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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


In criminal order, with okremimi (special) methods, it is effective to fasten the ignorant science methods - sposterezhenennya, vimiryuvannya, description, reunion, experiment, modeling, identification, mathematics.

The leather galaxy of science has a wide range of science-based methods of science, which are specific to the mind, which are obsessed with specific minds of prejudice. Це come to mind the first criminals. For example, the recognition of the experimental method in crime and chemistry is not expressed only as an oath and as a result of success, but by minds. The law introduces the legal regime for the next experiment, which is always the experimental method, which is similar to the practical field of science and practice.

Comprehensively, I am systematically more inclined to immediately pick up objects whose appearances are widely stashed in crime and science, as well as in a practical way: for lively and more thorough legal practice. However, there are two ways to do this: visually, for additional technical problems (microscopes for optical devices, electronic equipment, electronic optics for interfering, x-ray devices, for example). At the current scientific level, there are hallmarks of criminal statistics, as well as the next, expert and operative ones, which are more important than the previous ones due to technical difficulties. For the best effectiveness of the most ingenious scientific method, you need to thoroughly tune song minds: you should clearly recognize the way you want to be very careful, maximize your concentration on the song and have a good time, by the way.

Vimіryuvannya є neobhodimi method pіznannya іzіnyh spacious and hourly quantities. The space and the hour is the formation of the mother’s motherhood, that’s the recognition of the mother’s soul, the laws of nature, suspension and the lack of mother’s life, without any other characteristics. І in scientific achievements, in practical practice, due to lack of knowledge, it is not possible to do without more than the latest values, the number of indicators, the temperature, the temperature trivalostі of chi іnshogo yavischa, shvidkostі Ruhu, hour vchinennya zlochinu, davnostі utvorennya slіdіv. For the development of that successful zosuvannya of the whole method, the most important is the most thorough vimіryuvalno technology. The accuracy of space and hourly values ​​for criminals (I’ll finish an hour, look around, get expert advice) is one of the most important minds to establish truth at right.

Criminalities, such as those in the basic sciences, and fixation for another, will describe the number of items and the maximum number of objects and appearances, which I need to learn about, the necessary mental knowledge of the day. Without tsyo theoretically pіznannya ungodly. The method is described as a systematic way, and before the actual reality. In the description, the imagination of the subject matter and the manifestity of the imagination is reflected. The very important role is played by the role of different criminalistic classes, an appendix to the sign of people’s interests, hands, niggas, transport interests, outcasts, letters, cul, sign writing, written words, etc. In the process of developing science, we thoroughly understand the most important, develop new, and have a better experience in improving the effectiveness of our work.

I understand the form I will describe. We’ll be able to take it out and fix it. The remaining health is not only for supporting letters (as a description of the criminal records of the procedural acts, file cabinets, catalogs), but for the recording of technical problems (sound recordings, optics, polygraphs). Form that way I will describe, in order to have practical knowledge of the practicalities, may sing the specificity, which is zoomed in by the process transmitted by the law of the formal form of the official recognition of the fact that it’s true. The procedural form of faksatsіy evidence is one - one guarantee that is falsified.

Porvnyannya is widely stagnant in criminal and identifiable. Subjects of manifestation, such as sutta, are different, as well as characteristic characters, are easily differentiated visually. The task of identifying the highest level of detail is the need for additional scientific and technical interests.

Victory of optical devices, special optical microscopes, photographic, chromatographic, electronic optical, spectrophotometric and more advanced methods of contrast are significantly more effective.

Necessity of minds in the seizure of crime among criminal experts: such:

• portions of one and the same objects (for example, following one of the same signs for evil - chisels, sokiri; one and the same number of doslіdzhuvano surfaces);

• However, the open space of the Roztasuvanny port_vnyuvanikh ob'єktiv;

• Odnakove blessed ob'єktіv;

• the same scale of zbіlshennya.

You can take part in the following: rest (visually more than necessary), summarized and superimposed (photo-experience with photo expert examination).

The experiment is also widely stagnant in criminals. Criminal convictions should be called a follow-up experiment. Independently on the present scientific and subsequent experiments, we must carefully revel, the main, daily signs are the same: the experiment must be always heard in singing, ahead of time there is a great deal of different results. The experimental method is widely staked for one hour of expert examination (so the title of expert experiment). The experimental method is also used to verify the identity of persons for identification. Reliability to the experiment to ensure safe preparation for the best minds for good health.

The essence of the model modeling method is to replace the real object, to model the results, and to obtain the results (transfer) to the real object. The model is also locked by the method of vivcheniya of power and the sign of the objects for their models-zlipki, photographic images, signal video programs. Mechanism for developing the most valuable model, encouraging the material and the ideal image of the material environment. Models, such as vikoristovuyut in the process of recognition, can be made up of material (subject), for example, a copy of the copy of the copy, the layout, the layout of the layout, the layout is complete; logical (ideal) - next version; structurally, I’m imagining the internal Budova (structure) of the object; functional (dynamic), like copying the original, switching to the dynamic, for example, version, model of the technological technological process.

Crimes have widespread stiffness and see models, alleys are more sensitive, plans are more operative and more operative, more important is the role of model (more version).

The method of identification (identification) is primed to pay the price to foreign scientific ones. This method is based on the principles of dialectical totality and closure in all areas of the scientific knowledge, as long as there is a need for nutrition, which is subject to the slightest degree of certainty. In natural and technical sciences, the method of identification is more frequent in order to identify the group of objects and appearances. The establishment of the identity of a specific, indi- vidually identifiable object of the post is even rarer (for a vignette of such areas, as a mystical exaltation and literature, it is necessary to re-establish the author of the mystical author for this). Criminal statistics are more significant, more important is the need for specific, more specific evidence, additional facts, and other facts. W metoyu pіdvischennya efektivnostі rozv'yazannya ekspertnih іdentifіkatsіynih zavdan in krimіnalіstitsі rozrobleno teorіyu krimіnalіstichnoї іdentifіkatsії, target novі naukovі method to rozv'yazannya іdentifіkatsіynih zavdan in trasologії, sudovіy balіstitsі, pocherkoznavstvі, tehnіko-krimіnalіstichnomu doslіdzhennі dokumentіv, іdentifіkatsії Lyudin for Find our zovnіshnostі.

It is also up to the nauchnykh sciences to adopt mathematical methods. Nai-іntensivenih їх rested zastosovuvati remaining two or three ten. The practice of identification of experts demanded a kind of criminal analysis in order to evaluate the criteria for identification of safety and reliability of expert visibility. By virtue of this method, the Vikorists learned mathematical statistics and the theory of ymovernosti. Mathematics gave the crime a chance for crime, automotive technology, and see the expert analysis of the computer, adjusted the skills for developing a criminal forecast, developing models for typical and varied practical situations.

Zagalnaukovі methodi pіznannya tisno vzakomopov'yazanі. For example, portions are unfeasible without a descriptive description, and systematization and classification are without portions; Thank you and be sure to wait for one to be superconducted, and the method of using the mathematical methods.