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More than 100 state registers of Ukraine

105 государственных регистров Украины

Open official state databases of Ukraine with which you can prevent fraudulent activities, identify fictitious enterprises, companies, firms, private entrepreneurs and get other useful information.

Familiarization with the databases mentioned below will help to become not only more educated, but also to protect themselves from fraud and possible misconduct. Even without leaving your home, everyone can find out information about the Kievavtodor road repair control or data from the stock market. Complete people's control!

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  1. Verification of education certificate:
  2. Registry data of VAT payers:
  3. Cancellation of registration of VAT payers:
  4. Unified licensed registry:
  5. Unified State Register of Judicial Decisions:
  6. Information on the stock market:
  7. The implementation system of confiscated and seized property:
  8. Register of public associations:
  9. Unified Register of Public Formations:
  10. Register of print media and news agencies:
  11. Register of lawyers associations of Kiev:
  12. Public cadastral map:
  13. Database of lost passports: = Passports
  14. Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs:
  15. The search for the Ministry of Interior:
  16. Missing citizens:
  17. The list of drugs prohibited for advertising, which are sold without a prescription:
  18. Centralized database MTIBU. Register of issued autocitizen insurance policies, verification of policy, autocitizen data. Search by state car number:
  19. State register of financial institutions:
  20. Unified Register of Credit Bureau:
  21. The list of persons associated with the implementation of terrorist activities or for which international sanctions are applied:
  22. Products certified by Ukrmetrteststandart:
  23. Unified register of special forms of notarial documents:
  24. The state of the mineral resource base. The list of minerals of national importance, which are currently not being developed:
  25. Registers of educational institutions:
  26. The only register of lawyers in Ukraine:
  27. Check IMEI code of mobile phones:
  28. The state register of potentially harmful objects:
  29. Unified database of microchipped animals:
  30. State Register of Medicines:
  31. State register of hazardous factors Gossanepidemluzhby:
  32. The state registries of the Ministry of Health Protection (State Register of Likarskiye Sokobiv, State Register of the Prize of the Primary and Applied Sciences, and Virobov of the Medical Appointment, State Registry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, State Register of the State of St. Petersburg and the Republic of Abkhazia, Nazarethny of the East .ua / ua / portal / register_medicaltechnics
  33. The state register of television and radio organizations:
  34. Registry of administrative services:
  35. Exporters database:
  36. Database of export infrastructure:
  37. State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine. Overview geological maps of Ukraine (minerals, oil and gas deposits, solid fuel resources, gold mineral base, aluminum mineral base, lithium mineral base, nickel mineral base, mercury mineral base, titano mineral base - zirconium ores, the mineral base of iron ore, the mineral base of manganese, the mineral base of tantalum and niobium, the mineral base of uranium, the mineral base of lead and zinc, mineral the basics of graphite, the kaolin mineral resource base, the mineral raw material base of potassium salt, the mineral raw material base of magnesium salt, the mineral raw material base of sodium salt, the mineral raw material base of quartz sand, the mineral raw material base of natural sorbents, the mineral raw material base of sulfur, mineral raw material base of facing stone, mineral raw material base of cement raw materials, balance indicators of exploited reserves and the number of drinking and technical water areas balance indicators of exploited reserves and quantity Astkov mineral water). Survey geological maps:
  38. List of objects that are the largest environmental polluters:
  39. Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. Register of environmental auditors:
  40. The state register of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted for use in Ukraine:
  41. Repair control of Kyivavtodor roads:
  42. Unified register of medical workers and stamps:
  43. The list of information constituting the service information and which is assigned the stamp “For official use”:
  44. Register of scientific organizations:
  45. Unified State Register of enforcement proceedings:
  46. The list of implementing organizations that declared the right to tax benefits:
  47. Search MIA. Cell phones. Vehicles in search. Weapons in search. Cultural values. Unrecognized troupe. Persons who can not provide information about themselves as a result of illness or minor age:
  48. The list of business entities licensed to issue and conduct lotteries:
  49. Unified licensed registry:
  50. Electronic information disclosure system for participants of the ESCRIN stock market:
  51. Register of permits for international transportation:
  52. Directory of freight stations Ukrzalіznitsі:
  53. Unified database of electronic addresses, fax numbers (fax) of the authorities:
  54. Manufacturers of aviation technology:
  55. Types of aircraft that are approved for use in Central Asia:
  56. Details of airports of civil aviation of Ukraine:
  57. Addresses of mass registration of taxpayers:
  58. Information on licenses for the provision of services for the transport of passengers, cargo by air:
  59. Learn more about your business partner:
  60. The list of entities licensed to carry out tour operator activities by the State Committee on Tourism:
  61. The list of current regulatory documents in the field of road management:
  62. Registers of stock market participants:
  63. Register of decisions of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission on securities advertising and the stock market:
  64. NKTSBFR rating agencies:
  65. Register of audit firms NKTSBFR:
  66. Registration of securities issues:
  67. Register of large taxpayers for 2015 rik:
  68. Operational data on the state of the stock market:
  69. The list of centers providing administrative services, Kiev:
  70. Verification of the authenticity of the identification number of a small vessel in the Register of Shipping:
  71. Register of ships in the Register of Shipping:
  72. Ships certified by the Register of Shipping:
  73. Authentication of the document of the Register of Shipping:
  74. Ship search in the Shipping Register:
  75. The state register of children's institutions of rehabilitation and recreation:
  76. Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange. Stock, commodity market, electronic auctions for the sale of petroleum products:
  77. The list of agricultural land plots of state ownership, the rights to which are planned to be sold on land tenders: -na-zemelnykh-torhakh.html
  78. A complete list of state topographic, geodesic and cartographic enterprises, a list of land management institutions: and http: / /
  79. Register of guarantors. State Fiscal Service:
  80. The list of intellectual property rights included in the customs register: - reestri - perelik / pereliki- / 100237.html
  81. The list of property seized by customs (except for confiscated), transferred to the implementation:
  82. Register of enterprises granted permission to open and operate a customs warehouse:
  83. State Property Fund of Ukraine. The state register of appraisers and subjects of appraisal activity:
  84. State Property Fund of Ukraine. Register of organizers of auctions for the alienation of property:
  85. State Property Fund of Ukraine. Register of corporate rights:
  86. State Property Fund of Ukraine. Register of treaties of the State Property Fund:
  87. State Property Fund of Ukraine. Potential leased facilities of the State Property Fund:
  88. Registry agents. Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine MTIBU:
  89. List of state-owned geological enterprises:
  90. Database "Legislation of Ukraine":
  91. Electronic Customs: / mitne-oformlennya/ subektam -zed/ elektronna-mitnitsya/
  92. Register of duty-free shops:
  93. The Unified Register of Business Entities that can implement the implementation of ownerless property and property transferred to state ownership in 2015:
  94. Zip codes and post offices:
  95. Information about owners of significant participation in banks:
  96. State of the environment:
  97. National Register of Electronic Information Resources:
  98. All Ukraine - residents:
  99. Generalized Memorial databank:
  100. The state register of immovable monuments: and
  101. State Customs Service of Ukraine. The customs value database:
  102. State Customs Service of Ukraine. Registry of guarantors:
  103. State Customs Service of Ukraine. The list of intellectual property rights included in the customs register:
  104. State Customs Service of Ukraine. Realization of the property of the state passing in:
  105. State Customs Service of Ukraine. Register of customs warehouses:
  106. State Customs Service of Ukraine. Customs statistics of Ukraine for individual countries:
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