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Insurance - lecture notes


The insurance market Nimechchini is characterized by dynamic development.

A generous increase in insurance premium payments at a warehouse at Nimechchin 10%. The insurance specialist in the structure of the national insurance loan market is about 37%. Medicare insurance is reduced by the lesser popularity in lower countries of Western Europe and the warehouse is about 12% of the total amount of insurance payments. Mainove insurance loan 51% of the national insurance market Nimechchini.

The sector of special insurance at Niemechchin znazna is all the greater competition on the side of commercial banks, so as to frighten the insurance company of servicing klіnturi through the operation of the business of commercial banks. In general, there is a transaction in the insurance service sector of the private sector, lower in the insurance sector of the legal service. The insurance service sector of physical loans is 87% of the insurance market, and legal insurance is 13%. Dividends on shares of stockholders of insurance companies, stable companies, lower prices and lower prices in Western countries of Europe. Ob'dnannya Nіmechchini imposed its own payload on the dynamics of the development of the insurance market.

Strakhov’s right to Nimechchin’s rozdіlena between the system of the sovereign social protection and private sector of insurance services.

Social insurance for all insurance companies, hired, but not in the private insurance services sector. Swearing on respect for old age, on a vipadok unemployment, but at the same time less than half the prejudice.

The private sector of insurance services is provided by Niemechchin Keru by joint insurance companies, which are authorized by the shareholder; Mutual insurance partnerships by sovereign insurance corporations.

At 1990 p. N_mechchin_ insurance has 115 insurance companies, as well as service sectors of special insurance contracts, 230 fixed pension funds, 55 medical insurance partnerships, 35 special insurance reinsurance companies, 330 insurance companies. In addition, the specificity of the insurance insurance market is determined by the reward of 2,200 regional insurance providers, so as to collect less than 5% of the total amount of insurance premiums. Foreign insurers at Niemechchini have 13% of the insurance market, of which they have a leading position in traditional insurance companies in Switzerland (about 9% of the insurance market), and I have more than 100% insurance coverage. cream insurance.

Federal device Nimechchini є we are an important official to develop insurance services for the immediate residents. Regional insurers to identify their presence in all federal states of Nimechchini. The greater number of great insurance companies is greater than the number of active assets due to the establishment of new and newer agreements before the completion of insurance contracts through insurance agents, as well as the principle of insurance contract, because they are entitled to such insurance. The great post-klichnik klіnturi є independent insurance brokers, yakі serviceware of the riznі insurance і company. A wide range of direct sales of insurance policies is guaranteed without any insurance of insurance companies.

The skin insurer is not just one insurance agent, a kind of serviceman, appointed, secured behind him, territory. In general, insurance brokers are more active in insurance services of legal entities, at that time, as “insurance” agents, it is important to have insurance services in the interests of insurance companies. Typically, there are a number of great insurance companies with Niemechchin, the most active nutrition activists, without expensive insurance intermediaries, and the more potential insurance companies who need to be insured with more than one service.

Strakhov on the right of Nimechchinі pіdtverdzhena by strict legislative regulation. At denmark an hour Law of State Insurance Insurance since 1983 p. (With the area of ​​offensive payments, made at the breast of 1985 and that of the 1990), who have the right to basic rules, and that I insure insurance

Increase the number of national and international insurance companies by complying with the sovereign sovereign insurance peek at the side of the Federal Office and looking at the number of insurance companies (FVN) and the retail bank. The main purpose of the federal body of the sovereign insurance peer is the insurance agency insurance. It’s important, Oskilka in Nimechchinі mute of a special centralized guarantee fund for the provision of insurance to insurance companies through the non-transfer of bankruptcy of insurance insurance. ВинDiniy vinyatok iz tsogogo rule is a special guarantee fund of insurance of civil insurance of motor vehicle owners. To rely on respect, because of this fund, we have been hurt by the result of road transport, as a result, an auto-communicator for any reason didn’t have a clear policy, and there was a certain agreement on the need for insurance. Insurance companies established in the federal states, pay insurance coverage from the side of the authorities, having relied on land ownership for them.

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