і vzhivannya formі.

4. Nayvazhlivshi news povіdomlyati on the cob of food.

5. Give (as much as possible) direct access to direct supply.

6. Do not enter the "slime" feed.

7. Kazati the truth, it’s important to navigate.

8. Yakshcho vіdpovіdі nemaє, more honestly honestly acknowledge at tsyomu, obov'yazkovo vіdpіtsavshi vіdpovіsti year.

9. Talk about people, not about concepts.

10. Do not take away the journalist, but it’s a little dumb that you’ll stink into the news.

11. Pidgotuvati "home preparation" of the first organ of food supply.

12. Urakhovuychi strengths and weaknesses, formulate a high standard of soundness with televisions, radio and other ZMK.

13. Organizing the monitoring of the production of food and beverage products, which is becoming an interest.

14. Controlling the triviality of the press conference chi briefing. Do not vyprosuvati power, but to navigate on the cob of a bulo an hour is designated, visions for interviewing by journalist. For example, once more emphasis is placed on respect for key problems, I will negotiate, I will remember to remember more and more, especially I will have a bit of humor, but I will probably see it correctly.

15. Do not argue with journalists.

16. Do not submit to provocative journals, scraps of them overwhelming editorial corrections and editing a famous person.

A hover list of rules can be promoted. Political practice - reich is folding, tsikava is ambiguous. There’s a need to relocate to the political science of politics and political mystery, and I will require creative creative recognition of science and mystical knowledge. First and foremost, here is not to let the situation go to the control, to know the middle of the gold, so that I can help the children to sing, reluctantly, smugly, successfully and effectively.