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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Science of Criminalistics and Ship Expert Install in Ukraine, how much did it take to get old and old ship installations. People's Secretariat voted on in Kharkiv Ukrainian People's Republic on the whole territory of Ukraine 4 September 1918 p. having squeezed the old ship system, police and other equipment. Only the Kiev and Odessa cabins of science and ship expertise were saved. St. Petersburg zgorov during the hours of the revolution, and Moscow zagorі ceasing to cease to exist. Thus, the expert install tilki got lost in Ukraine.

Ukrainian science and ship expertise came through with interruptions and through political and political situations. So, the Kiev office at 1920 p. Buv robberies by b_lopolyaks and timochovo ceasing pratsuvati.

We don’t shorten the bulo stazhishche y at the number of rozshuknyh vіddіlennyakh. The doors to the new car-rose base were set to bring more and more love, through the result of repeated use of property, property, documents and documents were acquired.

In the newly-established criminology of Ukraine, there is a large role to play in law enforcement organizations.

Recovering from the chest of 1918 p. By decree of the Timchasov’s Robotic-Selyansky detachment of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Nadzvichayn komіsiyu, 14 fierce 1919 p. the bulletin was adopted “Timchashe Provision on National Judges and Revolutionary Tribunals”, and 1 birch tree 1919 p. - about the People’s Commissariat of Justice (NKY), which controls the court of judges and services. For the whole structure of justice, control and monitoring was carried out.

16 april 1919 p. a decree was adopted on the occasion of the planting of the upper folk tribes, who were appointed the people's commissar of justice. The system of follow-up bodies was set in motion, before which there were national followers and assistants during the control and follow-up meetings of legal entities; special people’s attendance at the Revolutionary Tribunals and the supreme national cooperation at the warehouse of control and monitoring of the NKYU.

Rada of People’s Commissions (RNA) USRR 16 April 1919 p. I adopted the decree "On organizing the car dealership", which is not only legally secured the right to be a place of residence in the okrimichi cities of the car-rosukovy setting, and the first signifying one on the territory of the republic the organization of the car rozshuku. On vidmіnu vid RRSFR that іshih radyanskih republics for the organization of small singing singularities. The stinks were put into the fact that the USNR karniy roschuk was nQY; there was a win of ship-and-carrier delivery, before that there were a number of operational-rozuchukovy calls, a ship-and-car mile, yak and znіznennya diznannya.

Rada of People’s Commissions USRR 3rd quarter 1920 r. She adopted the “Provision on organizing the provision of car dealership”, as well as in Ukraine, similarly accepted the acceptance from the RSFSR of the organization and legal form to encourage the device of car dealership. Now the warehouse is in storage and passing at the NKVS order.

Creations at 1920 p. Ukrtsentororozshuk vikonuvav great organization to work with rozbudovi mіstsevy car-rozshukovyh installation and the provision of practical practical dyalnosti. The bulletin is seen Instructions for fingerprinting and registration of the oil element, Instructions for the order of health, knowledge, speech and information, table of categories of petroleum ().

Instructions about the work of the registration bureaus were stored by specialists. Osib were rebuilt, described for the signs of znoshnosti with the fallen hinged file cabinets for the alphabet. Z 1921 p. Ukrtsent-rorozshuk having also provided the necessary methods of restoration, the form of fingerprinting and anthropometric method of A. Bertillon. Instrucіyu, scho nadіyshla from the center, passed on vimіryuvannya 11 oznak zlochintsya. Ukranian fakhivtsi vymіvvatі have sung one sign - the width of the slit arc, as a whole, it was entered in the Center’s instruction. The prototype was not broken up in a way to classify them in vimiryuvan, but the method of completing sub-active and inaccurate ones (I respected the system in European countries at that time also lost the value and the code was changed).

Zlochintsyv wanted to hear about the portrait, about the adoption of the instruction about folding the verbal portrait, the recommended rules for photographing the evil and the corpse with the signal method. Thus, until the entrance of Ukraine to the warehouse of the SRSR in the territory of the territory of Bulgaria, three types of registration were transmitted: for alphabetical purposes, photography and fingerprinting. There were filed file cabinets, albums, collections of mischief, malicious recidivism. Kradіzhki rebuilt after the method of inculcation;

At 1922 p. governorates viddili rozshuku boules possessed by tricks fingerprints and photographs. In Ukraine, the bulletin was formed for one fingerprint file for ten fingers, the cards were classified behind the main Galton formula - Henry.

At 1923 p. Bulo was reserved for the restoration of all punishable amusements of the will and primus praceum. Methodology of fingerprinting of the region of the bull such. The agent of the regional distribution of the local lanka will be sent an hour to remove the malicious fingerprint (by typing two fingerprints), and the head of the office will have to go to the provincial registration bureau. There fakhіvets with a fingerprint vivodiv formula and i perevryav її for a card index. The protocol at once із primіrnikom daktylokardki overwhelmed the addressee, vіd yakogo von nadіyshla. Since it’s not at all necessary for the filing of information cards, then they sent the card to the provincial file cabinet, and the other correspondent with a written formula was turned into the area for the registration of the card file. Identification of the fingerprint card file as a result of the fingerprint scan, which I put together the protocol of recognition. Ninju qiu operation vikonu кри expert-criminal за for the assignment of the next operative specialist; він warehouseє дідідку чи expert gadgets.

The fight against maliciousness on the basis of the most thoroughly legitimacy of law required a thorough reunion of technical concerns, closed-up and up-to-date speech proofs, acquired prior to criminal prosecution of the realms of knowledge.

Postanovoy RNA USRR vid 10 worms 1923 p. at the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa, rooms for science and ship expertise were in the process of being renovated, so that they could update their work at a quiet base. The stinks of a healthy ship and expert examination and practical assistance were provided to the investigators. Tsі kabіneti became erediok in the course of science knowledge at the next ship practice.

The new RNR USRR vid 25 quarter 1925 p. the bullet has been confirmed in the new "Regulation on the Science and Ship Expertise Cabinet", as a rule, it was not expert examination, but a science-based work.

Zhovtni 1925 p. cabinets of science and ship expertise boulevard reconstructed at the institute of science and ship examination. Viddody, Vlasna, I felt the need for science and practice and Ukrainian practice, based on what I had formed a pershchy Ukrainian crime school, before that there were professors M. Bokarius, M. M. Faran, Matvєєv, Yu. Sapozhnikov and іn.

The first directors of the Kiev Institute of Science and Ship Expertise V. Favorsky, M. Petrov, Yu. Sapozhnikov and B. Vakhlis weren’t the only organizers of science, but they didn’t need to do more with the practice of shipbuilding experts, they proved the need for a methodology

Kharkiv Institute of Science and Ship Expertise, having overshadowed professor of ship medicine M. Bokarius. More in 1915 p. at the Суд Prava ’Sudova’s medicine, open for lawyers’ win by destroying the bagato of practical food and nutrition and proof of evidence during the hour of discovery. M. Bokarius bouv pioneer-criminalist at court medical. Vin porushuvav nutrition about obov'yazkove weekend of medical medicine at the law faculties of universities. For their undisguised participation in the Faculty of Law of Kharkiv University, the course of criminalistics began to be considered. Establishment of shipboard expertise and the emergence of the right criminal knowledge in Ukraine due to the M. M. Bokarіus.

Another is the development of criminal investigations of the obligations of the State Bud- dowhood of the State Patronage of Ukraine at the SRSR warehouse, as well as new economic policies. At present, the period is characterized by the growth of the region of malignancy, the stronger repres- sions on the side of the central as well as the organs of authority.

The doors of earlier criminal and expert experience prodovuzhivali funktsionuvati. Step by step, the old cadres felt like young people came, with new ideas, new problems, who were confronted with criminalistics.

Prior to the Kiev Institute of Science and Ship Expertise came S. Tichenko, M. Zyukin, B. Kirichinsky, Є. Braychevska, T. Bara-basht іnshі, as a year became one of the most important things to do - at the galois ship’s expertise. So, M. Zyukin having passed the technique of flicking slides on the walks using the "clear replica" method, having scrutinized the photographic method of contrasting for the additional sensible photocells, yakin and vikoristovyut expert.

B. Kirichinsky є a pioneer of proving expert practice in medical, ultraviolet and X-ray promises for technical documentation. Winning up the original methodology of writing the material for writing. Yogi Pratsya "Sudova Radiologiya" (1969) became a postal service until the forensic science of criminal methods of radiological methods.

The third stage is the development of criminal science in Ukraine, often due to other courtesy studies and institutes of judicial expertise, as well as the availability of fees for one hour. At the last hour there were more students from the institute, boulevards evacuated, bagato went to the front. Okremі specialists have tried to pay off and navigate; we have been grateful for the best judicial expertise.

An important and important step in developing criminal justice in Ukraine is the fundamental pr. S. Geek "Criminalistics", published in 1948. my Ukrainian.