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Sutnist operational bank with bills

A bill of exchange - a letter to the bargain of goiters, laid out in accordance with the law, as if I had the right to go to the right man to write the line of payment (abo dostrokovo) to pull off the specimen, as if I saw the goiter to be accepted, encumbered in a new way.

Features bills

Bill of exchange - ce:

• valued papyr, scho pіdtverdzhuє fact nadannya posiki abo purchases of goods with credit pid percentages;

• Valuable papyr on the predecessor, a kind of winning a bill of exchange. Also, the right to є endosament;

• a payment document for delivery of goods and services;

• a short-term bargain of goiters, one at a time until such payment is made for delivery of goods and services;

• a document of placements at suvoriy vidovnostіz law.

Klasifіkatsіya bills


Type of bills

Capacity Type of Subiєkt

• Power emitu treasury bills;

• legal and private individuals - private

• financial operations - bills;

• commodity goods - commodity bills

• promissory note holder - a promissory note;

• third party - bill of exchange

Indicators of income and profitability bills

1. Absolute rozmir income for a bill

de Tsn - nomina nalna aktsії; Tspr - the price of dowry bills. 2. Dokhіdnіst bills: - for the entire line of posiki

- for rіk (for the formula of interest percent)

de Dr - absolute rosimir income for a bill for rіk; I - the number of days in the circulation of a bill.

3. Dokhid purchase (seller) when buying bills on the market of valuable folders until closing the pay line

de Chr - rinkova rate at the time of pleasing for trade goiters єєї termіnovostі, the yak was paid off before paying the bill; Tsn - nominalnaya price bills; І1 - the number of days a date is due before the date of payment of a bill.

4. Absolute rozmir income valsnik promissory notes, as a rule, the number of income for nomal

5. Discount on the jar of jar

de В - bill of exchange (sum increased at the time of payment of the bill); th - regional rate; I - number of days to pay bills.