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Insurance and Investment Management - V. Fedorenko


Tariff - a fee for the servants of the virologic and non-viral nature, overheads, subsidies, organizations and populations.

Tantєma - a commission with a pre-paid allowance, as a reinsurer shyly pay the price for the contract for reinsurance reinsurance.

Insurance tariffs - insurance payment rates for single insurance period for singing period.

Termin insurance - period for the insurance contract.

Technical reserves - reserve reserves for unearned premiums (by types of insurance) and reserves in zbitkіv.

The third party is a person, but not є we insure as an insurer for a specific contract (policy).

The tender is a particular form of the form of exchange for the delivery of goods, as well as for the completion of work, the transfer of information, the offer presentation, and the appointment of the third party.

Nowadays, the pennies 'wartiness is the pennies' wartiness at the production line at the time of a revolving redrawer from Maybutnya wartost. In the investment period of the current weekly pennies, the most important thing is the hour of the main income in the second year.

Termin redeemed - the moment I leave I will become banned and pay borg.

Bidding is the form of procurement, if the buyer is responsible for the competition for sellers of goods with singing technical and economic characteristics.

The point (threshold) of free-of - charge is the graphical representation of the state subsidiary company (company), which I will show, if there is any liability to the net profit and loss of goods (cost of sales)

Tratta - the lender’s written order to the clerk about paying the remaining song amount to the third person. Pіdlyagaє acceptance by the clerk.

A trader is a great broker of a company, a kind of seamless foreclosure on buying and selling of sales folders at a trading floor.


Upgrade representative - a seller of valuable folders, a price list for an investment and dealership company and a document on registration with a state authority (for example, application fees).

Participants in the investment activity - physical and legal persons, so as to ensure the realizability of the investment as a part of the investment based on the investor’s assignment.


Factoring is a type of service to a bank with refinancing of debit goiter'yazan klіnta without the right to make vimogs.

Optional reinsurance is a reinsurance method, in case of some kind of insurance, you don’t have the right to reinsurance before transferring insurance for reinsurance.

Optional agreement - an agreement to reinsure a specific rizik, arrangements for voluntary ambushes.

The commission is fixed - the number of signatures is too late, but we can not look at each other for sale period of insurance.

The financial result of insurance operations (FRSO) is the return of the insurance claim for insurance organizations for the period.

"Financial Services" is an all-Ukrainian scholarly and practical journal for professionals, who are interested in insurance, bank and other areas of financial services.

Insurance Fund (insurance reserves) - the amount of financial reserves, the purpose for the advancement, localization, and the provision of a crib deducted by the insurer as a result of an insurance premium. Insurance reserves are formed for the rakhunok nadzhazhennya insurance of insurance and vikoristovuyutsya tolki for insurance bills. Insurance insurance reserves are insured in the minds of diversification, tune-ups, profitability and liquidity.

Insurance funds - funds at a non-existent form (purchase of property, land and land) reserve money for non-transfer of funds (interest in bankruptcy, faster payment),

Form of insurance - insurance can be both binding and voluntary.

Franchise - part of the contract is transferred by contract, but at the time of insurance coverage, insurance is not required.

The Frontline Company is an insurance company that wants to reinsure another company in order to be rewarded, and 100% of the accepted business reinsurance will be reinsured in the first company.

Financial stability - financial stability of a company (company) at pre-term prospects, so that you can see the most frequent hairy capital in the foreign sum of money finance.

Financial investment - investment in financial investment tools (activity), and the middle part to become a valuable share.

Financial instruments - investment and investment, types of financial goiter: deposit deposits, certificate certificates, share certificates, investment certificates, and other certificates.

Financial intermediaries - investment and credit institutes, akumulyuyut koshti іndivіdualih investorіv і vikoristovuyuth іkh for investuvannya chi credituvannya. The financial intermediaries are divided into three institutional groups: investment, bank, insurance. Investment institutions and financial intermediaries are represented by investment funds, investment companies, trust companies (partnerships). Main investment institutes - investment funds and investment companies - to get a penny in order to launch the most important greenhouses - investment certificates.

Financing investment - securing investment investments with necessary cats with winter dzherel.

The company-member is a broker-owned investment-dealer dealer company, which is a member of the stock exchange's specialized publicly-owned investment dealers.

Wikupu Foundation is a foundation that takes the form of a regular dressing bag, designated for a wikupu in terms of terms and conditions and important certificates (regional, provincial certificates).

Funds - a presentation of the limited liability of products to the balance sheet of the main virological funds.

Forms of investment - ways to invest in investment. Rzrіznyayut real financial investment, state and private, direct and indirect, short-term dostgostrokov.

Futures operations - please get paid for the terms and conditions of the contract, for paying for the terms of the contract for the goods and for the fixed hours at the price fixed in the land. There are special offers, more frequent deals, more insurance and more hassle-free prices, no longer end up for more goods, but more time for more contracts


The holding is an Aktsionernaya kompaniya, a yak vikoristovu є vlasny capital for the gaining of controlling stakes in an oskі іshih company with the method of establishing control over them.


Tsіloviy іinvestitsіyniy side - the front line of the decisions of the rozmіr of the net profit of the most invested capital, a kind of criterion of efficiency of the investment.

The prizes for the pre -visitor are the priests, for which I’m not a valsnik, but I don’t mean a valsnik, I’m registered in the register of the tent.

Assignor (reinsurance manager ) - an insurance provider that has transferred part of the riziku adopted for the contract with the insurance insurer to reinsurance to the insurance insurance company.

Cesis - the process of transferring the insured to reinsurance in reinsurance.

Cessioner is a person, the right to power is transferred.


Charter : 1) pleasing between the flipper and the freighter for the lease of the entire ship or partly for the song line; 2) a document that appears to be a power and yes the right to financial and credit diyalіst.

A part - time animal - be a kind of animal, a sum of a kind for insurance sum.

The frequency of insurance premiums is an indicator of the amount of insurance coverage.

A check is a special penny document with a fixed form, which is to take revenge on a written order to a bank of a certain type, but to overshoot a signposted bag from a checkmark flow counter.

Clean assets for equity - an annual sum of the statutory fund, debtor bargaining and secondary balance sheet up to the topical share.

Clean Investment - the amount of the total investment, changed by the amount of depreciation due to the loss of interest.


Shedula - the main policy of insurance for ships.

Shomazh - insurance to lose a little of those financial gates, zooming in on the first viadnadl on behalf of the insurance company, primir, reimbursement, rezhiezh, osidannya ґruntu.