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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Емісія - purchase and release in both bank and treasury receipts, papermoney and pennies.

Equivalence of insurance premiums - guarantee of insurance of insurance premiums for insurance holders for the marrow of insurance insurance.

Economic indicators of insurance coverage:

• the average insurance sum (the insurance sum is ignored, the amount of insurance coverage is insured);

• the average payment per contract (the amount is not valid, the amount is contracted);

• payment of insurance premiums and insurance indemnity (percentage of the insurance premium paid by the paid sum and the total amount of the paid insurance);

• insurance coverage - insurance premium, as a result, in the average for 100 pennies of insurance premiums.

The excedent is the surplus of the insurance sum, which must be assimilated almost completely. Insurance insurance and reinsurance and reinsurance are reinsured.

The case of insurance is a contract of non-reinsurance reinsurance to be insured by an insurance company to clean yourself up for singing types of insurance for a fall, as a rule, you must pay attention to your health insurance agreement.

Excerpt of a cigar - an agreement of non-reproachful reinsurance for a zhista to enter the great zbitkiv, entering into a dyu, if the sum is insignificant, it is covered by an insurance contract in excess of the amount insured by the contract.

Excedent reinsurance - a form of proportional reinsurance, stiffen up, if riziki, who should go on insurance, after the insurance sums douche.

The effectiveness of insurance operations is comprehensively understood, including a system of indicators, which characterize the economic performance of insurance in the middle of the most advanced forms of insurance (special, major insurance and insurance):

1) for the sake of self-interest - zbitok, what to pay for insurance by the insurer, to know what to do about insurance during the occurrence of an insurance waiver;

2) statements the fact of the insurance insurance premium (realizatsiya insurance insurance).

Efficiency of an investment portfolio - a characteristic of an investment portfolio (as a rule, a portfolio of valued daughters) for the criteria of streamline income and capital for a clear investment.

Efficiency of real investments - understanding, characterizing the different aspects of investment. For the assessment of the effectiveness of real investment in chotiri, the main indicators are: pure ghosts; до Yandex account; payback period; internal norm of income.

The life cycle of the house - the last hour of the hour, the cob of the birth of the house until the end of the week (at the time of the release of the product, at the end of the day having completed the scientific and technical progress), until the time of the beginning of the remaining demand, at least. There are five main stages in the theory of living galaxy cycles, as a rule, there are five main stages: “birth”, “growth”, “expansion”, “growth”, “decline”, or “residual growth”. In the investment management, the stage of the life cycle of the project is galvanized with the investment of the privileges of the environment of the real financial investment; the same is true for the process of galuzovo diversification of investment dyalnost.


Life Cycle Investment - an overseas period of one hour to see the cob invested in a real investment project until the coming investment in the future project. As a rule, the life cycle of investment is divided into two basic periods: investment to the cob of exploitation; Exploitation of a new facility until the cob of the offensive investment in the reconstruction of the re-equipment.

Life cycle of a company (company) - an overnight period of time, an hour of reaping of a company’s activities (company), until the natural recovery of new products and services, based on a new basis (with a new warehouse of new technology, new personnel). The theory of the life cycle of a company (company) razrіznyayut, as a rule, six main stages: "people", "childhood"; "youth", "early maturity", "residual maturity", "old age". In the investment management of the stage of life of the life cycle of the company (company), there is a need for the evaluation of investment values ​​and the importance of investment values ​​(accent).


Zalishkova Vartost of the main virological funds for the share - an introduction of the excess of the vartosti of the main virological funds to the main share.

The Law "On Insurance" - the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 7 birch 1996 p. I regulate insurance business and insurance plans for the development of the insurance market, strengthen the insurance coverage of legal and physical insurance. The law does not expand upon the sovereign social insurance.

The stock of platform facilities (net assets) is one indicator of over insurance. Become familiar with the foreign legal wartosta lane sumy of non-material assets and foreign sumi zobov'yazan.

The premium is earned - that part of the insurance premium, in proportion to the time it takes for an hour, but after passing through the cob of the insurance period.

Insures - a person, so take a fate in a special insurance, about the insurance coverage of a certain life, health and prazdatnіst.

Zbitok - (at insurance) expenses (Skoda), we will insure insurance.

Insurance Sum Sum (ZSS) is an economical indicator of insurance coverage, which is a characteristic of the monthly liability of the insurance premiums and the insurance amount to the total insurance amount of all insurance coverage for the singer.

" Zelenka kartka " - the name of the system of international agreements and insurance certificates on insurance of civil liabilities of transport interests, as well as at the edge of the country - members of the price system.

Zvorotnіst - the direction of insurance of insurance (payments, premiums) in case of pre-term remuneration of a contract.

Zmіshane insurance of life - a kind of special insurance, in which the transfer of insurance is covered by the insurance of unsuccessful rizikіv.

Loaned loan form of investment resources - loaned on the basis of credit for realizing an investment portfolio and mine. Prior to the main types of the dzherel form of investment resources to establish pre-gostrokovy bank loans; koshti, rimanі vіd імісії облігацій; Mine, based on an investment leasing and selengu.

Settled prices - valuable folders, let go of physical assets (most of the land, equipment).

Звнішні джерелаinforminannyainvestitsіynih resources_v - posikovі zaluchenі jerela finansuvannyainvestitsіynih programs (project).