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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Technical zbirannya crime criminalistic information zasosovuyut as well as the rightful list of law enforcement agencies. Crime criminals have a look less deyak from them:

• technical ancillary front office (ancillary office);

• complete criminological and operational technology, as well as organization organization and operational practice;

• technical assistance of expert technical material - expert technology, special technology;

• technical complications of criminal prevention of malignant diseases.

Technique of the front side

Technical hassle, such as stasis at the front, often called criminal technology, but technical technology. For their assistance, they will prove, demonstrate and demonstrate.

As it was meant, crime criminals have zagos and special technical ones. Zagalni zasosovuyt usi sub'єkti, as well as health insurance, diznavalnu, the court and the prophylactic dіyalnist. Special technical services are designated for fasting in the environment of dyalnosti, for example for special purposes, inspectors DAI, bezpeki services, mitts and so on.

Prior to the irrelevant technical incidents, there is a need to include information, optics, information, concentration, and processing of criminal information.

For the sake of litigation (sanitation technology) zasosovuyu for a piece of litigation dіlyanok mіstsevostі, close attention, objects and people іn hour of ship-servicing and professional dіyalnostі. For the whole victorious stationary and portable dzherela of a bitumen and special designation. Nine zasosovuyt perevazhno overthose that of the attached electric gas-discharge lighting (lamps roszaryuvannya, gas-discharge luminescent) - adjoin the rozsiyany light (sounding lamps without fittings); adjoin the straightened lighting, which can be used to adjust fittings (planes, sections, spherical, parabolic), - lights, projectors, impulse lamps, portable lights, portable electrics, etc .; an attachment of point lighting, so that I can help concentrate the beam of light. So fill the stasis for the appearance of the low-visible and invisible slid, mikrochastok.

Behind the nature of the spectrum of vibrations, you can bring to light the ultraviolet, the sound and the infrared. Dzherela ultraviolet vipromynyuvannya - with the addition of mercury gas-discharge lamps (PRK-7, PUF-5, UFO-4A, SVDSH-250, SVDSH-1000), specially designed for crime-proofing (for example, UR-41, OK-1, UD-1, UD-1, UD-1, "," Photon ").

Dzherelami Іnfrachervonykh ен zvichaynі lamp rozzharyuvannya, scho to grind fittings and possessed with special filters.

Optical hassle. With the simplest of them є loops of the multiplicity of zbіlshennya that designation - fingerprint, vimіryuvalna, textile from pіdsvіchuvannyam for robots with slіdami, binocular and that. Multiplicity of maximum magnification - up to 10. Higher, lower magnification, maximum magnification - biological, metallographic, intermittent, luminescent, polarized, stereo. Criminal statistics often have sound optical microscopes, which can be used up to 2000, and there are also special, integrated displays for criminal inspection, 1 microscope.

Criminal practitioners have a practice of capturing such a way (technical technology): for doing so, large-scale lines, folding meters, tape measures, calipers, micrometers and others; for kutіv - protractor, kutomіr, kutomіrnі sіki that іn .; for the area - magnifying glass, metrics; for ob'mu rіdkikh tіl - beakers, miri; for masi tila - vagi of winter classes, important; for spring tests - hardness and pressure gauges. For example, at the Valis Inspector DAI є Tire Pressure Gauges for visually identifying a vise in tire cylinders.

I wish for safety - equipment, equipment, technical equipment, materials, for the sake of which you can protect on the material basis of the information, copy, model and preserve them. You can preserve it, so that you can save your time and money, for example, take it up, put a good box on it, cover it with a pink perchlorine resin, use hairspray and a silicate glue with water. You can also save for the same for additional photo recording, video recording, for the most important ones, you can get more information, and on the other hand, you can take photos, make sure that you can do it quickly and easily. In this way, faksatsii hardships are possible to respect the bagato subject and material. The procedure for the fiscal requirement will require reconciliation, revision, copying, copying and modeling, I will describe the protocol below (how to use the fiscal material dzherela).

Take care of the concentration of criminals of criminal information. The problems of zirannya and the concentration of information about the wines of the wines are more than an hour of the birth of crime - more than the last vikoristovuvsya for the recognition of the present. The concerns of concentration became the region of the first file cabinets of the third parties, the first, the earlier, the earlier committed the maladies, the collections of the first cases of the evil and the subject. The base for criminal registration and criminal regions has already been established.

On the cob of computerization of law enforcement activities and the process of criminal conviction, the winnings are new for the collection, integration and processing of information.