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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Prevention - the system of economic, social and cultural approaches and legal nature, which requires the establishment of a powerful state organization and organization by way of fighting, because of the reasons for understanding and excitement. In addition, for the type of sub-activity, the professional activity is based on the prophylactics, the performance of the service, the operational, the performance of the organization, the expert, the court and the court.

Prevention can be carried out by the infamous and the indivisible.

Rozslduvannya zlochinіv і fairly fair punishment zlochintsіv, such as struggle with the right of way, hidden on the weekend of the obscure professional functions. At the same time, we’ll organize the first and second days of the weekend of our functional functions, and I’m indivisible to prevent the work: vositerezhenenya, late, impose penalties thinly.

Відповідно up to Art. 22 CCP of Ukraine, court, prosecutor, servant and person, yak zdіysnyuє diznannya, goiter'zanі live in all of the necessary laws transferred by the law for the full, probable and effective redemption.

At zvyazku zі zdіysnennyam diznannya, the front of the service and the ship's forensic look at the authority diznannya, next, the prosecutor and the court goiter'zanі zgіdno zі Art. 23 CCP of Ukraine to reveal the reasons, think that they have committed the slaughter. For reasons of severity of reasons, є follow-up, quick-drop-in visits, check-up and follow-up follow-up and ship practice, questionnaire and live-in of different categories, please, keep in mind that you’ve got to be kept in good condition. On the basis of information and information, formulate the specific reasons for the reason that you can understand how to take the cause of malignancy. Bring the materials to the country up to huge numbers (for example, through the press, lectures on consumer goods). One of the procedural concerns for the next is the introduction of a subordinate state body, a large number of organizations, and most of them have taken a lot of time to come to us to clarify the causes of the malignancy (Art. 23-1 of the CCP of Ukraine).

Forms of prophylactic dyalnosti rzniznatsya for etapami rozslіduvannya zlochinіv. At this point, the criminal crime has been improved. The authority of the official and the next employee is prevented by the work of the worker with intermittent process interventions: due to the need for additional, additional, control over the supply and the need for more frequent

The main robot for prevention is to take action on an offensive basis, as long as all information is collected, the mechanism of zolozhen and the cause is established. For example, one who adheres to the principle of preserving the right to family, on the other hand, before doing so, is required to steal from the collective, and not to cut the way for the execution. You need to make a contribution, and until the end of the agreement, governing bodies and authorities, reason that you should know how to set the alarm, set the pass-through mode, limit the number of rooms for public use.

At the conclusion of the trial, the court review of the ship will be arranged for a trial of the court, a submission shall be made, the environment will be recognized.

Control food

1. The principles of widespread participation in the distribution of knowledge and recognition.

2. The main form of participation in the presence of Roskritty and the prevailing zlochinіv.

3. The principles of cooperation, operational and expert pidrozdіlіv.

4. The main form of cooperation with an expert and operational practitioners is one hour and two hours of learning.