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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk



In the minds of the form and formation of new social and economic vidnosin, structures of legislative and vicarious power, there is a constant arrogance of legal ambushes and legal legitimacy of law enforcement. At the intersections of jurisprudence there is a wide range of legal rights and ambushes of the rule of law of the right to security of the sixties, which are hidden on the protection of the constitutional rights and legitimate interests of the large and large formations of the state.

Criminal lawlessness by law enforcement and efficient methods by means of interventions to protect the public, which is based on the principle of indiscriminate prejudice, active criminalization of preventive law and preventive inflow. Nowadays, the development of criminal science and the scientific and technical potential of natural and technical sciences can help the prosecutor’s office, internal justice, public service and the lawlessness of the law.

Criminalistics is a legal science that has formed at the nadras of the criminal process of the 19th century. yak sukupnіst technical concerns and tactful priyomіv, as well as ways to ix their closure by the method of revealing evil. Criminality of vivcha zlochin, which is also the subject of recognition of the best knowledge, knowing that you have more specific aspects, power and particularities of social, psychological, criminal law, crime statistics

The subject of criminology is the law of ship's attainment, which is why I get involved in the establishment of criminal justice.

The subject of criminology has been formulated one by one to the pompous piling up of knowledge of science and social development of development of suspense. Rosetok of processional thought for example XIX century I consume the practices that caused the need for fundamental legal clauses to know the special ones, as though they have a small applied character - ship medicine, criminalistics, ship psychology.

Up front about criminal justice as a system of special knowledge, writing G. Gross at the fundamental article "Curriculum for judicial research as a criminal justice system" (1892). We have praised the systematic tactical knowledge of the methodology for the disclosure of zlochinov, described the technical problems, and yanked them for the whole. Galus, scho vivchaє sukupnіst such knowledge, G. Gross called criminalіnalistikoyu. The subject of criminology is like this: Criminalistics on the day can be fixed there ... deinstalled ... as zochnin is made. Yak doslidzhuvati ways to bring malignant and deceiving zolochini, yak vyuyut motives to get malignant, with some method - for all that is not raspovіdє nі criminal law, this process. It’s up to you to become the subject of criminology.

Indicated the importance of the subject of criminology є in the main positions, assigned by G. Gross.

Dosi has not been formulated a single viznesnennya subject of criminology, and definitsіy, scho to understand, as much as not adequate. The main subject of criminology is law enforcement, zlochin. All in all, it’s more difficult to socialize, as it is characterized by structure, sounds and relations between elements. Poznanі that kіlkіsno vіdtvorenі vіdnoshennya gain the power of laws, scho characterize the analized structure. To the criminal justice doslіdzhuє zlochin peredusіm yak dynamic process, looking at one dyalnіsny aspect.

The dyalnіsnuyu aspect zlochin - tse dynamic system with different forms of interaction between living and inanimate nature. Prior to the system, establish sub'єkti zoolina (people); objects for the help of some kind of obedience to the zoalins; way to cure zoolina; the result is zolochen; інші furnish the hour; Behavior osib, attributable to the culprit, because it’s quiet, since it became an eyewitness. In the process of initiating zoolina, the elements of the dynamical system are interchanged, changing the order of the latest procedures, which are called zloin mechanism. Remained і in one aspect, in zlochina, a kind of criminal justice.

Mechanism for introducing zoolina can be levied on one side, since there are low singing hours, generally there are hours, hours, procedures for subloving the material in the middle, and from the other side there is a great deal more

Mechanism of zoolina є system of interconnection of real objects of material environment and the fact that there are plenty of people, real facts, people, moments, time, space, objects, speech, mechanics of a large system , yakі ogogo elements. It stinks causally interconnected, intermediated on the basis of the laws of the world, the forms of motherhood - mechanical, physical, chemical, psychological and psychological.

Improving the mechanics of the zolochen process is one of the most important problems, the fragments have not established the dynamics of the societies (yak, if, for some furnishings, some inconsistencies in the last postulate, it is unnecessarily cautious to , for the sake of life, in addition to the notion of knowledge of the wickedness of the malefactor and the construction of a dynamic model of this behavior.

The subject of untrammeled encroachment is lawfully entrusted with special zlochintsya, yogo vіkom, fakhom, especially rice. Probably butt. One time, two photo cameras came across a photo camera, a pack of cameras and a developer, and a year, order was sold, yearbooks and ready-made clothes were sold, the villain wasn’t zatsіkavili. Bulo visunuto version, what to steal by making up for something different, what kind of photographer to photograph, maybe, in kind of photo-jackets. Overhauling the version yielded the following results: a schoolboy was sealed at the bulo train station, who was at home and was homeless. Z'yasuvalosha, scho pislya zakrittya uni department store schoolchildren lost in nyom, nightly having committed stealing, and the wrants, since the uni-department store vіdchinili, without exception viyshov znogo. The boy bathed at the 8th class of photo-guru.

The way to bring malignancy is the whole way of sub -activity (not only the behavior, but the law and order of things - the concern), it is clear that there is no reason for it.

Zlochinets ’way of giving dyalnosti pov'yazanі with a special patient and a man in charge of zloin. Vidomo, at the time of the occasion of the instigation of the drive-in to a special person, because I have been interrupted by my closest neighbors (I’m kindred, my friend and I know it), you should take advantage of the grave corpse and be sure that you’ll be unharmed. In such times, behind slids, zooshin has two types of versions: “Zlochinets - sviy” and “Zlochinets - stranger”, so that you don’t know about them.

Laws, as vivcha criminology, with elements of the subject. Podia zlochina rozkriva dіyalіst sub'єktіv in the material environment, the result is that you cherish the trace of zlochina - dzherela evidence information. In nature, everything is interchangeable and interchangeable, and malevolent - not blame. Follow the zlochin to blame for the irrelevant laws of dialectics and may of necessary and repetition, so that law, character. It is noted that in social activities people should take a look at the way, objects and priyoms of the society, that is, zososuvannyam.

The appearance of the next hour is the first time that the process takes place - the process is dynamic, I will be a ruh, and interaction will affect the material environment. This process is characteristic for all historical periods and laws, the essence of which is clearly embodied in the folk wisdom: “Silence without slam”, but it’s silent without slam. On the basis of the legal laws of the successor R. Bulkin, having formulated the frequent laws and laws, in order to understand the process of incurring the zloin and changing the minds [2]. It’s clear.

It is absolutely necessary to comply with the law - that is why there is no need to confirm the correct laws of the law and the image of the mother, and the right to submit more information. Viryznayut five rules to approve slіdіv zlochinіv [2]: repeat the process of winnings slіdіv; the sound of the names of the malefactors and the rejection of the malicious result; a sound between the method of initiating zloin and slids, which means that you know how to get to know the method; storing vibor to the method of particular furnishings; knowledge of evidence (tobto slіdіv zlochinu). Completely obn обdnati zі zakonіrnostі in three groups.

Prior to the first group, follow the following laws: • repeat. For the sake of the manifestation of one and the very reasons themselves, they blame the same evidence. For example, stick around smoothly over the surface with your finger and pretend to be sure to tweet. Mostly the surface is shorstka, it is invisible, and it is polished — the ice is visible;

• the sound of the result is the result. For the sake of legitimacy of the plague, the fact that the manifestation of a malicious result is due to the manifestation of a protective duality. The sound of the result and that result can be given to the clerk of the Viglyad, ale vin of interlacing bagatma with furnishings. So, the instability of material problems in the warehouse do not wait є for the first time to steal chi rozratrati; When tapping the object with your finger, do not wait to get lost. From now on, the meanings of the sounds of the maximum character and character can be lodged in a completely viral manner, so that you can be victorious in order to stimulate the criminal characteristics of the environment of the kind of evil;

• law of knowledge of the word-image. For the sake of the law, the principle is that whether it is a kind of slice-image (material and ideal), we can see it in the hour of the first reading. In this way, please note that I am saying that you are "old", the number of information and information is reduced, and the evidence of this is significantly lower. Knowing the laws of the seasons, in particular, when you know about zlochin, you can know the same thing all the time.

Another group of laws to avenge three kinds of sounds.

1. The sound is different in the way that it’s possible to slogo the poles in that, for the same old minds, bring up the same knowledge. As long as it’s a crime of stealing from a closed warehouse, it’s okay to say the following: it’s mute as a result of the lane of the part of the house, it’s fraudulent, it’s locked, and there’s a lot of trouble. It’s possible to find a corpse, to hang it at a schismorg, then it’s specific (a stranger's tongue, bitches of a tongue, bloodsucking of capillary vessels, it’s skinny) give me a great deal of self-care. Involvement of vnepnalny zbroi to build before the appearance of the building - the approval of vnepnepalnye shkodzhen on pereshkody, as well as gilz, kul, kiptyu, unfinished powders, pizhov in too small.

2. The sound of the method, a kind of blotch is made of zoolina, with a special zoolino. Although I want to know how to bring the zolotinos iodine into "handwriting of zlochintsya", for the identifiable meaning of one cannot be differentiated with the real handwriting of an individual, so that I can be able to identify it. How to make sure that the order of the last procedures (prijomіv and vikoristanikh zabіv) is ordered, to lay down the vіd bagatokh factors, yakі don’t be able to accurately signify. That is the reason for the special malignant nature of the character, which can really appear to be less than once more cautious of the masses. Protein is one of the signs, for which crime areas are being conducted, automated bank accounts are being developed, and there is a need for winning for roaming.

3. Deposits in the way of specific minds. Although it is desirable to have a malicious character, it cannot be repeated in detail, it is necessary to take into account more specific zealous conditions. Zlochinets dіє fallowly in the middle of the situation, which can be stored in the most significant area. Situations may be more open, and more and more, the hour and hour will be very important. The meaning of the meanings of the small step is to relate to the nature of the particular furnishings and the desire for zlochintsy.

The third group to take revenge on law, which to verify the winners and intercessions of those who have become involved with malignancy. Tsі zakonіrnostі are characterized by sub-active participants in zlochnoy - zlochnintsya, patient, svіdkіv. Razrіznyayut such dії sub'єktіv:

• the preparation of the first vibration to the cause of zoolina. Predgotovka until vzhenennya zolochin to finish up often to be designated on the first mechanism. Zlochinets obiraє ob'єkt і hour zlochinu, readyє technochny zasobi. At the time of group malignancy, the form is formulated for the malignant group, the role, the plan and the plan of the plan. Specialty is the preparation of authority for organizing malignancies, the struggle for a kind of old-fashioned folding that is important;

• reconnaissance of the cessation of zlochin - preparation of the war. Win oglyadaє come in to the first place, de planє zlochin, в go ahead, sign up, and if you can get it right now, reckon the results of the wicked days, take your hats off, let’s take care of it. The knowledge of the fact that schlochinets were earlier in the Maybutnaya mosci zołochin is not excluded is the possibility of appearing vipadkovyh svidkіv, as well as having accumulated and memorized zlochintsya. Rozslіduyuchi zlochin on the "hot" slіdah, requiring vrahovuvati tsі furnish;

• raptovy vid'izd, winter holidays, living robots, often often сл due to the incitement of zlochin. That is due to the factual factually reluctant reasons. Zrozumіlo, raptovy vіd'іzd a zmіnu zachіski can’t be respected by direct direct control of the protected dії. However, it’s the practice of judging how to make sure that you’ve got the best of it, often change your mind, stay at your house (go to the guest, go to the hotel, go to work in the middle of the district);

• non-standard behavior - alertness, drativlivost, taylivіst. Such behaviors may be due to factors, which are less important for the development and analysis of the environment in a skin-specific vipad.

Indicated by laws to characterize the mechanism of zlochina and the duality of zlochintsya, the manifestation of which makes it possible to lose one part of the rozslіduvannya. The main part is the dyalnost of the first, the best practice, the previous, the most reliable and the most reliable material in the process of proving.

The process of proving the informational plan of the transfer of the winnings, the manual, the registration, the processing, the processing and the transfer of the information to the addressee. The criminal process has accepted the same way to prove: zbirannya, doslіdzhennya, otsіnyuvannya and vikoristannya proof.