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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "K"

Zbutu channel

- nobility, a kind of passing the comrade vid virobnika to the buyer (right now, business). K. z. stock up on plan (sub'ktiv), and take the fate of the goods.

Zero Rivne Channel

- channel rozpodilu, what to stock up

From the virobnik and living with whom the first sale of the goods is seamless.

Direct marketing channel

- The channel has been distributed to goods, in some German industrial markets, and even.


- succesibility of the company chi okremikh osib, take on yourself chi to help transfer to whom the right of authority to a specific product (servant) to the old hat of the virobnik before living.

Rozpodilu channel (marketing channel)

- sukupnіst of nearby organizations, which is to take part in the process of selling the goods, but the servants of the virobnik before living. K. p. vikoristovє tsey goods chi servant abo non-inferiorly, but for virobnoststva on the basis of the latest goods chi service.

Channel commodity exchange dvіvnevy

- one of the types of distribution of goods, including two middleware. On live markets such middlemen call to pack wholesale and retail trade; on the markets for industrial products, there may be more industrial distributors and dealers.

Channels of non-smooth communications

- channels of communication, which will broaden more often, if there is a special contact for him or her; include the main categories of mass information, the creation of a specific atmosphere and the organization of winter visits.

Channels for special services

- channels, one way, one way, one way, one way. All spilkuvannya, for example, dvokh sprozmovniknik, lecturer with an auditorium, telephone contact and navigation osobiste listuvannya.

Canals rozpodilu

- 1) a measure of agencies and middle intermediaries, who should sound like a virobnik and a good guy; 2) alternative methods of distribution of the product of the virobnik. Virobnik can vibrate one of the five options: virobnik - industrial chi kintsevy spozhivach; Virobnik - wholesaler - retail salesman - well; virobnik - broker (komisioner), consignee chi agent - wholesaler - distributor - salesman; Virobnik - broker (komіsіoner), consignee chi agent - rozdrіbny trader - spozhivach.

Channels rozpodilu indirect

- the transfer of goods and the service of the virobiologist is not straightforward, but through the middle - an independent participant in the commodity exchange. K. p. n It’s important to get more information about the company and its customers, please contact us for free Yak zbutovі intermediaries may be in the presence of independent wholesale distributors, distributors and brokers, brokers, commissaries, etc. Indkoli K. p. n may include k_lkoh last-day middleman. For example, the courtyard canal is located at the wholesaler - the wholesaler of the distributor - the distribution merchant. Trivіvnevy, except for wholesale, including wholesale trade.