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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk



The method of be-it-science is the whole system of recognition of laws, which is a subject. Know the laws of the development of nature, suspensions and knowledge to recognize for the help of dialectical material, which is the all-the-way method of recognition. On the basis of this, the methods of offensive rynnia are formed, such as the closure of the recognized laws of the most common galleries of sciences, as well as the universal nature. All the methods of ignorance science - sposterezhenennya, vimіryuvannya, porіvnyannya, experiment. On the offensive (according to theory), the interchange of the group of the most numbered and different methods in the area of ​​science gadgets - special (okremich), is also very important for the development of science, but it’s also very important for the development of science.

Materialistic dialectics - the underlying methodology, the theoretical foundation of the know-how galoshes, the legal foundation, and the warehouse є criminological. Dialectics as theory theories to the three main functions: light, epistemological and methodological.

There is a certain function of transferring to the development of a system of science-based views on light, on the side of reconfiguration, that in nature, all the interactions, visibility and factual knowledge are available and whether there is any harm, I must add. The science light can help me more beautifully in the middle of the storehouse, correctly assess the specific social manifestations, penetrate the essence and actively absorb that appearance. Reconciliation, be it right, may be better understood, I am more likely to have more people and more right-wing organs, moreover, there is more social activity, no more work, no more.

The gnoseological function is pink, the essence of the law of laws, on the basis of which it is recognized. Knowing the laws and laws of the recognized activities and assistance is straightforward in real situations, the plan is the last result, and the process is, say, the best way to do the creative work, the best way to do it.

The methodological function of the dialectic is the theory of knowledge in the organization of people in their subject-matter (remuneration) activity. Whether there is a sub-project at the official level, such as a re-education, a long-term project, an engineer is a new construction engineer, a regular open-hearted man, a private person can be cultivated, a peasant will cover the land. Grunt on the laws of dialectics, sub-projection of priyom i zobi for recognition and specificity in a particular galuznaya knowledge, yakі ц for price galuzi okremoy methodology.

The broad methodology has a wide system of ideas and a great deal about the principle of incitement, the formation of the method of scientific recognition. The methodology of crime is represented in the overview about the methodology of the hour of the investigation.

The criminal method of visualization of legal laws, principles, principles, methods, and ways of identifying the theoretical and practical requirements of the jerel of criminal information in the process of further development.

Philosophical basis of criminal science є dialectical logic, basing on the basis of different methods of criminal analysis, adjusting the theory, basing on the principles and the need for practical practice. It is important to reassess the methodological significance for criminology of the position of formal logic - the science of formality, the law, the principle and operation of which must be kept up to dialectical logic, the warehouse method of recognition. Nayistotnishe stink to pour on the form that is more practical and rigorous recognition of the criminal tactics, methods of organization and planning and the development of rozlochnuv zlochinіv. Criminality of the vikorist logic of laws, superexcisions of the third and the same of the principles of logic, analysis, synthesis, analysis, deduction, analogy, formality, loss of time, cost reduction

Widespread victoriousness in the common science of knowledge, including the number of criminals, the system-structural method is the method of knowledge andindualization of the knowledge of the basic structure of the basis on the basis of the description. The essence of the whole method is that the object is accessible as an element of the singing system, which is interchangeable in the number and number of structural structural elements, as well as it is always possible. Special methods of criminology-systemically structured, as well as skin-based ones, signify the procedure for taking in and technical care for reaching a specific type of subject. It is crucial to bring special methods to expert practice, as well as for identifiable memory (explicit images).

Pershim z krimіnalistіv to dialectics as theory theorized by professor S. Potapov. Winning writing, scho dialectics put before the science of prejudice: yak zrozumіti and vidobraziti dіysnіst - a real thing in yogo real vіdnoshennyah.
Witnessing the conjecture correctly, theoretically, S. Potapov rang the methodology of science before the method of identification of methodology of criminology. Zvichayno, for the sake of conception, it has recognized critical analysis, because the methodology of science cannot be limited to one okremёm method, such as identification. By a methodology є prior analysis and methodology and concern, for some reason I know that reality is yak on the theoretical, so on empirical rivality. At the same time, one of the rozumіnnya criminological methodology pіddav seryoznіy criticism doslіdnik R. Bєlkіn [2], a yakoponuvav in full recognition of the understanding of theories of criminal criminology. Vin dovіv, scho methodology of crime є a system of principles, theoretical concepts, categories and understand, method і zv'yazkіv, yakі zasosovyvatsya in him. Prior to the warehouse, there will be a scholarly study on the mechanism of zlochina, laws and regulations, additional evidence, evidence and evidence, as well as the theory of discrimination, and more information.