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Іstoriya Ukraine - Subtelny Orest

Persian rulers of Kiev

Not the highest ideals of the creation of the might of the power of the Quiuchi of civilization priced the Kievan princes: they must be summarized as well, those who knew how much they understood about the very understanding of power. Soon, Mova can go about the єхєє дхдднеажажажажняажажажстатиажажажажаж д д д дер д д дж дж джер дж дж баг дж дж джелел баг баг багства баг баг баг багства. Zokrema, conquered Kiev, Oleg pragnuv obdnati yogo Novgorod and that piddrukuvati own two main warehouses on a trading hat "from the Greeks . " The duality of the first Kievan princes with a significant miracle of the day according to the trading of the Danish. The skin spring, like tilka, crushed krieg on rivers, Danin, Zibran, and the collection of winter scholarships of the Yansky tribes, sent Dnіprom to Kiev. Here the princes rallied a magnificent caravan of chovnіv, navantazheneny huts and nevilnikami, a kind of drink before the guard of the princely squad to Constantinople. More expensive boulevards, more difficult and more secure. Nizhche Kіva was brought to the top of the rapids. It was simply impotent to go on the road, calling yourself a Nenasit, because the ships rozvantazhuvali dragged them with dry land, and then put the caravan threatened by the attack of the roving robbers, so that they could chat with them quietly.

American historian Richard Pipes holds the parallel between the trading rights of the Kiev variant and such great trading companies on the cob of new products, as the Ost-India company, and the public channels. For the purpose of eliminating the greater benefits and benefits of living with the public, there are not a lot of living systems that are in vain, the minimum management structures. “The Grand Duke,” writes Pipes, “in front of the merchant, the deal was actually dealt with by the tsar’s bargainers with weakly tied bells, whose bail took away Danina and secured a huge song order.” So, engaging in robbery and bargaining, the first rulers of Kiev redistributed the whole place to the center of the great mighty political assertion.

Oleg (room 912) . There is little vidomo about the first and last historically holy ruler of Kiev. Deprived of their independence, having laid the blame for the dynasty of Rurikovich, who would have been an impostor, like a Nestor-literary painter, having attributed the table to the dynasty. Ale not pіdlyagaє summarize those who Oleg Buv is a talented and rush ruler. Conquering 882 p. Kiev ’podkorivshi own glades, by force having expanded his volodynnya (that’s the right to take Danina) to the sushnі tribes, the most respectable of these boules of drevlyany. Tse pulled the yogo out of the house with the Khozars, the yak ended in tim, and Oleg went to the Khozarsky port in the Caspian. At 911 p., Having been struggling at the apogee of power, wine at the end of the great war attacking Constantinople and robbing him. І all Well, “The Tale of the Temporary Lit”, chanting, overcoming the great deeds, sternjuyuchi, and having beaten the wins on the head with the main brahma of the Greek capital’s holy shield. However, it’s similar that when Oleg took the lead in Vyzantia, the Greeks were probably throwing food at the door of the commercial prince of Kiev.

Igor (912–945) . Igor knyazyuvav not so far, like the yogi successor Oleg. For the sound of the rulers of Kiev, on the cob of his prince, Igor asserting his power over the tribal tribes. Drevlyans of that street have risen like the feathers of the neck. Kіlka rokіv visnizhihih campaigns went with Nyogo to those who want to know again the primitive rebels rallying to Danin. Less than a sign of the vnovlennovlennya possess in their own lands Igor Zmig learn for large-scale distant hikes - shopping and shopping robbery - you can go quietly by spending Oleg.

If 941 p. peace came to disintegrate with Vizantіyu, laid down by Oleg, Igor viralized at the sea camp in Constantinople. For a new win ends in disaster. For the additional sum of the sums, it was called “the Greek wreck”, the Russians burned the fleet, having conquered Igor until the last few hours. Vnaslidok tso at 944 p. Win the muse of the land even better for the sake of the emperor. Ihor, having tasted the same fate, descended, and here I spared it more. Veliko ruske v_ysko, z_ishovshi Volga, robbed the bagaty of Muslim Muslims in the Caspian and turned to Kiev. Prince Igoria zakinchilosya, like a little pity, to the rebels of the Drevlyans. Disabled by frequent campaigns for Daninus, the drevlians talked about a hitch, in Yakii and dropping Igor with their small squad.

Olga (945–962) . The authors of “Povesti vremennykh liti” boules, without sum, were prey to Olga (in the Scandinavian Helga) - the team of the First Regent at the time of the unshakable Sinai Svyatoslav. Stinks are often described as being ugly, energy, cunning, and redefining the wise ruler. That is the greatest compliment to rob the main character-writer, having led the reader about the олов олов роз роз роз ум ум ум »» »". The Vihvalyannya, scholas generously littered Olga with them, literary monks, you can often explain the tim, at 955 r. Won Christianity. Ale navigating without these whimsical choices Olga lost a prominent government. At the hour, if the bosom’s pomst was absolute moral obyazkom, Olga shvidko zhorstoko avenged revenge on the drevlyans for a man. Immediately iz tim vona rozumіla, what is the need for a good and hopeless way of taking the danini, which became the cause of the death of Igor. Tom Olga’s first reform in Kyiv Rus “reform”, which clearly establishes the land, and since through the singing time, the small Danish is signaled by the hour.

Vaughn also stole for Tim, so that they couldn’t let go of all the hardships until I couldn’t forget that I could call again Danina. Having closed the princely treasury with the blame for the rights to bagaty, we dodged the land, Olga, in such a way, protected herself with a constant influx of pributkiv. Abi is more beautiful than the nobility of Volodymyr’s nobility, Olga will often rise in price to all the great lands and lands. At the znoshnom znosinah won viddaє overtake diplomacy before vinoyu. At 957 p. Olga ide to Constantinople for negotiations іz vіzantіyskim emperor. I would like to talk about the bagatos about those who had outwitted the emperor, for conversations with the most important dzherelys they appeared not far away. And even those who are the most likely ruler of the Christian suite in vagueness after waiting to be accommodated with Olga, to talk about the meaningfully meaning of Kyiv.

Svyatoslav (962–972) . Vidvizhny and sticky, straightforward and suvory, Svyatoslav Buv in front of the Prince of War. Grushevsky called yogo a Cossack on the throne, and yogh the more flamboyant prince of Juvenile in vain describing yak as a great adventure. Uninterruptedly fighting, Svyatoslav fell in love with grandiose and sweet slavite. One word of words, one’s change, one’s way of living, one of them was the beginning of the European and Asian beginnings. Yogo rule marked the apogee of early heroic doby in the history of Kyiv Rus.

At 964 p. twenty ambitious Svyatoslav rozpochinaє vіynu gathering. Yogo without a middle method є pіdkorennya vyatichіv - schіdnoslov'yanskogo tribe, who lived on the river. Otsі, on the earths, stars resembling sochasnі rosiyani. Pislya tsyogo, having drunk down the Volga, is to smash the Volga Bulgars. Tse lead up to gostroї little stuff with possible households. At the bloody battle of Svyatoslav, the boss was defeated by the Khozarsky Kaganate and the eraser from the face of the land capital Itil on Volzі. Todin virus in the conquest of the Caucasian Caucasus. Tsі slavnі walk like Mali far-reaching ties. The conquest of Vyatichiv expanded the power of Kyiv for all the former words, and also for the words of the colonial and semi-industrial lands, which are for storage in Russia. Having defeated the households, Kyiv stuck his superman in hegemony at Eurasia and placed control over Russia, the great trading gentry Volga. There is a negative aspect to the situation in Belarus: they immediately recognized the buffer, which prevented the Kochovs from descending, such as the cookies, into the Ukrainian steppes.

The other half of his prince Svyatoslav received the respect for the Balkans. At 968 p. in vogodzhuetsya in addition to vizantіytsyam in vіynі z cannim Bulgarian kingdom. On the chalice of magnificent vіiska vіn, one has to tear to Bulgaria, who are familiar with their opponents and olodovs, with bagatimi and foolish misters, who have chosen their own support point of the city of Pereyaslavets. Svyatoslav was so glibo-struck by the treachery of the whole region, which would be less threatening to the attack of the Pechenigov against Kiev, and then they might turn to their capital. Ale yak tilki the threat passed, Svyatoslav, now the land of the Volga up to the Danube was supposedly laid down, saying: “You don’t like living in Kiev. I want to live in Pereyaslavtsi on the Danube, moreover, the middle of the earth, and there are good things to converge: iz Greek - gold, gold, wine and silver, and Czech Republic - silver and silver, Рус, і і х visk, i honey, i servants. " Vidtak, having planted his senior elder synonym Yaropolk in Kiev, the middle olan Oleg - at the Drevlyans, and the youngest, Volodimir - in Novgorod, Svyatoslav turned to Bulgaria.

Zanepokoєna new aggressive aggression, Vіzantіya acted against the prince of Kiev and Pislya trivialih zhorstokih little thing zmusila yogo vidstiti. Along the road to Kiev, on one of the thresholds, the Russians were attacked by the Pechenigi and killed Svyatoslav. "The Tale of the Temporal Litas" is an opera, a liver khan’s punishment for sowing the goblet with the third skull. So ended the glorious celebrations of Svyatoslavov.