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Wereworthy koshty, circle of werewolf, classification of werewolf, norm of werewolf ; virobnich stocks, current stock, insurance stock, transport stock, technological stock; abnormal wereworthy cats, wet werenas , cash; interest rate, interest rate , creditor bargaining; negotiable turnover, revision ratio , revision ratio, revolving rate is closed , revolving is private


Leather organization, good health care, guilty mother of a revolving account (werewolf capital), and secure the free process of realizing and realizing products. The reverse of the sub-state donated gates, the fate of the circle of interests in the market economy, becoming an organically integrated complex. Revolving koshti - the price of koshti, advances in reverse assets, funds and wrapping funds. Having understood the reverse cost, it means that they have an economical day, a safe process, including a process of viola, so the process is offended.

Turnaround organizations, take the part in the process of selling and realizing products, shamelessly circle. If there’s a stench, go over the sphere of virology and back, take the form of the wrapped assets of the werewolf viral funds. Thus, you go through the last three phases, the reverse were able to take their natural form.

In the first phase (G-T) are reversible, you can change the shape of the pennies on the spot, flip over the viral reserves, and then switch over the spheres wrapped around the virobnism sphere. In the other phases (T ... B ... T1), the reverse were taking the fate of the process of virology and the formation of incomplete virology, for example, and the preparation of virobility. The third phase is the circle of werewolf (T1-D1) to be seen again at the sphere of wrapping. At the result of the realization of the finished products of the reverse were sorted out a new form of pennies.

Rіznitsya middle with a groshovy witorg, scho nadіyshov, and on the cob with vitreous cats (D1-D), the sign of the rosemir groshovy pompomdzhimstv. Thus, robust roundabout (Д-Т ... В ... Т1-Д1), reversible function at all stages in parallel with the clock, so I will keep the process of virology and wrapping uninterrupted. The circle of werewolf is an organ of unity of three phases.

On the basis of the main concerns, it is often necessary to take part in the process of virobnitsty, were reverse function and function in one virology cycle and it is safe to transfer your wartiness to the base of product wiring.

Classification of werewolf. The reverse of the organization behind the necklace is formulated on: power and pose (attracted). Vlasni zasobit organization with the development of pidpriymnitsky dyalnosti y aktsiononuvannya vidigrayut the primary role, that is to protect the financial stability and operational self-submission of the state grant. Vlasni kotorye koshty privatizirovannyh pіdpriimstvom to intercept from іх to a tsilkovitoy rozporyadzhenny. The enterprises may have the right to sell them, to transfer the state donations to the new subcontracts, to the bulk of the people, and to lease in a lethal way.

Posikovy zobyb, got the leading rank at the foreclosure of bank credits, to curb the additional need of the organization in cats. With the main criterion of the minds of a credit institution, the bank should serve as the main financial institution of the organization of financial assessments.

The sale of negotiable assets at the secondary process of transferring funds to reverse assets and wrapping funds. Reverse assets are funded by the processes of assets, and assets are wrapped by the processes, so that the realization of finished products and the addition of goods and material values. It is optimal to keep these funds in place to find the most frequent parts of the reverse virology funds, to take part from the target cards. The oath of the fund wrapped is guilty of a good deal, and not for the one who needs to secure a clear and rhythmic process.

Vihodyachi with the principles of organization and regulation of circulating assets are divided into: normal and non-normal. Normally negotiable cats are more consummated with more werewolf cats, which is why they can be more economical and standardized with different views of wereverse cats. Abnormal reverse assets фонд element of fund wrapping. Managing the price of a group of werewolf companies is direct to the acquisition of an unreasonable loan, which can serve as an important factor in accelerating the turnover of werewolfs in the sphere of wrapping.

Managing werewolf cats in the middle of a warehouse and retail. In the future, the state donated warehouse and the structure of the reverse assets is not the same, so there are different forms of moisture, the specifics of the organization of the viral process, the cost of the post-graduates and the purchasers, the structure of the vitality of the financial factor. The mill, warehouse and structure of distribution stocks, unfinished production and finished products are an important indicator of commercial activities. The visualization of the structure and the trend of the trends of the elements of reverse assets give the possibility of forecasting the parameters of the development of business.

The most important element for controlling werewolf cats is the standardization of science. For the additional norm of the werewolf status, the need for sub-acts of state donation for the majority of werewolf cats is apprehended. It is more correct to calculate the price you consume, which is more economically significant, that is why you need to establish a permanently needed minimum amount of money, and as a matter of safety, there is a financial financing station.

The basic principle of the norm of returning of reverse assets is corrected irrelevantly in the form of grants of state grants, the development of accentuations, and, moreover, self-financing and self-payment. Norms for negotiable payments are applicable to the leather organization up to one-time expenses for non-viral and non-viral consumption, business plan, and generally, all aspects of commercial activities. Tim will take care of the interruptions of virological and financial indicators, and of the necessary ones for success.

In the process of normative of werewolf, norms and standards are scattered. The rate of negotiable value is the highest value, which is the minimum, economically wrap around reserve of stocks of goods and materials. Norms of negotiable costs are the same as the norms of vitality of materials for equipment, norms of spare parts of spare parts, tools of cycle, periods of work, hourly data, and other important factors.

Norms of werewolf for the seemingly irreplaceable economical minds - pre-gostrokovo dії. The need for clarification is enriched by the availability of technological technological organization, the list of items, the business plan, the price, the tariffs and the lowest rates.

The norm of working capital is that the total amount of money is worth it, but I would like to pay attention to the business. Norms of negotiable liabilities are set out for household consumption in cats, as for basic activities, as well as for major repairs (most importantly by the most powerful people) of the communal state thanks, more than one kind of state thanks, no need to pay attention.

As a rule, the norms of the reverse were able to be established on the basis of the trivial period, then the normative requirements are applied to the leather specific period (quarter, quarter). Standards for negotiable values ​​are known as a sum of one-day vitrati chi vipusku and norms for the most recent types of negotiable assets.

The one-day Vitrata chi vipusk on business with regular growth in sales of rock with an oath of virobnitstva is deducted for giving to the kostoris a vitrat IV quarter. offensive rock. Therefore, pay attention to the norm of reverse cost of business for the planned planned period (rock, quarter) and I am guilty of securing the use of the radio on the cob of the offensive period. Less than in the minds of the seasonal nature of the one-day Vitrannitsa one-time Vitrat is deducted for the Koshtoris Vitrat quarter with the minimum obedience of the Virobnitsva, the pozayak ponadmіnіmnalі consume to curse for a bundle of posicos.

The norm for reversible assets is to protect the optimal value of all warehouse items in the norm for reverse assets.