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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko



Advance - a groshovy sum, a view for a house in a rakhunok maybutnіkh payments for payments of material value, work robots and services.

Avariy komіsar - fakhіvets, one for the assignment of insurer visnachaє reason, character and rozmіr zbitkіv і kind є avarіyniy certificate.

Avariable certificate - a document that seems to be an insurer and an emergency commissioner, an agent, or a better representative of an insured person on the first hand, when I look around for a shy lane, there’s a big chance that I’ll be afraid of it.

Aversia riziku - negatively posed to riziku, scho to reach a non-life value and role, as well as protiviya rizikіy dіyalnostі.

Aviation insurance - insurance risov, Aviation insurance and aerospace technology. INODI insurance of cosmic rizikiv to be seen in okremiy view.

Aviso - bank account about the winter at the station of different razrahunkіv, but about the resale of pennies, the increase of goods.

Holdings - active assets (pennies, checks, bills, repayments, letters of credit), for which you can pay for such payments and pay off the goiters.

An insurance agent is a physical person, a legal entity, as well as an insurance agent in the range between them is more important.

Adendum - a document, є a supplement to the insurance contract, which means in the minds of insurance.

Akvizitsiya - a compilation of new insurance agreements.

Assets - economic resources of the company (company) in the form of the main and working capital, non-material assets, which are open to the viral business with the method of gaining income. In practice, the assets of the company are represented as an infamous asset to the balance sheet for the song date.

Assets for share - one-time assets up to the highest number of shares.

Activate insurance - insurance insurance, invested in valuable items, good fortune, valuable materials, retail on banks with banks.

Actual rozrakhunki - a system of mathematical and statistical methods rozrakhunku insurance rates.

Acceptance - (with insurance) one side of the insurance premiums with offers of the other parties about contractual insurance and reinsurance on minds, which should be stated in advance.

Insurance company Aktsionerna (ASK) - the legalization form of the insurance organization, the sale of shares is in the form of a hat.

Underwriter - (with insurance) there is an ideal person for the insurer;

Anuetet - insurance pension agreement, for which you are paid, the amount of income paid is sold and the income is higher than the one-time payment of a one-time insurance premium.

Assistance - transfer of services (within the framework of the insurance contract), so you can rely on you at the right time through medical, technical, legal and financial activities.

The assortment of the insurance market is a set of insurance services that can be used by insurance companies in the country and region.

Akcionerne partnership is a company that is committed to legal persons, a statutory fund, distributions for a singularity, one and the same nominee wartosts, and one for their own rights. An active partnership may be of a better type, moreover, they are fully open to pay a premium, but they can be bought and sold on stock exchanges, but closed, they can not be sold at all. The activity of joint-stock partnerships in Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On state partnerships" dated September 19, 2011.

Akcija is a valuable document, which is due to be paid to the shareholder of the statutory fund of the private limited liability partnership, which is entitled to participate in the management of the registered part of the legal entity. Rzrіznyayut accents іmennі that on the predecessor, privіleyovanі that simple. The procedure for issuing an offer is governed by the Law of Ukraine "On Valued Shares and Stock Exchange" dated 18.06.91.

Analysis of the investment market - vivchenennya features of the investment market and the environment of the first segment and the first, the same as at the time of the remoteness of the front end.

Auditorska Service - organіzatsіya scho zdіysnyuє on pіdstavі agreement on platnіy osnovі pozavіdomchy Square control dotrimannyam vstanovlenogo order vikonannya fіnansovo-gospodarskih operatsіy, buhgalterskogo oblіku i zvіtnostі gospodarskih organіzatsіy Shlyakhov revіzіy that perevіrok and takozh ekspertnі th INSHI Hotel of analіzu fіnansovih aspektіv dіyalnostі of companies.


Balance is the right indicator, which characterizes the assets, share the company’s share capital at the singing moment of the hour (quietly rick).

Beneficiary - a person, on the basis of which a certain insurance cover is covered by the insurance agreement, the third party is a premium payment holder for the insurance policy.

Binder - Timchasov’s form please contact me with the insurer and the insurer with the drive of the offensive laying down of the insurance contract.

Bonus - a bad thing about the need for insurance from the sum of insurance premiums for filling out an insurance contract on especially special minds.

Bonus-malus - a system of promotion and bookkeeping, which is necessary to insure yourself of insurance, that is, of transport interests.

Bordero - transfer of rights, taken for insurance, at parts, which are transferred by the assignor at reinsurance (reinsurance).

An insurance broker is legal or private, who can have a middle broker between insurers and insurers, other persons and insurance insurers.

Gross premium - the total amount of insurance outside the country is signaled, indicated on the insurance premium and gross rate (insurance rate).

The gross rate is the sum of the net premium premiums and the discount rate.

Bank vidotsotok - the minimum vidotok for short-term advances of commercial banks and investment dealers.

Bankruptcy - it is included in the court order of financial lack of payment for singing legal entities and individuals, so that there is no need to pay attention to your goiters. Procedures related to bankruptcy are governed by the Law of Ukraine “On Bankruptcy” dated 05/14/92. Unprotected investment - investment in investment, for certain financial risks. Practitioners of кра European countries ’up to such investment opportunities as a rule have the right to insure the power of state and regional governments.

The business plan is the main document, which was dealt with in the last accepted priority list, the basic characteristics of a real investment project are included. The business plan of the rejoicing of the investor in the effectiveness of the transfer of investment.

Birzha - Institute of the market of valuable folders, a kind of organization, control and regulation of the process of buying and selling of valuable folders, importantly.

Exchange praxis is a sovereign mortgage, which is regularly required to conduct mid-term operations on the market of praxis.

Birzhova price - the price for the comrade and the servants, implemented in the order of the bargain trading, which will be formed on the basis of the principle of the offer and the offer.

Bіrzhove kotiruvannya - Courses of valuable dignitaries as well as prices of goods in bargain trading, as well as public and public kotiruvalnaya komisіya vіdpovіdnoі bіrzhі.

Birzhovy course - the price remains, for such a special investment (valuable papermoney, non-fixed, expensive metal and metal) were sold (bought) on a weekly basis.

Boni - borgovy goiter'yazannya, scho vypuskayutsya power, okremim mortgages and organizations; papier-groshovy signs of other wartosti, schochy vimpuskayutsya in obig ob yak rozmіnnі coins.

Broker - company abo okrema person, tied up with company. The purchase and sale of prizes for the assignment of a client, not a floppy hairman. I’m holding on to the price.