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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


I will ideally identify the theory of the establishment of criminal justice by breaking up S. Potapov. A significant contribution to the theory of crime and identification cards was studied by N. Terzіv, B. Shevchenko, A. Vinberg, V. Koldin, R. Balkin, M. Selivanov, M. Se-gai, M. Saltivsky trivia.

Ob'єktami krimіnalіstichnoї іdentifіkatsії yak zagalnogo method pіznannya Je OAO All ob'єkti materіalnogo svitu, SSMSC vvazhayutsya ob'єktami krimіnalіstichnoї іdentifіkatsії: people tvarini, їhnі corpse tobto usі tverdі fіzichnі tіla scho toil stіyku shape and takozh sipkі, rіdkі, gazopodіbnі Rechovini that ikh of the camp, and in okrimichi vipadki - the moment and hour, and also become people in okrimichi situations.

In the process of identification, the identity of the client is the same, that the same is established, that is the role, the role of the other is: for example, about the image (s); okremі chastini, like earlier bully one price; zrazki ob'єktіv, yakі perevryayut. It is important to correctly identify the role of the identity and the characteristics and classifications of the singing group. The theory of identification has two meanings of the understanding of "ob'єkti":

• as a whole material (solid, sipkі, іdkі physical and inorganic and organic resemblance), which requires some kind of need to establish the same status as a group. These are called identifiable. In one act іidentifіkuєtsya tіlki one ob'єkt, more to be established the same tіlki specific ob'єkt; yakshcho ob'єktіv kіlka, then the first act іdentifikatsіі kіlka;

• as a matter of material and inorganic resemblance, as є tricks for the establishment of totality. For the ıh additional support and identification. The axis for which the process of establishing the totality of two is seen. Idifikatsіyu possible zdіsnyuvati for the help kіlkoh ob'єktіv.

One subject (verbal evidence) can be found in identifiable fields, which were identified in specific minds of each kind (image). For example, at half an hour sheathed at a half-finished M. bulo, a TT gun was wound with finger bits of hands. For the help of the court-ballistic expert examination, the construction of the same gun was impaired and the patient B. was injured. and with identifications of bully bullets and cool, you can see them at the bottom of the corpse. A gun with fingerprints in the hands of a fingerprint process with an identifiable identifier, for an identically identifiable bullet, an identifiable object was installed - an identifiable M.

For the absence of the necessary concerns, the identification and identification is impotent. Neobkhidnoy Ії forethought є intermodation ob'ktiv - vidobrazhennya sign and power of one (identifiable) on the other (for the sake of identifiable).

Practitioners have hitchhikers, since at the time of identification, the situation is clear, there is no identification, there are no experts or hopes, but it’s okay. I have once again been impressed by the expert in that I want to know more about identities, more important things, more detailed characteristics of an identifiable object, so that I could have helped.

Sub'єktami of criminal identity and identity can be but such individuals:

• an expert, a specialist, who is responsible for assignment, but by order of a court, to inspect a court, or to obtain an identifiable information;

• testimony, patience, testimonies, accusations - the last hour of identification for the ideal images (slides of memory).

Idifikatsiyu mozhdy zsіyusnyuvati іnal аbo judge аn hour іn hour hіkanannya serіdchії і (ship ії) іі predpresentation of people іn a speech for vіznіznannya. Not identifiable recruitment form in recognition. Sub'єktom можї may be butslichy, an official to the authority of the diznannya, as well as be a kind of a big man, pov'yaz with prizes zlochin.

In the process of identification, signs of an identifiable object are identified in the image for identification. Yakshko stink zbigayutsya, form the correctness of the sign, on the basis of the same state the totality. There is one identifiable object, but one is identifiable. Sokrem, lyudin is possible to identify behind the fingers of the fingers, nig, teeth, behind the voice and handwriting.

The hour of identification for a clear image (ideal image) of identifying a real object, which is foreseen for recognition. When there was an ambiguity of identification, a manifest image (see memory) of that person (accused, patient, certificate, pidozryuvanogo). A clear image that can be remembered in the memory of people, to such such vimogs, our skin is more identifiable; As a matter of fact, a notable image is not satisfied with vimogy, it is impossible to be an ambition for identification, and since then, it is impotent to recognize it at all times.

Apart from identifying and identifying the object in the process of recording, there are unavailable portions. Pong neobhіdnі todі, if bezposeredno porіvnyati zasobi іdentifіkatsії that іdentifіkovany ob'єkt nemozhlivo chi duzhe vazhko: napriklad for virіshennya supply about vikonavtsya doslіdzhuvanogo manuscript without vіdpovіdnih zrazkіv nemozhlivo porіvnyati іdentifіkatsіynі Find our scho vіdobrazhenі in rukopisі, vikonavtsya s handwriting. For the sake of the necessary repertoire of handwriting, we can interpret them. The first hour of identifying narcotic vnognepal zbroi behind the armed cooler is even more important for the barrel channel and the cylindrical superficial heated arms. In order to get the best performance, you need to have a look for the next: the first instance of the experimental experiment, which would have been used to interfere with the other features on the top of the barrel. Zrazhki for porting may be given to such vimogam: a) you can’t but be taken with the sum of the sums that are similar to those of yakі, yakі translate; b) stink up May I have enough of the power of the authorities; c) it’s possible to smell the buti of the day for the coming of days with identifications. More and more experience and experience.

The most vivid images are as follows, as if the pose was soundless with a singing criminal reference. As a rule, most of the images appear at the period, after having blew up the punishment of the law and the ruined crime of justice. Prior to reporting, lay down the statements and the sheets of the documents, the instructions for the hour of the survey, video, look around.

Experimental testimonies can be expressly deleted at one time and at the same time, special identification for expert examination of a convicted, imposed, remunerated, first and foremost, is ordered. 199 CCP of Ukraine. To understand the special tactical tactics and technical methods, remove the experimental data, and make sure that you have the best and most informative. As a rule, experimental experiments will wither away. If you want to do this, you can only pay for special methods (for example, experimental culture), experts and experts to remove experimental data from warehouse. The next step is for the whole time - to give experts not only the opportunity (for example, the gun), but for the usefulness of the material for the removal of the benefits (for example, patrons, good luck).