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Dodatok 6.4.3 Analysis of the newspaper "Odessa News"

Of the Presidents of Ukraine L. D. Kuchmi

ANALIZ published newspaper "Odessa News"

Згідно with your assignments No. 443 / 5979-01 01.03.03996 p. we booleaned the analysis of the material, registered with the Odessa Regional Organization for the sake of the People’s Deputies "Odessa Izvestia" from Sunday 1995 rock to 1996 rock.

The report showed that in the newspapers, they are constantly reporting on the issue, as well as to suppress the President’s line on the sovereignty and power of Ukraine. By the day, the vision was transformed into a Provider and an idea of ​​pro-communist, anti-power forces.

Zokrem September 5, 1996 The newspaper published the decision of the Republic of Belarus, signed by R. Bodelan, and then held the All-Ukrainian referendum on the main problems of the Constitution, as well as on the occasion of the recapture of the GRT. The newspaper also made it possible to raise criticism of the president and the draft of the new Constitution prepared by the Constitutional Committee ("What constitution do we need?" // Odessa News, 01.20.1996 p.), The course for reform (02.28.1996 p.).

Parallel to this, in spite of the decision of the Central vibratory committee and statements of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the newspaper is constantly interested in the conference, it’s possible to extend the right to a second party, I’m reminded of "//" Odessa News ", 02.02.96 p.).

In addition, the newspaper is under the control of the regional state administration, regularly, other materials are hidden on discrediting Odessa city (01.20.1996 p., 02.17.1996 p., 02.23.1996 p., 02.28.1996 p.). Often, a lot of publicity obviously does not express civilization of the hundreds of Moscow and regional governments (for example, the article "Stop the presumptuous" mayor ", 02.28.1996 p.).

Not ideal є position and newspapers miskradi. Due to the fact that the majority of the region’s and the region’s core competitors have redirected themselves to a higher share of mass media, it’s not just a matter of stability in Odeschin.

Take into account the analysis of publicity for developing the fate of R. Bodelan and E. Gurvits to meet, which may confuse them for reasons:

1. “Constitution” (law), due to unintentionality and non-regulatory and non-referential treatment of the region and city;

2. Ideological, why should you look at the political and political processes and the power of Ukraine in the country;

3. Political and psychological, in order to be based on belonging to the rallies of the Ukrainian political elite: the Communist Party (R. Bodelan) and the official (E. Gurvits).

Due to legal unregulatedness, problems of communal moisture, municipalities, reconstruction of the Greek area and the state.

For ideological needs, it is possible to provide food for the naphtha terminology, the "big" symbolism, the "communist" referendum in the Constitution, and the change of GRT so much.

In the context of the need for a statement, E. Gurvits is insane, a loan of pro-presidency, state ownership. At the same hour, R. Bodelan actually went for blocking the referendum of the nafta termination, the referendum on the main problems of the Constitution (the proposition of the Communist Party of Ukraine-SPU) is skinny. As a whole, obedient to the thesis, the apparatus of the regional state administration, by the day, can be directly opposed to the implementation of the single President’s line for the establishment of state power and the establishment of the State Institution.

For the sake of secrecy, to meet those who have the oversight of the Odesa oblastadadmіnіstrastіі did not delegate their representatives to 2 of 4 people at the presidential service, scho, by the day, means signing the order of the President of Ukraine No. 419/95-r that informational-analiticheskie pidrozdіlіv bodies of the sovereign wielkonavcho of authority ".

From the point of view of the political-psychological base of conflict between R. Bodelan and E. Gurvits, I’m grateful to you, that the political segment of the political initiative is to repair the post-nomenclature part. І ce as well as causing problems with the possibility of intercourse with guesswork.

We have a pity, sorry, a conflict between the interests of mass information, the control of the regional and the local authorities, we can’t get any more while preserving the current status quo of both of them.

Press Service of the President of Ukraine 03/27/1996 p.