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Information and communal management in global suspension - Bebik V.M.


7.1. Media Planuvannya

Efficiency of informational activity on a priority is to lay down a type of media management , a certain system of visits according to plan, increased efficiency of their advertising, and there are a lot of advertising materials.

Creation of optimal media management for a long meta to sprynyattya slіvnym svіdomіsty rozroblenih іmіdzhevih abo advertising materials.

I here is supranationally important є everything. Character and identification, over-etching and transmission of information and social groups, special audiences, retrieval and periodic distribution of materials.

Fakhіvtsі z RI vvazyayut for the necessary buduvati dvukhetapnі media plan.

First of all, in the troubles of the mass communal society, I will be deeply familiar with the idea of ​​“new” information, like memorizing, remembering and intriguing people, then discuss the subject in mass media, on the job, as well.

When singing the "provocation" of informational demand from the promoted communal campaign, open the door to "informational hunger". If I have people with an interest in repairing my life, then in the future we can fix it in another way of community campaigns - active propaganda of positive achievements in society, last time, and first announcement is active.

The logic of such a two-stage media plan is obscured, for the statements of the Russian political psychologist D. Olshansky [39];

Media-plan maє:

• booty worthy of the harsh and so, who is shy to go deep into discerning;

• it is optimal to receive advertisements, how much is shaky є yak re-installation of information, so брак брак брак marriage;

• one hour to save the time needed for information, a fragment of ineffective one and an unreasonable stretch of tedious hours, an advertisement, an advertisement, which must be constantly displayed, and not to be forgotten;

• Brothers, to respect, the psychology of information and information for social groups (especially information, information, people and people, pensioners and students);

• Razrahovuvati ntensity advertisements by stretching out a singing period with urrahuvanniyah that, who is very aggressively aggressive, mass advertising is possible not only but not cinnamon, but first and more positively earlier people quietly say that there are more goods, corporations;

• transmitting a cycle of advertising feeds (3-4 tights per each), may be by respect, and a maximum of the suspension of the touch on the skin of such a cycle;

• need to have a cob of communal companies earlier for competitors, if you want to speak in the communal stages of the first. It’s up to the Peres to take advantage of the fact that it’s possible to form the main auditorium. І in order to overcome the situation on their own greed, in order to overcome the need for:

1) the ruining of nastans formed by Persian;

2) construct the power of the nastan of the auditorium;

Zrozumіlo, who will need more financial, copper, human and hourly resources.

When folding a media plan, it’s important to have a more important one, moreover, the chief official є vib_r is in charge of mass communication for a healthy communal campaign.

Violate such criteria to ZMK when vibrating advertising noses information:

• Specialty of advertising products, originality and authenticity of idea and particularity in specific texts, logos, audio of video;

• Real time and intensive opening of ZMK with advertising materials for competitors, so as to "overload" not only, but first;

• main characteristics of ZMK:

- rozmіr and the nature of the audience (number and social groups of televisions, rumors, readers, corridors);

- Territory rozpovsyujennya (region, the population of the population);

- rating (vplivvіst);

- informational swearing, it is possible to roshovuvati on the yak (the format is a TV broadcast or radio station, the newspaper swearing, I can see the advertising products);

- Intensity, regularity and hour of entry into Efir, Druk ta In .;

- prompt delivery of advertising materials;

- analysis of the effectiveness of the forward communal companies;

- Vartіst rozmіschennya advertising by skinny.

But when vibro ZMK varto mother on uzі, scho media plan is not a little bit but mechanically based on the latest ZMK. Media planning often often takes place on the basis of rational and intrinsic components of the theory and access.

It’s clear that we’re always faced with the task of promptly submitting information to the singer (say, shvidko vidreaguvati to the ringing of competitors), more than vibrate the radio station, or lower the newspaper. Let’s say a newspaper say read 2 to 4 - members are in the city, and in their village they have the same message and relatives. From now on, the newspaper’s advertising impressions are much larger, lower circulation statements, more frequent circulation, lower number of broadcasts in the EM-radio station.

As a matter of fact, I would like to get my advertising materials on cars, obviously, we’d like to change the hour to air at the EM-radio station from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. I’m on retirement and a home gift, you can, by the way, have a TV show and a guide and a day, if they’re welcomed their children and their children to work on their right-hand side.

For the necessary health benefits, I’ll be able to push through the “information” plan, the situation, the danger, and the need for Internet access.

And as a matter of fact, you allow financial and cost protection of the largest audiences, by vibrating a popular TV channel with an hour of broadcasting your advertising products from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. Zrozumіlo, scho warto to win the respect, shch at all the time on parallel channels did not come new news football match with the first light of Europe. Todi your zusilla y effektivnost vstlyu will be minіmіzovіnі.

Zrozumіlo, right now, I don’t know these peculiarities, so I’m more impudent to practice, and not more theoretical theoretical in psychology, social science, management, it’s important to be motivated by an optimal media plan. And without the rest, you can hardly talk about the effectiveness of media management like that.