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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Understanding the investment in practice due to the terms and conditions of the contribution, the investment process, the investment process.

Behind the objects of the investment tab, they’re subscribing to virology and finance.

Violation and investment - the value of values ​​in real assets, related to viral goods (service), by way of gaining a profit (income). Tsey type іinvestitsіy zabezpechuє pririst real (physical) capital. Virobniche investuvannya means organizing the viral process, so that the creation (pribbannya, weekly skinny) of viral needs and hiring work.

Financial investment - a contribution to the price of the paper. On the basis of the virological financial investment there is no transfer of the binding of new virological needs and control of their exploitation. With ordinary minds, a financial investor, as a rule, does not take part in the management of real assets, I pay it to the general manager. In addition, the processes of financial investment are always negotiated at the form of purchase and sale of valuable folders.

Існує also understanding "good investment." For dear foreign economic dzherelakhs, all terms are closed for the purpose of the contribution from the comrade of the trivial corridor, but not ruffled. On a daily basis, the share of the contribution is not valid, but it is not a transfer of a gain to the benefit of capital.

The whole contribution is fully appreciated. A water hour invested in non-availability can be dialed and invested. Say, at a high rate of inflation and improvement, I would like to pay attention to the groshny estimate of the uncontrolled goods and the goods of the trivial corridor. Okremі such a contribution can bring a profit for the mind of the ruined and indelible lane for commercial purposes (for example, renting an apartment).

Відмінність іinvestitsiy of the main objects of investing - virobnichih and financial - less need to be used less in the process of investment, investment.

Zagalom Investitsiyna dyalyal'st okhoplyuє takі etapi: formvannya nagromadzhennya - input of resources (investuvannya) - gained a profit. Maintaining a profit and an increase in capital is the main meta investor. Characteristics in the sense of value are the parameters of the investment, so that the input resources. More than one investment project in the market minds, the following changes should be made: in the first place, implementation of projects and projects will be completed; in a different way, health optimization, as well as optimizing the capital structure of the company and the financial institution (credit card, bank credit); in the third place, they are formed by pounding up and dividends, managers adjusting dividends and optimizing proportions between investments and dividends. Methods of inputting values ​​and designating indicators of the investment process (the main investment process) of a specific skin company.

The basis of investment д re-creation of investment, which is repeated; prist nagromadzhen - vitrati - pririst capital capital lane - side - investment (nagromadzhenny). Constantly, the first lance of self-mastery becomes a circle of investment. However, there are special features of the circle of virological and financial investments.

Circular virological investments, violate the stage, breed circular financial investments, which can be used for round circuit virological investments. The result should lead to anger, irregular flows of virological and financial investments at the boundaries of the environment of the corporation and to their residual viral balance for the boundaries of the business at the local and national markets of capital. Schematically the circle investment is shown in Fig. 4.6.

Circle of virological investment corporations of non-financial sector

Fig. 4.6. Circle of virological investment corporations of non-financial sector

Vіdpovіdno until rice. 4.6 Violate the main principle of the virological investment process, as well as the investment process: the first is the realization of the investment demand (congestion), so that the process of building the virological needs; another - the process of production of products (investment or other goods, work, service); third - sales of products, gaining revenue; quarters - rose income, form investment investment. Sufficiency of the meanings of the investment to become a circle of investment. The above schemes are designed to show how much investment is needed in the sphere of virology, so in the sphere of wrapping (exchange). In the sphere of investment, investment means the creation of new investment goods, which can form a material-speech form. Tse, zokrema, budivnstvo virobnichih equipment and communal services, virobnostva ustatkuvannya, vidobuvannya sirovini, preparation of the qualification frames so thin. Investment is assigned, so that the creation of new investment goods is included in the warehouse and the investment circle of a specific investment is given for the highest amount of property. As a matter of fact, new investments are made for the most economical sub-sectors, that is, the main type of business.

In the minds of a high level of development of productive forces, the constant decline in efficiency, the need for increased efficiency, and the need for improvement are constantly changing for the sake of investing. It’s sound, necessary comrades and servants, to bathe in the markets of investment goods. From now on, in the current minds of investment and exchange of goods, it is important to change the sphere of exchange and to change the form of buying and selling goods and services on the market of investment goods. To enter, for the market economy, lock on business, the investment is so uncharacteristic, as the lock on product and income.

Navigate beyond the idea of ​​expanding the circle of investment, product and income on singing, and losing the roundtrip on the return of goods. In addition, with uninterrupted investment (form-based), the gap between the singing of new investment is discrete.

Nagromadzhennya not vidpovіdatimut oath the obligation to realize investment, so that vitratam on the implementation of investment projects. All the way to the irrelevant round-robin investment, product and revenue. Such irregularity appears in the capital structure of enterprises, which will become suboptimal by looking at the maximum profit. In the minds of competitive marketers, customers who have their own clergy can bring up to one-fourth the position on the market and navigate to bankruptcy. In this rank, rіzna trivalіst krugoobіgіv іnvestitsіy on rіznih pіdpriєmstvah and takozh nerіvnomіrnіst krugoobіgіv іnvestitsіy, income product i in the furrows of okremo taken pіdpriєmstva zumovlyuє neobhіdnіst rozshirennya іnvestitsіynogo Process for mezhі pіdpriєmstva, formuvannya on osnovі odinichnih, okremih krugoobіgіv іnvestitsіy єdinoї іnvestitsіynoї system.

The building of the single investment system is possible with the development of the credit system and the institute of the market of valuable folders (stock market). The credit system is akumulyі all penny accumulated territory. Tim, by ourselves, can choose the best way to invest and to win the hour of organizing the viral process by using legal entities. This means that if you are married to a powerful person, an individual investor or an investor can get a loan from a bank for investment. Firstly, for the sake of obviousness, it’s not an hour of victorious prize investor can give a bank to the borg to the song term for the song fee (deposit deposit). In this way, it is true that mobility is capital, growth is visible in the economy sphere with the most normal income. The water hour will accelerate in the process of normatively a profit on a national scale. There is no need to uniquely match the price of the capitals yak on groshin markets, so on the capitals markets. From now on, one has to formulate a suspension of borderline efficiency, the effectiveness of investment and investment. Tsya otsіnka - posichkovy ідсоток - і іndicator іinvestuvannya in be-yakіy formі, at be-yakіy spheresі economy, viznachaє lower boundary пор porig приб ут investment ут investment projects.

Taka otsіnka z'yavlyatsya z with the development of joint-stock partnerships, the emergence of corporate valuable folders. On the other hand, the price of the capital base, the second is the standard rate of vineyards for the short-term resources, the second is the normal rate of efficiency, the second is more productive

Prior to them, lay down onward the flow of scientific and technical progress, the step of monopolizing the economy, the procedure for regulating operational residency in the same way. Especially significant official ником inflow NTP; in the main week, the official officer is formulated with a visoka, the norm of profitability on the markets of know-how, license, patent, installation, syrovini. Zavdyaki incentives for competitive sellers also have the opportunity to get profit on the market of investment goods. That is, as a rule, the average estimate of income and investment goods in the re-distribution of the estimate of the postal capital.

The water hour is independent on real time, offending the “win” on a single basis. The main reason is to bring capital dohid (and capital for be-yak form bring income). From now on, there’s a base for all of the capital. Protein odnoridny (groshovy) capital technically technically simple. Such an assessment is being formed in the world of developing a national credit system, formulating a suspension of circular interest of capital and average efficiency, and the average statistical effectiveness of the contribution of the total capital.

Funding and investing for the rosary of their income. Let me take a look at all the same old and old doors, it’s stinky to become eligible for an indemnity, as long as there’s a galaxy of any economy, to make a contribution to the capitals. The estimation of the income brought by the valuable folders is capitalized, and the price is the same, otherwise, the price of the folders. The course is in line with the value of the budget, from one side, the first and closest prospects are the development of the economy in full (phase of the cycle, the balance of inflation, the balance of payment, the deficit of the fixed budget), and this is the significant cost Such a method allows realizing suspension of interest in investment, investment in real goods and real assets in the process of real estate development.

Sounds of sound, which is closed round the circle of financial investments at the borders of one household of immortality. The financial investment system is the complete product system of a specific commodity factory, for example, there is only a partial system, a system for interchangeable, suspended order. If you look at the financial investment at the border of the next business, you can see the part of the suspension circle, you can imagine that part of the circle, which will protect the skin (Fig. 4.7).

Yak bachimo, the specific company is connected to the financial market in the two main falls: in the first place, for the necessary corrections, as well as the correlated capital structure in the main part of the economy, through which there are a lot of reasons; in another way, the hour is to formulate a portfolio of valuable folders through buying and selling sales of colored folders of corporate corporations. The designation of the name of the “tongue and tongue tongue” with the financial market may have a permanent character, so that the sound of the tongue with a brown mark is permanent. Allow yourself to be amazed ahead of time, that in the minds of the excused market economy and the power of middle-aged singers, the investors are mostly phase-idle. Valuable documents for environment characteristics є the most advanced financial instrument, lower traditional bank credit. In addition, for the sake of the large number of secured servers, there is a need for the optimal capital structure, which is unreachable to reach, moreover, they are able to manage only one credit, for example, there is a small bank loan. For more information about corporation rozvinenih kraj viplivaип, scho promptly awaken the capital structure of the company with the help of

Circle of financial and investment corporation of non-financial sector

Fig. 4. 7. Round-robin financial investment corporation of non-financial sector

nya (maximization) її estimates are possible only at the time of a comprehensive complex of religious relations.

The need for a different form of communication with a financial market - the form of a portfolio of corporate corporations - be identified by these very main reasons, so as to maximize the valuation of business.

Outreach analysis is a roundabout of financial investment investment, which will be in the market economy directly with the financial market and the investor, and the investor. Be-yaka is a physical person, who’s a big deal, an investor. In this way, zavdyaki financial market are formed sounds of true character, and not only national, but international.

Day and night credit analysis. Yakіsniy analysis of credit and creditworthiness. The system of indicators for the financial and economic camp of the clergyman. Rating klіntiv bank