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Basics of personnel management - V.O. Khramov


Deleguvannya more important - the transfer of a part of the rights and rights of some of the most important ones. More importantly, you can delegate to the late line numbers.

Day of doors - a method of acquiring young people to work in organizations, but before starting in primary mortgages, extensions at universities. As a rule, a university organizes one day a day at a time for one or two months to a cob of entrance benefits. On zagrannyh zbory (at least on zbory for specialties and specialization), university graduates, deans, head of departments of education, specialty classes (specialization), knowledge of skills, and knowledge of students. Abіturіntіv oznayomlyuyut іz rules accept to university. After the meeting, we organize excursions at the department, at the laboratory, at the university and at the computer center. Literature for the help of introductors is sold in a very methodical way. Doors' Day Yes I Can Help You; Competition will be held at the opening hour of the entrance fee until the main mortgage.

State service - the restoration of the countryside by the method of realizing state functions.

The sovereign servant is a huge man who, in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation, has a work to pay for the budget. On the sovereign service, there is an expansion of the legislation on praci with special features transmitted by the law on the sovereign service.

The dynamic method is a tribute to the dynamic row and the knowledge of the new vidhilen (for this reason, remember the number of trends). The dynamic method of storing for the achievement of maximum performance indicators, which characterize the personnel management system.

Dovіrenіst - a letter of approval, a kind of appearance as one individual (attorney) of an individual (additional representative) for presentation to the third person. Dovіrenіst - one-sided pleasures, such as є кс є є меж меж меж пов нов нов нов нов дов дов дов дов дов,,, д д д на на на, на на на на на на ор ств ор, на ор ор права права права права права права права права права права для для для для для для для для для дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов дов. For an oath, you must pay more attention to three types of benefits: one-time payment - for a single specific period (for example, for example, overturning an earned pay); special - on the occasion of one-sided one-time dyy (for example, additional legal advice to the organization’s legal consultant at the entrance to the arbrage windows); zagalnu, but general, dovrenit - on the verge of managing the door of the donor. Form and method of health and safety, lines of business, order of privacy are regulated by the Civil Code.

Dovichne naimannya - a form of guaranteed employment, which is secured by the great companies and state bodies of Japan. Organizational hiring є prac_vnik_v once on the river, on hinged, if the young are hired, the main mortgage. Prosuvannya on health services z-pomіzh pracіvnikіv svoєї firmi. Pratsivnika, a kind of long-standing experience in working with a company in a company and more than a rock, as a rule, do not hire a company in a company. The prince can’t have any bells and whistles, but it’s not possible for him to commit serious criminal crime. Pratsivniki, as a rule, get lost in the company before the official entry into retirement at the other 55 times. Zvilnennya ikh before leaving for retirement - suvore prejudice, since in such a way it is practically impotent to go to work with such a wage and a guarantee of employment. Pracіvniku, a kind of retirement, company vliplachє one-time help, yak dorіvnyu ogogo pay for 5-6 years. Pensions are not paid. Nearly 35% of Japanese citizens are accumulated in the pre-paid hire system.


The expert-analytical method is a method that can be grounded on the basis of the highly qualified specialists with the personnel management, the management personnel of the organization until the process is thoroughly completed. For successful recognition of the expert-analytical method, it is important to form a systematic form, I will record that clear wikipedia of thoughts and visnkov experts. For the additional expert-analytical method, you can find the main steps in a thorough system of personnel management, evaluate the results of the analysis and the reasons for the shortage. Your method should not be expected to be more precise and efficient, as experts may not use one of the other criteria. The method is most effective, but it’s an expert examination of bagatorazov.

Etapi dilovoї kar'єri - vidrіzki labor life of the father on a hat to reach their goals. Ahead is the transfer of education at school, the middle one is looking for sanctuary; win three to 25 rock. For a period of time, people can have a look for fun, a kind of complacent consumer, and a kind of power. As if lyudina immediately find this kind of dyalnosti, then the process of self-determination is restored to repair. Dalía is now in the process of establishing, about three times (from 25 to 30 times). At the right time, I will take away my profession, get in touch with the necessary skills, form my first qualifications, self-fulfill my self-determination and constant need for attained independence. It’s soundly that in the whole turn out to take shape and form, that’s why there is a desire to abolish wages and salaries for a living wage. On this basis, service calendars (from 30 to 45 rockets) show the process of qualifying, social formation. Bugging up practical bagaty, forming professional skills, meeting the need for self-sustaining, achievable high status and large independence, fixing people’s self-expression as a specialty. At periad nabagato less respect respect to be pleased, consume in a bespecі; zusilya prazіvnik zoseredzhenі on zbіlshennі rozmіrіv pay pratsі that turbotі about health. The stage of preservation is characterized by di ies of closed access to results; він триває у віці від 45 to 60 rokіv. Nasta ik udoskonalennya kvalіfіkatsії, vіdbuvayatsya ії pіdvishchennyya as a result і active і dіyalnostі that special іvnіchany. The Praznik of the concept of transmitting his knowledge of youth. The time period is characterized by a wide range of creativity, and more service. Lyudina’s reach of the peaks of independence and self-circulation. It’s a well-deserved drive to be quiet, hto reach the high camp with a garlic prace. I want more consumer goods for the period to be satisfied, I’m selling food for the payment of money; water time is interest to the largest income tax (for example, share in the income, capital of the organization, share, regional). The stage is completed at three times 60 to 65 years. Lyudina began to think about retirement, getting ready for it. Active reporting of active meetings of the deputy, greeting the candidate for the meeting, and calling out. The period is characterized by the crisis of kar'єri; such people make up for the lesser less than the satisfaction of working robots and psychological psychology and physical discomfort. However, the self-reincarnation of this self-confidence of the first people to whom they have the most popular points for the entire period of the Kar'єri. You’ll have to pay the savings, pay less money, save money for your income, and save money for your retirement and old age pension. On the remaining, retirement, this car’єra in the whole organizatsii (kind of duty) will end. It is possible for self-expression in the highest forms of activity, as bullets are immobilized in the period of robots in organisation chi bulbs are hobbies (painting, gardening, work in large organisms are skinny). Stabilize one’s drive to oneself until "twin" retirement. Ale financial institution and the camp of health can be harnessed by a permanent tour of the city about the income of that health.