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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk



Sudova photography is a method of criminal technology, which is based on a system of science provisions, as well as a recommendation on how to secure technical interests and methods of methodology using the method of research.

Head of ship photography:

• secure technical hassles and practical ways of finding, maintaining and upcoming material evidence of information;

• Hello, I’ll inform you about the results and results;

• Consciously declare that you want to understand the new technical problems and the evidence, and the evidence;

• to protect the principle of accuracy in proving that prophylactic dіyalnostі of the next, to the body of diznannya.

Sub'єkti zasosuvannya ship ї photography:

• follow-up in the process of rose and rise of evil;

• operative prazivnik pid hour; weekend; operational-distributing robots;

• expert pid hour of expert examination and participation in special meetings as a specialist;

• Representatives of huge organizations and surrounding individuals, so as to take part in the protection of the huge order and bezpeki.

Remain I don’t know the priors of the ship’s photographs and the zostosovych zvichayna vidobrazuvalnu zyomka podiy, ob'ktiv, dokumentiv, osib.

Ships taking photographs have been taken to vidobrazuvalnu (for S. Potapovim) and doslidna. Methods of image-based marine photography intended for visualization of material objects and signs, which can be fixed with an unbroken eye, and ship-and-image photography may be able to show signs, it is unnecessarily useful.


Vidobrazuvannuyu court photography call ship-operative, but polovoy (for R. Bulkim), more than that, the body of special recognition and special recognition of the need for additional information for operational results.

Ship-operative (vidobrazuvalna) photography - type of ship’s photography, which is a system of reception of photographic technology concerns and methods of photographic, operational, temporary, random access.

As a rule, the following methods of criminal law are applicable to the criminal law procedure, and the body is intended to criminalize special technology. Remaining not to violate the principles of legality and ethics, because of the special hardships of the most contactless (photo of the movie, the sound of the video recording) and not to spell physical citizens.

Prior to the methods of ship-operational photography, panoramic, wide, large-scale, signal, reproductive, macroscopic and stereoscopic ones should be established. It goes without saying that the method of ship photography should not be related to the types of ship photography, to which it is necessary to have an original, detailed, detailed information. The method is the best way to look, and the view is realization of the meta. For example, it’s possible to look at it in a visual, stereoscopic, or panoramic way. View zyomki to lie in the middle of the faksatsії.

The panoramic method is the reception of photographs of the enlarged parts in parts with the help of moving the camera in parallel with the subject. Such a method is called a linear panorama. Mostly the object is high, the method is vertical with panoramas. Panoramic view can be seen from one point, turning the camera around. Such a priyom is called a circular panorama. Okremі znіmki glue at the dots. The panorama is held. It can be folded up with three and more photos. Dovgi ob'єkti can be photographed in a charming way for the help of wide-range optics (MIR-1, "Zodiak" and іn.). For a panoramic photo camera, you need special cameras ("Horizon", FT-1, FT-2).

The essence of the vim_ryuvalny method for the photographer’s photographic image (next, document, evil person) is immediately with a roster with a scale (large-scale line), and I can help you gain more knowledge of the large number of times. The method is called as large-scale, and the process as large-scale. For a large scale camera, you need so many cameras, so that the optical channel is perpendicular to the square of the city.

The large-scale method of stating is crucial for detailed records, documentary documents, identification of people with dead bodies, and signs of evil. For the roundabout view, the vimiruvny method is browed with linear chi square scales, chips, as well as special butts (stereophotogrammetric setup ZMK-120, camera FSM-1).

Stereoscopic imaging methodology фотограф classic. The essence of the pitch is in the gained stereo pair of knowledge and mathematical tests for the visual reference of rozmir. This method is widely used in geodesy, astronautics, and reference in the higher spheres, as long as it is necessary to accurately identify the area.

In the 70s of the XX century the stereoscopic method was used in practice for the practice of the stereophotogrammetric method of taking photos of road vehicles suitable for an auxiliary installation installed on a UAZ vehicle. A 5MK-I20 stereo camera was mounted on a tripod bulo in a car interior.

On the main floor, using perspective-horizontal method, I’ll scan a little stereo-pair, and I’m on a small table on the tables of the special TechnoCart adjoining (stereo copy). The operator in automatic mode will paint a large-scale plan for the future. Victoria of the stereophotogrammetric method can help me to look at the least time (up to 3-5 hv), before that I can be in court and I’ll be able to pick up the items and see the special offer.

The essence of the reproductive method of recording polygas is that of captive photography interests and those for reproducing flat objects, it’s important to document. For the first time I have got a zoological camera, a tripod, a movable cable, a cable, and some special attachments of the type "Spruce", "Belarus" and that.

Reproduction of a line document can be done without contact by a contact device (for example, the text of only one side) or by the reflex method from a high-contrast photo camera. For the whole document on the subject of arkush photo camera, squeeze it clear the cliff and health exponentiality (zvіchuvannya); Potim papir і to gain a negative. With negativity, contact method positively. Nineteen this method is practically not stagnant, because for the help of just another photocopying technology you can quickly and explicitly copy any documents, including the number of colors.

The essence of the signaly method is the method of photography in living photos and corpses with pre-established song rules. Signal zyomka іnkoli call іznavalnuyu. I live lyudina photographing from within 1 m in Cherzі at the front and right profile; for the victorious victorious knowledge of exposing on a scale of 1/7 of the actual size. The hour of the official recognition of the corpse at once with the full face of the full face of the right and the right profile.

The hour of the fiscal process and the results of the second round of the work of the university, the university, the university and the detailed school.

Orіntuvalnuyu zyomka vikoristovuyut for linking the pagan mind with a view to the atmosphere. Yakshcho dilyanka chi ob'єkt dovgy, zyomku will be concocted using the panoramic method, however, with wide-range optics.

Oggladovu zyomka zdіysnyuyut for fіksuvannya osrodnogo mіstsya podії ізоловано від navkolishnyoі situation. The point of selection is selected in such a way that the picture at the frame is depicted exclusively on the subject (for example, to the store, de bulo a steal is made). Oglyadovyh knowledge of the city to watch a photo, photographing a small street.

Vuzlova zyomka fіksuє okremі chastini (vuzli) mіstsya podії, for example, to the group of sіlіdіv nіg, znaryad evil, zbroї bіlya hands of the corpse skinny. Wuzlov zyomka recommended vikonuvati large-scale way. Appearance of a linear scale on a photo scale can help you to signify, for example, go to the elements, go between your faces, share your knowledge with the evil, as well as rossashuvannya zagalom. Vuzlovu zyomka dorizhka slіdіv nіg і transport transport zobіv zhііsnyuyut in a panoramic way (for the help of other linear panoramas).

I’ll get a detailed picture of everything for friksuvannya okremikh objects in any case with a great plan and obov'yazkovo in a large-scale way. Microscopic and microparticles (for example, fibers, powders, parts of narcotic syrovini, bed of oil) are photographed using a large-scale, or macroscopic method. As a matter of fact, it’s important to have access to an important access point (for example, on the side), to lock the teleobacty MTO-500, MTO-1000 and that.

Macrophotography name the text of other objects (strokes of letters, numbers, slides, inserts, text appendix) with a camera for acquisitions of souvenirs. You can reach zbіlshennya to five times. A macro photo between the detail, even on the butt, on the right side of the papular pattern - this is the part itself, as it is a fiber bed. For this, see see the picture of each other by the steps behind the step.

Kinoziomka and video recording - processes of dynamic fiscal authorities of objects, promises, appearances, follow-ups for the help of a video camera. Kіnoziomka zdіysnyuyut on fotomaterialyah, and video recording - on magnetic noses. Oskilki principle fiksatsії signalі in reznі, then the first way to gain the image so itself reznі. Kіnoplіvka mak buti at vіdpovіdniy way osroben, і only tіlki pіslya tsogo can look at the results zyomki. The video recording can be done without interruption, but at least the hour is the time for recording and controlling the process of fixation. Videorecording, madly, are overreaching in front of a movie. Immediately, in the course of offense, process may and have surrenders and shortcomings.

Kinoziomka and video recording to spell out the following tasks:

• with documentary accuracy of fksuvati and dosljuvati dynamically, process, follow-up (experiment, acknowledgment, completion, especially if you are willing to take cognizance of your guilt for any reason);

• zberigati information about the dynamic knowledge of the laws and regulations in court, hour of follow-up, expert examination;

• fіksuvati ta vivchati inaccessible to human dawning shvidkoplinnі processes (for example, application polity, ruinuvanny pereshkod, moment zіtknennya transport concerns);

• fіksuvati podіy instantly in the dynamics of the hour, so I can help virahuvati the moment of specific dіy, shvidkіst rukhu chi kіlkіst podiy for one hour.

Slide means that it’s practical not to stagnate for fіsatsіy slіdchykh dіy.