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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Vidrodzhennya of financial and credit and investment markets - the rationale of the effectiveness of investment in Ukraine at the current time of development of the economy. It is possible to reach economic activity by accessing the market capital. Sub'єktami market capital, the bank, guilty of insurance and insurance. Rosytok insurance help will be cinnamon for the most problems and investment.

To enter the economy of the country from the crisis, I will need to establish the investment policy of the state and the need to take advantage of the investment climate. "Reduced investment activity in investing in usability investments" *. The reason for the recession is the low level of profitability, the lack of elegant viral growth, and the continuous depreciation of depreciation. It has also been possible to become nearly 60-70% ** scholarly and moral old-age virological funds. Such is the significance of funds that will be blocked by accidents and disasters, which can lead to human victims and pripenenny state gifts.

Investments in guiding the pace of growth of GDP, this is accelerated by the growth of investment in innovative economic development. The middle of obov'yazkovyh visits is also the same as the out-of-town population, and most of all are worth knowing how much you can do. One of the benefits of such insurance is insurance, which will require the development of an insurance certificate.

* Lukinov I. І. Investment in secured stable development // Personnel - 2000. - No. 1. - additional number 2. - P. 20. ** There it is.

At the borders of the country with a wide economy of insurance, I scored the least possible risk to the right, but I want to protect the funeral of the interests of the unfriendly family of technologically advanced, uninhabited people of China and China. Knowledge in the minds of the market is accompanied by a more diverse race by the riziki, the nature and function of insurance in Ukraine are fundamentally different, the most important is the most important, and the most important For this reason, insurance will need to be considered as a warehouse for a part of the investment process in the amount of food accumulated in cash, which is necessary for the payment of insurance insurance.

Yak і any gospodarska dіyalnіst, insurance, need є management. The insurance cover on the right is due to special features, which can be seen in any form of state gift. For particular reasons, insurance policy is to be registered in Ukraine, as vinyatkov policy and regulations are governed by the Ukrainian Law *.

From now on, the most important indicator of the insurance coverage is the insurance liability liability and the financially-effective indicators. An important moment in the process of state dyalnostі pіdpriєmstv є income, only income in the whole in the country and in the most large galleys are underestimated. So in 1995 p. profits in all galaxies became - 18806 million UAH, in 1996 p. - 14418, 1998 p. - 3419 **. The jokes as a whole across the country were constantly changing. On the whole, only the insurance of the investor’s loyalty, the profits of some kind of profit. For the sake of accuracy, it’s not the indicators of the bribes themselves, but the ix indexes. Porvnyaєmo приб приб приб утку в в в по по по по госп госп госп госп госп госп госп госп приб приб приб приб приб приб приб приб приб приб приб приб приб ндекс приб 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 (for the whole country, for insurance, most of all) - 76.7% and 169.5%; at 1997 p. - 96.2% i 223.9%; in 1998, it was 24.7% and 189.5% ***. Analizuyuchi otrimanі danny, ideally visnovka, scho, independent on the decline of a profit in general, the insurance company has an oversight of an increase in profit. And then it means that the market segment is

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Buv rosette. I want benefits in insurance not so much, even with GDP, which means that it is not possible to underestimate insurance as an investor.

In the country with a widespread market economy, the majority of the income gained is not a type of insurance business, but a type of investment. The head of insurance coverage is insurance and insurance coverage and, by the way, insurance insurance premium for investment *.

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