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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


To my home office and certification обл nominee price , as well as to the form.

Zdebіlshogo oblіgatsії vipuschayutsya with a high nominal price, for a kind of borgovy goiter'zannyyutsya to the original market of valuable folders. For a VIP, if you have a price for a nominee, you’ll be called a discount (or a low one), but if you have a price for a nominee, then you will be called a price for a premium.

On the secondary market of valuable folders in the oblast regions and certificates, they are sold for a market price.

Dokhіdnіst oblіgatsії become such officials:

a) a tribute for a vidana emitent posik (coupon bills, as if to spend quickly and thoroughly quarterly);

b) with the redemption of the money repaid and paid to the father.

The coupon rate rose is indicated by the line of poses and options of the region. Trivial strings погаш б б погаш погаш ен погаш погаш погаш погаш погаш ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф,,,,,,, у зв зв ставка ч им куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп куп.

At a vipadka, if the region of the stock exchange is not sold on the cob of rock, the coupon will last longer with a new hairline. It is necessary to follow the formula of sound and exact percentages.

The resultant indicator for the entire rows of poses є sukupny dokhіd.

Officials, form a succinct dokhd for regional government

Indicators of income and profitability regional certification and certification

1. Nominal price and certification and certification

de Z - the sum of the poses of borg goiters'yazan; К - кількість эмітованх паперів.

2. The course of the price of regional certification and certification

de Tsr, Tsn - price відповідно Rinkova (abso course) and nomnalna.

3. Coupon (reckoning) reichniy dohid

de Chk - coupon is the interest rate (the norm of income).

4. Dokhid buying (selling) of the region

de DKPOk, Dkgok - coupon dokhid purchases when razrahunku percent of the most accurate and sound; 365 (366) - the number of days at the time of the selection of exact percentages; 360 - the number of days at the time of picking up interest Т - кількість днів від дати sale before the stake "interest day".

5. Coupon (in-line) dokhіdnіst (Chkd)

de Tspr - the price of the dubbing of the region.

6. Absolute richny pririst (zbitok) capital

de AP - the absolute gain (zbitok) capital for the entire lines of poses; p - kіlkіst rockіv poses.

7. Richna dodatkova income (pre-tax income rate)

8. Rіchny sukupny dokhіd for the region

¦і, .д и уіч

9. Річна дохідність (the rate of total income, or the rate of distribution)

10. Sukupny dokhid for the entire period (rock) posiki

de p - kіlkіst perіodіv narakhuvannya percentіv; i - ordinal


number per_od narahuvannya percent_v; ^ Ді - coupon dokhid for

i = k

n rock poses; Chk Tsk - the first coupon dokhid; Chk Tsk p - coupon dokhid for p rock_ posiki.

11. Absolute rozmir income for the certificate (in the minds of poses, as a rule, the interest rate is indicated)

de Chs - interest rate; Tsn - normative price (price, certificate for which we are rallying); t - rows of poses, months; 12 - number of months at the rocі.

12. Yakshcho certificate of distribution for a discount price, and rally for nominal, then

de Tspr - the price of certification.

13. Dokhіdnіst certificate for rows of posics

14. The vartity of the certificate with yogi splash is grown

de Ds - rosmir income per line posiki,%. 15. Kіntseviy dokhіd certificate of purchase

de ДСр - vitrati selling seller certification. 16. Dokhid sales certificate

de Tsu - price please; In - vitrati. 17. The bond of income of the participant

18. Rіchna interest rate (razrahunok fіksovannogo bankіvskogo interest fallow vіd termіnovostі certificatefіkata)

de Ds - absolute rosimir income for certificate for lines of poses.

19. Vartіst is grown up (at a vipad, as long as the vestidist of the pre-contract certificate shorіchno credit є bank for the sum of the outstanding interest income)

de p - lines of poses, rock_v.

20. Річна interest rate per line posiki ponad rіk (capitalization interest)

21. Rows of poses at a given interest rate