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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


Occurrence of vnepnalnogo zbroi pid hour vchinennya zlochinіv lead up to the appearance of numerical signs on the number of days.

Naibilsha kіlkіst slіdіv zbroї zalislyaetsya on shells, shells (kulya, shrotі), re-codes (objects, people), and that’s the oddity of the fact that I am strong and bad.

It’s hand-made vnepnalnaya zbroya characterized by singing signs, as in the process of building I’ve seen in the words on shells and shells. Signs of public interest in the country and surroundings. The headlines are the signs of construction, the power of singing models, and the okimmi are the signs of operating and operating parts and details of the power of a specific instance of the head.

Oznaki, I’m imagining myself at the next on the shells:

• zagalni - caliber of the trunk, the amount of nariziv at the canal of the trunk, direct nariziv, the height of the nariziv, the width of the nariziv, the sensitivity of the sight for the gas supply, the entrance to the store entrance, Budova;

• okremі - the diameter of the trunk, the width of the skin field opposite the trunk, the shape of the transverse rip and the cob of the trunk, the irregularities of the edges, the irregularities of the barrel, the irregularities of the trunk , expanding the bore, stage of affection of the bore.

Oznaki, I’m imagining myself at the next page on the page:

• zagalni - the appearance of the quietest parts of the zbroi, the frost-shuvannya of the parts of the zbroi, the form of the working surface parts, the size of the working parts of the parts;

• okremі - step-by-step okremikh partin, special forms of parts and parts, reference rozmіri parts, relief surface parts.

On the application of automatic guns, it’s obvious that you can do it when you’re on the walks and on the road for an hour of charge.

Approval of slіdіv on sleeves. Follow the rules for approving the hour of charging the clock, at the time of the clock, the hour of the extra clock is visible.

1. Approval of the time of the hour charge zbroї. For an hour the charge cartridge is inserted into the store, the magazine is inserted at the handle of the gun, the shutter is brought back, and the cartridge is moved forward to the chamber. If the cartridge is inserted into the chamber, the wikidag pops up in the groove and removes the slots on the ribs (flanges) of the cylinder. Close the shutter head, lock the chamber to curl, and zbroy - charged.

For an hour, there is a need to confirm the charge on the front view of the cable to the body and the ribs (flanges) of the front cover of the store, the lower surface of the shutter and the chamber. Parallel tracks on the edge of a dense road, on a flange and a flange, as a result of a second Wikitrack and a front shutter.

For half an hour the charge of the manual non-automatic anti-theft cartridge is manually inserted at the chamber, and then the barrel is bent. On the next day you’re assimilating the words of the pads, the words of the pads, the words are the words of the guy in the track.

2. Confirmation of the notice on the hour of construction. For about an hour, pushing the trigger gun on the drummer strikingly yells at the battle troop I, collapsing ahead, b', capsules, assurances on a new slice, similar in shape to the striker. Під an hour hit the striker capsules light up and підпалює a powder charge. The chamber of the winery has a great grip of gunpowder gases; Through the metal capsule, the capsule is significantly thinner, lower, slightly shorter, follow the front shutter and assert itself in front of the capsule next to the striker. It’s practical to use the front shutter and the front shutter practically for all cases, for example, for factory use, it’s atypical. On the capsule, you can also assure yourself that you’ve seen the edge of the bomber, and on the case’s body, you can follow the chamber’s cartridge.

3. Confirmation of the construction period of the extraordinary period. The procedure was built mittva. Over the course of an hour, the shutter picks up the moment of ruhu ’, letting the camp rest calmly, fixing back down. Zach_p wikidacha, a kind of utrimu’s sleeve in the bowl (winch) of the shutter, wilucha sleeve and immediately go back with it. Pid hour ruhu gilzi in the chamber on її pages can be assimilated to follow the chamber of the vіd nerves, yakі й on yo stinks. Follow the chamber to change the shape of the parallel tracks, distribute them on the cylindrical parts of the engine closer to the next day. Yak tіlki gіlza vide from the chamber, won’t stumble on vidbivach, gaining an obtrusive moment and wikid. Through those scho vidbivach mayzhe in us ikh zrazh zbroї razmishcheniya evil below, gіlza wilitaє right-handed. When there’s a big hit on the vidbivach on the lower edge of Russia, the clutch will be asserted, which is called the vidbivach’s slid. In the surroundings of visual events (AK, AKC, SCS, PM), you need to be erased, you need to hit the edge of the window of the cover of the shutter of the barrel and the door is undone when the door is closed, next door receiver boxes for automatic and Karabin SCS.

The assertion of the slides on shells (coolers) means that the design of the barrel is significant. There is a chamber at the factory-made barrel - a chamber, which is behind the form and rods of a standard cartridge, a standard cartridge. At the other side of the channel there is a channel of Narzi, in some, at his own house, the bottom is that face. Of the two faces, one is called the Veduct, but the battle one, and the Insha, the knowledge, or the idle one. In mechanics, the approval of the slides on the sutta walks means a small part of the trunk, which is called the cult entrance (which is the main entrance of the chamber to the front part).

At the mechanism of approval, there are three main steps for walking on walks: entrance hall to the cultural entrance; vrіzannya shell kulі in narizi; translationally-obtrusive ruh kulі in the canal of the trunk.

First contact with the cultural input on the front of the cylinder surface with the main part. The hour of straightforward rukh at the time of construction of the dendent gilzi to the entrance to the cultural entrance of the cob will be identical in the same way. Farther in the grip of a gas shell, which will collapse along the trunk, full of fuel, and at the cylindrical parts of the cooler, assure the following water and facets. The mechanism of assimilation is such. Kulya, deceiving the chamber, collapsing straightforwardly, and the first hour of entering the narcissus, they need to be paid the first time they are narcotized, the difference is parallel in parallel with the sight of the furrow and roller. Crawl far away, whooing I repeat straight ahead narizіv, gaining an obertal rukh і on a її a surface zalysyayutsya і ди ей гран ей і пол пол пол пол пол у у у у у у в иг иг иг иг иг иг иг иг иг рас. At the battlefield’s main battlefield, there’s a lot of chotiri narizi’s, as if you’re angry right to the right.

The width of the water and narizіv can be denoted by the third sign on the cylindrical parts of the cooler. Tsі slіdi are called secondary slіdy trunk channel; stink often perekrivayut first.

In the case of a smoothbore zbroі channel, the barrel bore is overshoot on the main and special wings. In the meal, not all the schrotinki are clinging to the trunk, but more extreme, before that not the entire surface, but with dots. At these points, assimilate to the bore of the trunk of a whisper of flat surfaces on spherical parts of the schrotin. On a meal, a redundant all-in-one charge, the trunk’s trunk channel doesn’t get too bad, but there’s a little bit of jamming in the contact with the main meal. Also call contact fields. Remain unused on the surface of the cardboard bed.

Confirmation of the slider for re-codes. At pereshkodi, you can do the following: go uninterruptedly in the form of shells (cul, meal), are called the main slice of the word, and see the slice of the clock, and they are called blind.

Basically, I’ll build a shell. Zustrіchayuchsya іz pereshkodoyu, the shell, as a rule, is important for energy and I can approve the most important vice, the breakdown (open opening) or non-opening (open) opening.

Dodatkovі sіlі dostіvayut vinikayut at the result dії appearances, scho supervodzhuyut build. The main role is played by powdered gases, fresh powders, powder grains, products in the capsule warehouse, half a mile, part of mastila and the last rechin. The result of repeated factors at re-codes can be confirmed by frequent steps, defrosted optics, added powder grains, followed by food grades, floor mills, wipes and metal parts, and bits of the parts.

Often shkodzhennya pereshkodi vinikayut at the result of construction as a rule and from near the city, it is important for the rahunok dії stovpa repeat, then collapse before the shell and the powder gases. Naichastishe about the clothes є clothing, as well as textile fabrics and people who like to assimilate shame.

It’s the same as that of the optics of the winnings of the heats of the thermal muzzle muzzle, the grain of gunpowder and the powder gases, which they burn. The results of thermal inundation are lost on clothes (off-burn, charred and spanny textile fibers) and human (optical).

In addition to the cultural opening, I could build close proximity to the city, powder, grains of gunpowder, and not burned, on the links of the cultural channel - see the metal (usually invisible), and on the right side of the band metal shell. Keep your eyes on the surface, and on the larger areas, like bullets in the zone of powder gases, and itself: on quiet individuals, like in the street, in general, as well as in front of you.

The reprogrammed mastermaker at the intermittent poster was able to build a barrel with bullets and cartridges.

Vidbitki chastin zbroї zalisyvayutsya on the cloths of clothes і chi tіlі people і pіslya іntended. It is possible to win the video of the barrel of a muzzle barrel, as well as the other parts, which will be used in one area (on the front surface of the gun cover, ramrod shaft, etc.). Vidbitki parts of zbroї on the object are called dumb stamps.