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Criminalistics - P. Bilenchuk


The description of the people behind the signs of znovnosti zdavna widely zasosovuyte yak dіviy іnstrument for rozshuku and rozslіduvannya. Odnak tіlki naprikіntsі ХІХ century Zavdyaki to the latest scientific findings of the French criminal anthropologist A. Bertillon, a description of the rooted people recovered by a special police system with the name “word portrait”. її doninі uspіshno zastosovuyut in praktichnіy dіyalnostі pratsіvniki pravoohoronnih organіv usіh svitu powers. At tsomu mayu buti dotrimanі takim vimogi.

1. Povnota I will describe. Dotrimannya prices vimogi reach for the rachunas of all-inclusive dosledzhennya of all parts of the body and elements of humanity. Description of health and safety: describe the shape, size, contour, color, va that and especially the people. The description is necessary for full face and profile, because the part of the elements can be forward to the front, and the part to the side.

2. The system, but the last, I will describe. For further understanding of the price of vimogi, it is necessary to describe the description of the secret to the okrem. Tilki for the price of know how easy it is to remember to take revenge and the need for better knowledge. A hint in the logical postulate to describe the anatomical signs, potential functional soup.

3. Victory day I will describe the special terminology and the one to understand. Dotrimannya tsієї vimogi so that I can undo the retail outlines in the description of interests. Describing the recognition of the people, the sub-sector - the next, the operatives, the inspector of the police, the expert - to look at the people who are ignoring.

For successful zososuvannya the method of verbal portrait of maє buti єdiny understandіy apparatus. The validated method has the following understanding:

• oznak zovnіshnostі - the characteristic of people as a whole, the power is okremich element;

• element of skill - somatic part of the people (for example, nose, nose, upper and lower edges).

Signs of people’s customs for the oath to classify in the upper part (to characterize the whole people) and okremі (detailed); for identifiable values ​​- groups (the same zr_st, one nationality, the same vik) and the second; I will show for brains - static (color of hair, eyes) and dynamism (stroke, expression, gestures); for nature - postіynі (you can win in people and see people and beasts with a stretch of life); timchasovі (like winding and knowing for various reasons - hair, teeth); neobhodimi (pritamanny singing ethnic group chi stati - vusa, beard in cholov_kiv, mow in zh_nok) vipadkovі (scho wikis through songs); natural (to characterize the development of human organisms - milk and milk teeth); Shtuchnі (scho z'yavlyatsya as a result of a zmіni zovnіshnostі - scars, hems, tatuyuvannya).

An important mental assumptions of a verbal portrait є a description of the sign of talents of the greatest size (rozmiru), form, position, and in okremikh vipads - in color.

Value (rozmir) - the price is a characteristic of human body, parts, elements and details. This may include height, dovzhina, width, and glybin. The magnitude (for a small screw of zrost) is given away in the individual units through the portions of the western part of the body. As a rule, the magnitude of the value is beyond the three-, five-and-seven-membered gradation. Trichlennuyu gradatsiyu zdіysnyuyut for the other three things termіnіv: "maliy", "middle" and "great"; p'yatichlennu - p'yati termіnіv (dodavannyam to termіnіv ahead gradivіі termіnіv "duz maliy", "uzhe great"); seven-fold - for the additional dodatovyh terms "lower (lower) middle vid" that "higher (trans) middle vid".

The form is the catch-all view of the element, which means signs of understanding, which can be recognized for the help of the most advanced geometrical ones (square, coulombic, creeping, oppression, hvilyastiy, cylindrical, trikutny, rhomboid). Often the name is called a contour, but a configurats.

Position - as a rule, as a rule, a dignified element of the highest quality of the present. Roztasuvannyam (in vertical chi horizontal tension) is characterized by skin and is described as a sign of people's realities.

Color - the spectral characteristic of the sign of confidence (hair, eyes, shkiri).

To describe the anatomical (anatomical and morphological) sign, it is recommended to undergo such a sequence: the whole head, the whole head, the hair, the whole face, the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and lips, teeth, shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs [13].

After an hour of describing the power and the sign of the human body and skeleton, they died, they killed, killed and living people need to re-factor the factors, so I can add to the accuracy the descriptive description for the verbal portrait method.