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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Dzherela formuyannyh werewolfs with a significant world to signify the effectiveness of Vikhoristan. The introduction of the optimal match for the authorities and the attraction of the dzherel, enriched by the specific features of the circle of funds in that the first submission of the grant, is important for the management system.

In the process of managing the form of negotiable assets, the rights to secure the rights and rights of the owners of their property for the effective and efficient use of werewolf. Adequate minimum power and posibility of a guarantee guarantee uncontrolled cost of all other items at all stages, be satisfied, consume more resources, and save money for the next few hours.

The main role in the warehouse of the form is laid on the moisture of the reverse, so you have to think for the main operational organizations, which are necessary for a cost-effective business. Vlasni kotorye koshti otchat about the step of financial stability, the first place in the financial market.

Vlasni kotorye koshti to serve as a dzherel pokrittya normanikh werewolves. The first form of registration is at the time of the organization of the approval of the statutory capital. Dzherelom of the werewolf werewolves at the stage of investment об Invest in the right to organize the organization. Nadalia, at the world I’ve developed a private business, have a werewolf, and have a look at the handwheels of a second-hand sideway (which is prior to the most secure ones, which are often referred to as a steady supply), and a large number of operating folders.

The advances will be directed towards increasing growth in the standard for reverse assets in the process of retailing. With the release of the law, the authority to revoke the right of vikoristovati of repudiation in their own home, in addition to the private part, to protect the law, to amend the law directly. The system has been economically rounded off to distribute the benefit to the chergy perga guilty of guaranteeing the financial support of the goiter to the state and to maximally protect the social, material and social needs.

Rinkovy gospodaryuvannya vyznachayut prejuditnі straightforward vikoristannya net surplus, so that a surplus, scho є zalyshaetsya in the orderly organizatsії. Rosework of competition wiklik є Necessity to scrub a clean ride in front of the expansion of virobility, modernization and convenience. At the plan of these visits, a part of the net profit should be directed to the norm of the current werewolf.

Specific rozmіr tsogo pributku viznachaєtsya in protsesі fіnansovogo planuvannya on deposits pіdpriєmstvі i od row faktorіv: rozmіru growth standards for working koshtіv, zagalnogo obsyagu pributku in maybutnomu perіodі, growth stіykih pasivіv, mozhlivostі zaluchennya pozikovih zasobіv, neobhіdnostі pershochergovogo napryamku pributku on іnvestitsіynі Process that іn.

Sticky passives - prior to the highest cost. In Vlas, it seems that one cannot belong to property; therefore, they cannot be brought to the fore. However, it’s stinky that I’ll permanently change the turnover in the total amount of the minimum surplus to be victorious as if it were a form of the most powerful werewolfs.

Before class members are given such visions of money: minimum amount of bargaining to pay the price to the main part of the business; reserve of Maybutn payments; Minimum re-bargaining of the budget and budget funds; minimum bargaining for customers at outposts for turning containers; hassle lenders, to pay an overpayment for products from a supervisor (comrades, servants); perekhidny surpluses to the fund lived skinny.

Stay passive with a dash of shaving all the werewolf's reverse shirts in total growth, so that you’ll be able to increase the price of your money by the end of May and the cob of Maybut rock.

The minimum price is negotiated for the payment of rights (wages) of the right to pay for the last hour one hour at the end of the rozrahunkovy period, for which payment is due, and the specific date of payment for the formula

de F - payment fund pracі in the IV quarter Maybut rock; D - number of days on the cob month until the day of payment of cash.

For example: payment fund pracі in the IV quarter Maybut rock - 4050 UAH. Termin viplati - the 7th day of the offensive month. Mineral Zaborg

one pay payment become

Reserve maybutnich payment is formulated for reserve bills for payment of payments to residents and similar similar vitrates. The reserve for payment of payments shall be calculated on the basis of the minimum allowance for the outstanding loan and the payment fund for the scheduled period.

As a matter of fact, reserve money for viplati vinigorod for the services of rockies on reserve, reserve as a whitelist included in the collection of 1/12 part of the total amount of the vinogorod, viplachuvany once at the river. Thus, in Kinets Roku, the reserve is within reach of the maximum size, which is more expensive than the total amount for the cost of rock and wine.

The minimum amount of budget bargaining and over-the-budget funds is to appear on a regular basis at the end of the rozrahunkovy period, for which payments are made, and with specific terms to repay. Payments to the budget are carried out in the order of payment of the relevant taxes and fees to the authorized law. The minimum amount of the bribed budget is to move from month to month and to keep at the warehouse.

Contributions to overseas funds (State Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund, State Population Employment Fund) are carried out at the establishment of a subsidiary social insurance fund (official 2.5%; 32%; 2%).

Razrakhuvshi minimum income will be bargained for payment of the right to the right of owners of property and expenses are determined by the amount of rent, established a minimum of the cost of rent, the cost of the funds will be reduced.

Minimum trade for customers at outposts for the turnaround box of the winery at the time of the ready-made products in the turnaround container. Businesses - the posters of such products - to win the purchase of an outpost in the market. With regular ready-to-use finished products in turnaround containers, you can permanently make the surplus cost per container.

I’ll look at the urgent process of turning the shoppers when they’ve got a turnaround rate, the postal workers to enumerate the minimum amount of the post, which should be included in the passive account.

The shortage of the hairy werewolf’s shirts of the winery is in such a flop, as the size of the norm is to overwhelm the sum of the hairy ones and the previous ones. A shortage of high-powered werewolf є, as a rule, is the result of an underestimation of a planned plan for a wrongful, non-rational, third-party, "loss" of reverse-interest (non-reimbursable) and other significant factors. Failure of high-powered werewolf shirts to blame vinyatkovo for the breech of the shirts of the self-organizing organization, as such allowed. In front of us, to cover unsteady part of the net move, go to orderly organization.

In addition, in the case of submission to the process of distributing the gross margin, the reserve funds may be approved, and some of them will be able to recover from the unstable power of the werewolf.

Posikovi koshti in dzherelakh form of the form of reverse koshtіv in ordinary minds to instill a non-significant significance and prospects. The main form of posikovyh interests represent short-term loans to the bank. I’m going to stink at timchasov’s dodatkov’s need for cats. Hearing posikovyh charm is enriched by the nature of virobnitztva, folding rozrahunkovo-paynymi vidnosiny, scho wins when moving to the market economy, neobhodimstvuyu znachennosti unsteady werewolf and aren’t caused by any other reasons. Posikovi koshti at viglyad_ credits vikoristovuyutsya effektivnishe, lower power circulating koshi, zayayak pryvidshuyut roundabout, mayuyutsya tilki zilovve designated, see strict terms of termination, supervodzhuyutsya banknote. Tse zmushuє organization stitching behind the collapse of posikovyh kostіv і result of іх vikoristannya.

It’s possible to get a good postage for a short-term loan to a bank, a loan for creditors who have a bad deal, but also for a better amount of money, as well as more funds and reserves, please do not have to pay a second fee.

Creditors ’bargaining is brought in, as a rule, to the scheduled date of the government’s purchase of money for business, organization, and organization. Vikoristannya tsikh koshtіv between the boundaries of the terminology term pay rahunkіv і zobov'yazan maє legal nature. However, in the majority of the lenders the creditor’s bargaining as a result of the violation of the rozrahunkovo-payment discipline. At zvyazku zim at pidprimstvo winikaє creditor оргов bargaining for the post-schoolchildren for the rejected, but not paid for material and material values. If the terminology of payment of the payable payments to the winery is compromised, the trade in by the payable authorities is stitched. Inconsistent extracurrencies in over-the-counter funds and defaults also lead to the winnings of illegal creditor bargaining. Creditors ’bribe-taking is approved by the debitors’ bargaining, є the main share of bankruptcy.

In circulation of business, except for bank loans and payables, there may be increased income.

Allowed for fund surpluses, reserves, and the entire amount of self-organizing funds, we don’t have to spend hours for direct appointments. Tsіlovі funds and reserves of the organization to pretend to be a part of the competition, a part of the last value. The cost of the group includes the depreciation fund, the repair fund, the reserve for Maybut payments, the financial reserve, premium and beneficiary funds. Usi funds and reserves of organizations at the terminology are approved for the most significant purposes. Getting involved in circulation like a djerel can be bought with reverse assets may be less than the surplus of these funds for the period of an hour, which will be transferred to the whole city of Victoria.

Managing the process of formulating the reverse werenas bagato in which is the meaning of the effectiveness of the returning arenas. Polyproparty of the Republic of Belarus on the reverse side of the page with a signature of good health is more relevant, because of the fact that it’s more vital if you have more resources and more resources to add more information. Rational efficiency in the back of the country є є є д в в в ф ф ф ст ст ст ост ост ост ост орган орган орган орган плат плат плат плат плат плат плат плат. In these minds, organizing at once and increasing the visibility of their own rodent-paid-paid goiters is permissible for the successful completion of commercial activities.

The effectiveness of victorious back-worn clothing is characterized by a system of economic indicators, one of which is one of the most common in the sphere of business and the sphere of turnover. We have a greater number of negotiable services in the field of work, and all over the world - the cycle of work (increase, for the excess of excess inventory and value), and this is more valuable.

You can judge about the stage of the return of short-term assets by the indicator of return of the return value, which means that you can see the difference in the amount of real estate before surplus value of the return value.

The most important indicator of intensiveness is the history of werewolf є вид вид вид оборот оборот оборот оборот turnover.

The turnover of the reversible items - the price of one complete circle of items, which is repaired first and last with the third phase. What is more important than passing through the phase, more product can be earned with the same amount and the amount of reverse assets. In the case of state subsidies, the turnover of the returnable assets is higher, so it’s necessary to lay down the specifics of the virology of the products, the specific features of the structure of the reverse assets, and the payment of the third factors.

The number of revolving reverse assets is calculated for the other three related indicators: the one revolution in days, the number of revolutions for the month (quarter, quarter), and the same for the other products.

Calculation of the turnover of the werewolf can be carried out yak for the plan, so і actually. The planned turnover may be butracked for normal werewolves, actual for all werewolf cats, including abnormalities. The establishment of planned and actual turnover rates is accelerated due to the increase in turnover rates of normative reverse assets. In case of accelerated turnover, turnover of reverse assets in circulation is increased, in case of improved winnings, the required amount of turnover in circulation is necessary.

Turnaround may be marked as irrelevant, so often.

Triviality of one revolution in days is expressed in the formulas

de З - surplus of negotiable assets (mid-term chi to the end of Maybut (star) period), UAH .; D - the number of days at the period; T - an oath of commodity products (according to their own rates in prices), UAH.

The coefficient of turnover (Co) showing the number of turnover, which are reversible cats (for pyvrchchya quarter), and sign up for the formula

Koefіtsієnt zavantazhennya of werewolf (Kz) - the whole indicator, an excellent kofіtsієntu of revolutions. The win is characterized by the value of the reverse assets, which are per unit (1 UAH, 1 thousand UAH, 1 million UAH) of realized products. Calculate this indicator by the formula

This is an indicator to talk about rational, effective chi, navpaki, nefektivno vikoristannya werewolfs (more than for the minds of the rest of the dancer for the words of the rock and those for the dynamics of the club).

The backwardness of the characteristics characterizes the intensiveness of the visitorhood of the returnable items in the whole according to the phases of the circle, not the distinctive features of the circle, the elements of the group of the returnable items. The indicator of the incidence of turnover is lower than the rate of progression in the phases.

Roszhnutі vishche vzалmozalezhnі indicators of turnover were viddivayut zagalnost turnover of werewolf. For specific reasons, the indicator of frequent turnover of negotiable assets is calculated.

Chastkova revolving vidbivaє step vikoristanya of werewolfs at leather okrem_y phases і roundabout, at leather groups, and also on okremikh elements of wereworn koshtіv. The turnover of wereworthy items for the range of species (syringes, materials, greasy skinny) is calculated at the time of drawing up the standards for higher items, are denoted by these formulas, and there are many different types of prices. So, for the turnover (T) for the identification of types of viral stocks, not an oversight of commodity products is taken, but a vitrate of a specific type of negotiable items for the processing period for the period.

At the result of accelerated turnover, the sum of the reversible assets has been designated.

Absolutely vivilneny of the wereworthy assets was changed, as long as the actual surplus of wereworthy ones is less for the norm than the surplus of wereworthy for the front (base) period when the savings are incurred overdue. With a centralized management system, the majority of the employees were transferred, the main organization was transferred. With completed privatization activities, having increased confidence, the reverse side can be directly hidden by the organization itself, to further extend the range of functions, learn more about the system and access to them on a daily basis.

Vidnosne vivіlnennya werewolves to vіdbuvaєtsya at quiet vipadka, if the acceleration of the revolutions of werewolfs vіdbuvaєetsya immediately with an increase in the oath of virobnitsva. Vivilnny with all the benefits you can’t get but better sales, therefore, you should reserve in stocks of commodity and material values, so you can secure the growth of virobnitz. The presentation of the revolving costs, as well as the absolute, the most economical basis and the significance, this means for the subdivision of the state donation of the additional cost.

Accelerated turnover and vivility as a result of all wereworthy expenses in case of any form of permitting the organization to send their own loans for the development of paid business without any additional resources.

Control food

1. Viznachennya understanding of werewolf. Open the process of circulating circuits in phases. Classification of werewolf. Warehouse and retail sales.

2. The role of normative of werewolf. "Norm" and "normative" of reverse assets, third-party license. Principles of norm of return of reverse assets in fishery reserves.

3. The essence of the flow, insurance, transport and technological reserves.

4. Features of the normative value of reserves in stocks of auxiliary materials, fuel and tariffs. Zdіysnennya normuvannya koshtіv on spare parts for the repair of those low value and shvidkoznoshuvanі items.

5. Роль оборотних коштів у незавершеному виробництві.

6. Здійснення нормування оборотних коштів у незавершеному виробництві.

7. Визначення сукупного нормативу оборотних коштів.

8. Види і роль ненормованих оборотних коштів.

9. Дебіторська заборгованість.

10. Визначення процесу формування оборотних коштів. Роль власних оборотних коштів у джерелах їх формування.

11. Визначення стійких пасивів.

12. Окресліть роль і склад позикових коштів. Значення й умови надання державного кредиту на поповнення оборотних коштів.

13. Значення і роль кредиторської заборгованості.

14. Поліпшення використання оборотних коштів.

15. Способи обчислення оборотності оборотних коштів.

16. Абсолютне і відносне вивільнення оборотних коштів.