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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk



At criminal understanding, “ criminal technology ” has a wristband for the purpose of accessing technical attachments, attaching and materiel, as well as for acquiring, and additional material. The basis of the winnings and the discovery of technical concerns was the impossibility of the natural sciences and the technical sciences, the physics, the chemistry and the biological sciences, and the methods used by the first people to learn about them. The methodology of the natural sciences zatosovuvali for the development of high schools zavdan krimіnalistiki. So vinikli zasobi th Metodi doslіdzhennya Retschow Jerel Informácie scho toil spetsifіchnu krimіnalіstichnu spryamovanіst and takozh ponyattya "krimіnalіstichna tehnіka" for poznachennya not tіlki sukupnostі tehnіchnih zasobіv (priladіv, іnstrumentіv, pristroїv i materіalіv) SSMSC zastosovuyut for rozkrittya zlochinіv and second sistemi priyomіv and methods of effective congestion. The system of theoretical principles approved the distribution of criminal "Criminal Technology". This is two of the understanding of the criminal technology of saving donin є naypriynyatnim.

Thus, the criminal system has a system of concepts, theoretical postulates, technical interests, knowledge and methods, for the sake of acquaintance, and the extension of the wicked vowels by means of a clear rose. Understanding the “criminal technology” is the same for two values: as the criminal criminals; yak technical hassle, as well as good sufficiency and priyom vykoristannya u rozslіduvannі zlochinіv.

Criminal technology, such as criminal criminology - the highest number of recommendations and recommendations for the closest of nature-science methods and technical hours at an hour of opening hours.

Criminal technology, such as criminal criminological system of music. Before entering such warehouses:

• fundamentals of criminal technology (foreign regulations);

• video recording, ship photography and cinema;

• trasologіya;

ship ballistics ;

• technical and criminal documents to documents;

• crime-writing letters;

• Identification of people behind the signs of znovnosti (ship gabito-logіya);

Criminal registration .

Another significant criminal technology is the whole system (system) of special problems and methods (including the number of scientific know-how), the same amount of time for reporting, the second time, the proof of the frequency of the proof. From now on, criminal technology is the main goal of criminal science, which is to establish a system of theoretical principles (concepts, theories) and principles based on their technical interests, their needs, and their needs.

Head of criminal technology:

• Development of technical problems and methods, which is important to ensure that new proves of new criminal information are proved;

• manifestation and viluchenny of material slіdіv zlochinu:

• z'yasuvannya mehanizmu asserting the following and the reasons for the interaction;

• manifestation of power, stan, group identity and identity - dzherel information;

• processing of the first crime-related information for research and progression;

• Development of technical and social considerations and submission of criminal information to the right-hand dyalnost.

Dzherela crime technology:

• criminal-procedural law;

• Consume shipboard practice;

• Achievement of natural and technical sciences, such as the ability to quickly and indirectly identify new methods and special criminal techniques.