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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Shkіra on the gouges і pіdoshvah nіg maє especially Budov. There’s a storehouse of two balls: the upper one - epidermisu and the lower one - dermis, which is completely shkiri.

At the upper part of the dermis of the rosaceous papillae (vid lat. Rarіїїа), soak up the rows (lines). Pokritі epіdermіsom, stink є basis of rollers, scho are called papillary lines. Remain there are three main types of patterns: arches, loops and curls, so as to be up to the illuminated signs. Leather papyllna lіnіya maє singing special features of budovi (shave, split, comfort, skinny skinny); Іх розташування і form - okremі signs of papular patterns. Recognition of the zagalny and okrimich іndivіdualnih signs to become a unique papillary pattern, yogі іndivіdualnіst.

Indivisibility of papular patterns - the main authority. The one and the same government is one of independence. Patterns on the fingers form up to six months of the inner uterine life of the embryo of people and even may not change until the proper distribution of the fabric of death of people. Papylyarny patterns on the fingers to throb the power vidnovlyuvatisya, as a rule the ear doesn’t rush around completely shkіri, tobto papillary ball. Ushkodzhennya papillary ball of scar scar on a papillary pattern. The elderly person has a papillary pattern that has snacks, folds, "white lines", crocheted earrings, and the shape that is lit up is indifferent, because I can help you to be sure that you know how much you need to know.

Narrow lines with papillary lines on the palm of your hand and hold on to the signs of budding and flexion: flexor lines (straight lines), folds and pores.

Flexory lines - the most convenient lines on the surface and the fingers with the phalanges.

Folds-snacks rostashovany on the entire surface of the valley. ix of the belt and the knowledge of the occurrence of elastichnosti shkiri.

Pori - funnel-shaped obliques on papillary lines - designations for the appearance of vivid ducts of other ducts, rosette in papillae. Sufficiency of occurrences of the prototypes, so far, exceptionally individual and victorious for poroscopic identification.

Look at the fingers of your hands on all objects, such as ludin sticking: plastic ones (for example, plasticine, wax, clay, oil, rose sealing wax, stearin) and sticky ones (for example, grading, powder, talc, cement).

On sticky and plastic parts, you’ll get lost on the fingers of your hands, and on hard ones - on the surface. On top of that, I’m asserting myself for the rachuk of a third-party speech, like finding ourselves on an object, which is right, but it’s not a bad idea. That stink podlyayutsya vpidno on the next nasharuvannya and vidsharuvannya. Yakshko on the slid marked kolorova rechina (for example, shelter, farbou, powder, brood), call it yarrow, and yakshko rechina is colorless, then the slides will be invisible (barbaric).

Bіlshіst slіdіv fingers іn hands barbaric (invisible); stink pretend to be a fancy recipe, as if seen on the surface of papillary lines. Yakshko finger stick around the subject, to get sweaty (ale no potozhirov) next, more on the hands and hands, on the other side of the skiri, fatty mute. Zhirov’s cucumber can be spent on hands and feet to the last parts of the shkiri, revealing, shea, hair, and are heavily covered in fatty cucumber. Yakshko finger stick around the subject a few times, the slid has become so inferior. Spit hands to insure that they are.

Is it possible to identify the need for the appearance of fingers and fingers: on objects that are tight; on objects that will interchange with the high temperament; on textile and synthetic fabrics with a different surface texture; on tіlі people.

Ways to see the fingers of your fingers on two groups: to see the visible and invisible fingers.

We can see the fingers of our hands - that’s what we’ve got on our hands. For the manifestation of the vizualnogo visual comprehension in the case of the blessed sanctuary with an intestinal lichtarik for the creation of obliquely straightened sanctification. Viyavlenі slіdi take pictures in a large-scale way із zastosuvannyam svitlofіltrіv, yakshcho zarvleniya slіd low-contrast. About the fact that you’ll need to pay for the help of the evil, the vikoristovy for the whole of the gips, the paste K, the paste and the half-pastured mouth. However, the most common is that it’s not necessary to immediately receive a subject.

Razrіznyayut physical, chemical and radio methods of the manifestation of the invisible fingers of the fingers.

The basis of physical methods is to establish adhesion, wetting, condensation, electroplating and luminescence.

Adhesion - tse adherence, bonding over the top of the cold. As a rule, to invisible slid (to find the pozhirovo’s speech, as if the song’s hour is too sticky), to drape the parts of the beak-like speech, then the stink will stick and the slid will become visible. To this end, the powders stick to the good until the best, and after all, after a day, the potential for adhesion is reduced by adhesion methods and tricks. The determination of the method of the manifestation of the transmission of the transfer so that:

• the invisible slid is possible to see the doti, while the potozhirov creek is not dead;

• it is possible, by the way, to be a dry, dry, colorless powder (carbon black, zinc oxide, zaliza powder, midi oxide);

• as if it’s unimportant to show off for an auxiliary powder, then it doesn’t mean, what a dumb one. This is the time for the need for a fasting method.

In physical methods, the method of detecting stagnant water powder is reduced, soot gas, cobalt oxide, lead oxide, gamut of color powders on feromagnet base: white (opal, topaz), red oil, agate (rub) ) In aerosol packaging, non-magnetic powders are stored: “Dacto-sol” - aluminum powder, “Dactozol-S” - carbon black, “Dacto-sol-T” - talc, “Dactozol-OC” - zinc oxide. Yak Deputy Powders in Victory and Incentive. Importantly, the stench stink boules are dry and carefully selected. Zokrema, widely zasosovyut powders roslinnogo similarity (for example, for example, singing grass).

Zmochuvannya - a whole physical manifestation, like a winery є at the time of contact with solid tone. I understand the lack of feeling. For example, fat cucumber is not felt. On the whole principle, the method of manifesting the words of fat speech on the farbouvanny’s porch at the water outlet of an aniline barvnik (violet, blue skinny) is based on. As if you weren’t fooling around the papa on the barbarian market, then the background would be farfetched, and the next one would be completely lost. In this way, you’ll see papier on clean arches.

Condensation - transition of gas from a gas-like mill to a solid crystalline solid. The main reason is to lie in the basis of the method of manifestation of steam with iodine and vacuum filler pairs. The method of vacuum napulyuvannya to finish the folds and that is the reason for stasis in laboratory minds.

Extensive є method of manifestation with iodine pairs. For the possession of steam iodine there is a separate iodine tube. For pіdіgrіvannya vikoristovuyut, for example, a thermos. Before going on a visit, pour hot water into a new one. To see the slid at the thermos flask, screw the iodine tube and smoke the surface in a sounding way. Such a sublimator, steam iodine, I can hold streams at a temperature of 60 ° C, which is necessary for the appearance of hands on tissues.

For the appearance of the pozhogirovyh slіdіv zatosovuyut і taku sum: one part iodine for 10 parts starch. For the preparation of crystals of iodine, iodine should be rubbed at the stage and at the bottom with starch. On fabric, apply powder with a brush of chisi to whisper. After 7-8 hv, the powder is crushed, and the curvature of the slid is closed with the powder of the powder, which has been renewed with water. Such a way of showing the appearance of papal patterns on fabrics has long been up to 3-5 days.

Electroplating - applied to the surface of the subject parts of metal, metal fillings by the method of electrolytic sedimentation. As a matter of fact, if you enter a bath in an electrolytic bathtub, whisk the surface to be shaved with metal, and daddy’s unclear to clean.

You can see what you can do for additional luminescence, so that you can compete in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum spectra. Ninja yak dzherela zbudzhennya luminescents zasosovyut laser.

The essence of chemical methods of revealing the invisible fingers of the fingers of a pole is that they must be applied to the sheet, reacted with the marked tongue. To assert is barren from spoluka, as if vidrіznya vid to the background of the subject of the subject.

Prior to chemical injuries, see the fingers of the hands to trace the rosin of nitric acid, manganese potassium and potassium hydroxide (per 100 ml 3, take 1 g of potassium permanganate, 0.2-0.3 ml of potassium acid). In order to see the slides in the sklі, polimernnyh plіvkah, faience, porous enough to zaurit subject at rozchin, and then rinse with water.

To give a wide range of such hobbies to pick up the fingers of the fingers, as well as to take the lead and aloxane in acetone. Rozchin to be applied to the object with a spray gun or swab and I’ll add to the light. After 7–9 years old, the objec- tive’s appearance is fioletova (ningridinova), but oranzheva (aloxane) is depicted as follows.

Hymnichnogo rozchini stasis at the laboratory minds for the manifestation of the old days on paper, cardboard, wood up to 10 rock.

The essence of the radiographic method is to ensure that the object with fingerprints is cleaned by the flow of neutrons, the enriched elements of which are strong (sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and metal), which are required to be re-activated. Then we’ll go to the office in the center of the city to take photos, and there’ll be light. Yakshcho manifest the spit, then on the clear background there will be a finger. You can use the method of zatosovyut Todi, as long as the application on the textured text, the colorless baby, I will be able to amuse yourself with some great photography photographers. In addition, the radiographic method allows me to see the old age of up to 50 years.

On the other hand fingers on smooth polished surfaces, on the other side, on the other hand, pores are visible, on the other hand, on the papyllar lines. The complex of pores is possible for victorists for identifiable people and more.

At the poroscopic design for matching the mother’s mother’s card, the pattern is 5x5 mm in size. When tsyomu important, schob at the next bully clearly in the image of the pores. Experimental images of poroscopic slides special lenses, as a rule, on the surface, smooth polished surfaces. Poroscopic access to health in expert reviews.