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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Rinok official dignity and capital. The investment capital, the post-sleepers and the good ones. Features of the circle of financial investments. Financial capital. The characteristic of financial markets in the current market is economical


At present, the main economy is the main officials of the law, prachia, land, capital and business. The clerks in the minds of the market economy є specific goods, who want to buy business for high-quality products and services for prices, who are formed to fill in the bills for business in the country. Gospodarstvo is a place of sanctification of the object of the living sphere of the economy. The main economic function is to sell products and services, and business interests. Vibration is a structural unit of the living sphere, not an individual, but an entire population of the country as a whole, but the object of statehood is recognized by the peculiarities of the way of life and structure of the living population.

We take a look at the official of capital. Pay capital to the official market for rozumyut physical capital - for the business of the field of equipment, equip, machine, set up, stock material values ​​at their own foundations. He will be paid for capital for the official market - he will have to pay for the company for the capital, for the benefit of the public, you should pay the benefits and the opportunity to receive your money. Winiknennya will be paid for capital for reasons - he will be given birth to the official-capitals, who can give you the opportunity to pay the official bribes and to pay the bills of the goods. For natural speech, we will benefit from physical capital, which can help companies and enterprises realize real-time investment projects. Behind the pre-presentation form, you will be credited with investing funds, so you should secure the contribution of the necessary financial funds from the investment project and the company funds. He gets paid for capital to turn around at the Viglyad’s place for financial funds for the purpose of adding to the necessary viral funds. Tse will not drink on a penny yak takі.

An economical sub'єktom, for a certain interest to become pennies, є gospodarsky ob'єkti. The reason for the winnings will be paid for pennies in the consumer demand for servicing more accurate operations of the state facilities.

Sub'єktom, scho pred'yavleniya will drink on virobnichy capital, є business, and the reason for winnings - the need to obtain financial benefits for the implementation of investment projects. The economic income is an oath to pay for pennies and for capital - it is independent to one single vimiryuvannya. The oath of food for pennies is the most expensive for food, the stock of pennies, and the oath of food for money is the sum of pennies, is necessary for adding to the festive funds. For the whole capital, for the whole time, there is a single cost for the same capital, which is the reason for paying for the capital contributions. In a practical aspect, it’s capital, it’s going to drink business, take advantage of a lot of money, invest in funds, and donate state funds for the best for singing. Dzherelom a little bit of business with capital є vddacha, Dzherelom a little bit of gospodar’s objects from capital - vlaplachenii vidotsok. After the short-term investment (richeni) to take into account the capital of the business in the pre-string aspect. The clerk of the winnings of the pre-subscriber ditto for capital є dovgostrokov behavior, for example, to frighten to gain a stable potential. I’m short of pre-hosted goods for capital goods and for self-contained goods, as well as short of pre-hosted goods offerings. Offending tipi to pay for capital to lie in the behavior of the company and the business at the short of the pre-term period.

A short-stringed drink will be paid to the capital of the winery at the time of transition of one business from one option to the last for the investment invested capital from the viral fund. The Dovgostrokovy will drink to obscure the obscene tendency of serfdom-related workings through a method of gaining a profit.

On a daily basis, a short-term drink will be needed for additional contributions, for an increase in capital for a rachunka investment, and a pre-conditional drink will be consumed on a cover-up oath of a virobic capitala for gaining a living allowance.

I will look at the specific form of capital support for the financial resources of the short-term period and the capital and investment funds for the financial market (Fig. 4.1).

Nepererivna kriva formuvannya popit on capital

Peretin crooked short-term propositions for the state gratitude for investment ^ with crooked consumption on the capital on the side of the business DD visnacha rivnivny rivie widotka і0

For such an incurred cost of liabilities, which state gratitude is required to take advantage of the form of contributions from financial institutions, it is a good idea to extend these obligations to invest, as well as to receive an additional income.

As a result, I wish for the gratitude of the state donations to the investor with a view of an investment of K0.

Theoretically, the curve of the market share for capital є the curve of the generated breed on the side of the property, that is, the crooked curve of marginal profitability, invested by way of a gain in the whole.

Practical value of the effectiveness of investment projects (which, in principle, can be realized on the basis of sustainable technology and technology) is the most significant investment in development.

In fig. 4.2 the principle of incitement of deposits is illustrated. For the whole potential of design projects (1A, 2B, 3B, etc.), order in order to change the output is Р2, ..., one can see the oversight overshoots for one project: К1 = С1 two projects: К2 = С2 + projects: К2 = С2 + С2, three projects: К3 = С1 + С2 + С3, etc. Here С1, С2, ... - is the first to the project of the first, the other, and so on. Yakshcho and I are more than one option for the investment project, so there is an option for the future as technically nezalezhnі. It means that design can be realized in the future, in the case of the future, the deposit is less than the total cost of the acquired financial resources. It doesn’t matter if you get drunk on an investment market to form a big drink for a great deal of food with a small amount of skin tight food, the curve of a bitterness for capital DD is practically uninterrupted.

Scheme of the curve of form

For the rivals rivnyh minds (rivine price is thin), the cigar of a crooked short-line proposition is to keep a clear view of the number of "big" pennies in the state thanks to the flow-through back-door with an oversight aspect of the pre-holiday.

From the largest number of "pennies" of pennies at the state gov- ernments, the propositions for the benefit of zrostє - the curve of the SS is old, pennies are spent for less. Izbolshennyam zagalnogo oath on the highest level of compassion (short-line proposition for compassion change) for the most recent minds of a crooked mind to be alight (Fig. 4.3).

The inflow of kіlkostі "vіlnikh" pennies on the proposition for protection

Fig. 4.3. The inflow of kіlkostі "vіlnikh" pennies on the proposition for protection

With this most pragmatic liability, the highest priority for the market share and the short-term period is to lay down the number of "free" pennies in the state and in the population. The fact is that the Central Bank is widely victorious for regulating the oath of bankruptcy.

Dependance of the minimum amount of money in the world of obedience to the prize of the state of thanks to becoming a pre-offer to the capital Sd SdD єї interaction with the curve for capital on the side of the funds is shown in Fig. 4.4.

Let us give you a look at the report. Pripolimo, the pagan oath of the private capital for the cob of the coveted short-line period of the door is Ko0, and the marketplace is io0. Selling a short-string periode (rock) singing part of the physical capital is knowing and listening. Vidovіdnі financial funds state sponsorship of "turn" as a sideway with two hats: at the top of the waggle posic (at the next investment on capital) and at the top of the sumi depreciation (from the capitals capital). The fragments of the marketplace 0 0 перев от перев перев перев ищ ищ ищ ищ ищ при при при при при при при при при при при при при при при при 0 0 0 0 SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS.

Interchange for capital and investment capital

Fig. 4.4. Interchange for capital and investment capital

Through the interconnection of food and propositions, the market will go down to І1, and the net increase in capital will become AK1. At once, with the share of the physical capital, the oath of the gross investment of the state is at the side of the road) J = a1 + AK1, and the backward capital is up to K1. In the offensive short-term period, the process of investing in a second-hand profit is repeated, due to the fact that for the racket of the total investment) it may be reduced to '2, the capital is somewhat unimportant hours, you can reach the provincial level of income at the expense of ID, for the most important way of doing business and all the time. ovuvati physical capital, schu vibuva.

Thus, in return, I will pay for capital with a propositional capital in a pre-string aspect of mechanics, which will contribute to the official capital market. The water hour will be paid to invest in investment funds at the short-term period of the mechanical credit market. Rinok іinvestitsіynih fundіv - tse way іsnuvannya rynku capital. In fig. 4.4 offense of the market received. That is independent of the current official-captain of a single vimіryuvannya stock (UAH), the oath of the primary gross investment of a single one of a vimіryuvannya flow (UAH).

The rosgljunuti process v_dbivaє is less than the most direct, the main scheme of formality is capital. Vidovdno to the whole scheme of the marketplace of communications is reduced from the capital. However, in the economy of Ukraine there is no need to. In real minds, in advance of science-and-technology, I’m warming up at the sound of new technologies and technologies, wining new products and servants to drink in the capital - in a short-term way to the right. The result of the market movement does not change, but rather often.

Science-and-technology progression of the springs є not only economic growth and to achieve stable stability. Win the first high school contribution to the investment and investment project as a whole. Millions of state thanks to principles cannot be able to evaluate the contribution of the design. The most profiled financial intermediaries are banks, funds, brokers, akumulyuyashchayzhennya populations and rozmіshchuyuchi ikh at the form nadannya posik abo pribbannya regional corporation, poklikany otsіnyuvati rizik contribution.

On the market of posikovyh funds іstotno vplivaє takozha ochіkuvannya інфляції (Fig. 4.5).

The sound of the pennies of the pennies of the поз ику ля ля поз поз поз поз ич в знач знач знач знач знач знач знач знач знач знач знач но бо бо бо ре б б б б б б. In the minds of inflation, the price of money for their products in May, food will be paid for capital, incomes for regular prices - a crooked drink for the whole time. Finance

Influence of inflation on the market of market intelligence

Fig. 4.5. Influence of inflation on the market of market intelligence

intermediaries (thanksgiving), very much on inflation and more, moreover, if you turn around, the real is more of a wart, lower than that, it’s easier to show, better to give more and less loss of consciousness. The result of the marketplace is better. It’s okay to get involved, which is the nominal (market) rate and the real rate is higher than the rate of inflation, that is = + +