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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Identification and grouping - prior processes, structure of the same type and structure: expert review of the project; okreme dosledzhennya; experimental dosledzhennya; Porvnyalnee dosledzhennya; assessment of the results of the period and the lowering of visniv.

The expert review of the objects - the on-the-spot approach for identification and identification, for the purpose of establishing an indication of the authority of the authorities, I will describe and declare that I declare that I must state the following. For an hour I will look at the expert I’ve gotten to install it, reckon with all the terms and conditions of the material, you can rely on it properly, redeem the original stink. In addition, an expert visitor is an adequate person and an additional source of information for identification. Yakshcho materіalіv lacking, an expert povіdomlyaє about the next and the meaning, yakі materіali necessary nadati dodatkovo. In the process of looking around, we’ll take photographs in packaging without it.

Okreme doslіdzhennya spryamovane on doslіdzhennya іdentifіkovanih ob'єktіv that ob'єktіv - zasobіv іdentifіkatsії, okremu їh fіksatsіyu, viyavlennya, zakrіplennya that vstanovlennya sukupnostі Find our i vlastivostey nasampered ob'єkta, yaky ototozhnyuєtsya scho daє zmogu іndivіdualіzuvati Yogo for character vіdobrazhennya in zasobah ototozhnennya. The first hour of such an arrangement is the establishment of a mechanism for the simultaneous approval of the area, as well as for the identification, view of the property (physical, mechanical, thermal).

The manifestations of the authority and power are appreciated, they mean the status, the independence and the significance of the meaning. Repeatability of the sign is to ensure the security of the highest identifiable field of the oblast. For flickering signs of photography, photographing the skin area with a large-scale macroscopic and microscopic method, and forming the cloth at once.

Experimentally, it’s possible to express the power and the signs of the form of the form, which will satisfy the process of the remuneration. For example, an experimental hour of experimenting with the right to watch the game and the Wikimedia Commons. To eliminate the experimental conditions, for example, to apply a smooth-bore barrel to the bore, special construction devices were designed. Thus, during the experimental hour of achievement, the signs of the revised object for the next achievement are gained.

The essence of the experimental provision of the pitch is not only in the form of expressions for the equalization of the terms, but in the case of the manifested, dependent and identifiable state of the law. Especially when you need to get sipy, ryky and gas-like speeches, as well as parts of the whole, that’ve lost the conformity of linguistic recognition. For the first time, there are microscopic, luminescent, spectrographic and chromatographic methods, as well as the latest methods of establishing a clear-and-white warehouse, the power of the authorities, the correlation of deposits.

Porvnyalnee doslidzhennya spryamovane on the establishment of a step zbіzhnostі oznak ototzhenyuvanogo ob'єkt, zafіksovanіh in the ridges іdentifіkatsіі. Porіvnyalne doslіdzhennya maє buti take it in more detail. It is not only the details that are obvious but the obvious nature of the identification, but the fact that it’s obvious that the next step will manifest itself step by step. Often, more and more special, little special features can help experts to correct the right thing about the total assets.

There are three ways to divide: three-way, total and one-sided.

The conclusion is that there is a good deal of order so that you can immediately jump behind the signs. You can see the process through the uninterrupted porting of the sign from the ousted object with the signs to identify the project with the sign of the same sign per one screen in one field of the microscope.

Sum_shchennya - roztashuvannya por_vnyuvanyh objects in one field so that the signs of one boulevard are promoted to the signs of the first. Tsey sposіb naichastishe zasosovyut for porting slov_dov kovzannya, scho є cherguvannyam furrow and roller. Summing up is possible for an additional view of the image for the sign for the same lines and the same for the parts for the next signs. For the whole victorious special attachment - special microscope MSK-1 and MS-5-P.

Overlaid - the establishment of such a contact between the two objects, so that you can have the opportunity to stand at the door, so that you can pass through. For the whole image, the objects should be transferred to the prozorium material (sklo, pouring), and then, summing up one by one, reach the shape, the size and the sign of the next light. So there are additions and inserts on the documents in documents, which were read for the help of another copywriter to one bookmark. For zosuvannya tsyu way in the expert practice, a special osnaliy optical optic nadrynnі designed.

In the methodology of identifying the knowledge of the authorities and the main mental condition of the activity and the fact that the visibility is the same in the form of the camps. I will look at the shop until the torn material is hanging like a vimogi:

• Ziraki mayu buti otrimanі on the same chi similar to the material ototozhnyuvanogo ob'єkta copyіyuvalnuyu material;

• make sure that there are two different sizes on one scale, one for the same light;

• Signs to change the boundaries of detail with the same detail (micro-macro, molecular, general);

• Significantly signify the same results for the highest prizes and interests.

Dotrimannya handed over vimog to port_vktiv in zabpepechuє ob'єktivnіst assessment of the results of vprivnannya and dostovіrnіst zroblenih visnovkіv.

Assessment of the results of the period and the increase of visibility - the final stage of identification. All logic, yak polyga є at the same time at the same time as the result of the same period of time, with the mechanism of approval of the image. Significant signs to assess the skin in the near future, on the other hand, to identify the identity of the identified field. To identify and to know more and more, to clarify, to explain their similarity. Upon completion of the offer, I’m able to assess yak non-repetitively, I’ll explain and clarify the interest in ІІІ indivіdualnіt ob'єktіv, I’ll be careful, and I’ll get a visor about іndivіdualіnnuity of the supply.

Thus, in the process of evaluating the need for understanding the form of internal reconfiguration of the uniqueness of the complex of signs, and on the basis of it is the same as the view, view, rendition. First hour of grouping to skip the gown about the similarity, the sameness, but the same as the dzherelo is similar to oznak.

Virshalnym on the whole stage of expertise є otsіnuyuvannya all іnії іncіstіnnosti іdentifіkatsііnі oznak, cobbled with that іnshu і іnto іnthentifikatsіі. Nutrition about those, a minimal complex of signs in a skin-specific vipadat is sufficient for obgruntuvanny categorical gown, - one of the most important in the theory of crime identification. It’s more correct to lay down not only the opportunity for expert examination of the issues, the on-site retirement, but also the most important factors: professional training, due care and respect , with the help of the criteria to be confused with the evaluation sign. To bring up to a minimum the influx of sub-active factors on an expert gadget, the most active criteria, the most important and the most important expertise, and the possibility of expert assistance.

The Yak was meant to be, with a single message for the newsletter about the customs of the object є individual (non-repetitive) sukupnіst іh іdentifіkatsіynykh signs. The expert’s talk about the same can be positive positive negative, categorical anyway.

Mostly, the sign is not enough for the categorical gown, the expert will disregard the gadget (with the highest step of the gimbal). The proof is more significant than the categorical positive or negative negovnosovok, and ymovirnіsny not є we can prove and we can booties tilka in operational-rozshukіy dіyalnostі. The expert is guilty of indefinitely robbing the gowns, who have most of all given the material lack of charity to the unidentified for identification. The motives of the expert may be the same incompetence of the subject of the expert examination and the availability of the most advanced techniques.

Control food

1. Methodological basis of identification.

2. Criteria of classification and criminal identity.

3. Vidminnist method of criminal identity and identity in identity science.

4. The subject of criminal identity and identity.

5. Victory Day of all times.

6. Grupofіkatsіya yak self-determination method doslidzhennya.

7. What is the identity of the sign?

8. The main etapi іdentifikatsіynogo doslіdzhennya.