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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Economy day investment. Understanding about the value and clean investment. Dinamika investuvannya. Factors, schowed to invest Economic day and night insurance. Classification of fear. Classification of investments for objects of investment, the nature of participation in investment, the period of investment, forms of moisture investment, regional oznakoy. Sutnost, meta zavdannya Investment and insurance management. The main functions of investment and insurance management. The basic understanding of investment. Basic understanding of insurance reference


Economy dyalnist sub'ktiv state donation * with a significant amount to lay down the form and form of investment.

The term " investment " is like a Latin invest, which means "deposit". Nin_investitsii - a contribution to capital by the method of fake yogi nachroshuvannya. Increasing capital as a result of investing є compensating for the risk of double investment and unearned interest in bank deposits.

Jerel’s capital gain, the main motive for investing ан possession is a little extra. Offending the process - investing in capital and gaining a little extra - viduvayutsya in the song timeline, and itself: you can progressively invest capital, and then gain a little profit; in parallel, invest a capital gain; contribution

Pіd termіnom " sub'єkti gospodaryuvannya " slіd rozumіti okremich pіdpriєmtsіv, pіdpriemstva all forms of power, state partnership, usi see obdnan.

date capital with intervals, and after a singing hour to gain a little extra. At the first hike, a side trip will be won by complete investment in full responsibility; another has a small drop of money for the mind of the complete investment process; at the third place there is a period of investment and the last minute of the hour, to stay in the form of investment and features of the investment project.

In case of foreign literature, the term "investuvannya" is often interpreted as a pride of valuable folders (acc., Regional). In Ukraine, terminology is identifiable with the term "capital investment". Investments in such a vipadka are looked at as contributions from basic assets (equipment, possession, transport interests). The water time of investment can be directly increased by the total cost of goods, the profit of non-material assets (patent, license, know-how


Declaration of authorization, the terminology of the term "investment", respect, but also less than the necessary form. Ale investing capital can also be in the form of new assets or in the form of new assets (this includes additional robots, software packages, new forms of intellectual power); succession of technical, technological, commercial and commercial knowledge; virobnichy dosvіdu; rights vikoristannya land, drive, resources, equipment, as well as the last major rights.

Razrіznyayut іinvestitsії valovі ta cleanі.

Values ​​of investment - the whole foreign investment bond for singing period, as soon as possible on a new basis, due to the need for acquisitions and the need for goods and material incentives.

Clean investment - the total amount of investment without the amount of depreciation in the performance of the singer.

The dynamics of pure investment is characterized by an economic development of enterprises, galuses, and powers. As a whole, the amount of pure investment is less, the total amount of the total investment is less for the amount of depreciation, and more about the change of obligation to release the products. As a whole, the amount of pure investment is zero, which means that there is an economic growth, and as a whole, I will change the amount of amortization, then it means that there is more.


Зі збільшенням obyagіv net іinvestitsіі Збільшесяся profit. For the oath of investment, there was a factor. Mostly of them are rooted.

The obligation to invest is to lay down income for income and welfare.

In the minds of low mid-soul incomes, the main part is turning around for a living. For the income and benefit of that part, as much as possible for the protection and protection of the internal investment resources.

On the oath of investment, the rate of net profit is overshadowed. Yak vidomo, in the minds of the market economy, a move is the main motive of investing. Зі збільшенням Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Norms of a Clean Surplus of Oath Investments Збільшується.

There is an interest rate on investment, a decrease in interest rates, and a percentage of the investment rate is higher, so is interest rate. As a rule, the rate of net profit is overshadowed by the interest rate, then for the most recent minds investment will be more effective. Zi zbіlshennyam rates posichichnogo percent of the oaths invested zmenshuєtsya, and Navpaki.

Ochkuvaniyu pace іnflatіtsії sozhsto іnotno vplivaє on the oath іinvestitsіy. What is the best rate of investment, then the best way to get more information is in the process of investing. The factor is most significant in the time of the pre-investment investment.