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Insurance - lecture notes


The French insurance market has recognized significant benefits for the remaining 20 days - with a contract of 30 billion French francs in 1970, and up to 504 billion French francs in 1992. The trend of growth is especially noticeable in the sector of life insurance and capitalization. Penetration into the national economy for good is incomparable: for a large number of insurance contracts, France is for the 9th month, and for all sectors at once - for 12 months, as well as the insurance contract at the expense of the average GDP. Nine new markets: insurance of computer systems and measures, insurance of medical problems in health care. The advent of bank insurance and insurance coverage channels led to the standardization of insurance services, especially in the galaxy insurance policy. The insurance sector zooms in on the fact that investments in insurance have become the leading investments in French families. Over the remaining 10 years of investment, insurance grew up from 10% (account for the overdue liability) to 41% in 1990, and that up to 59% in 1991.

There is a great variety of channels for marketing insurance services to France: there are direct brokers, hired agents, a great deal through a great deal of small agents, as well as brokers who are grouped to get a great deal. Extensive marketing is also available through the Banking Market and Internet Finance and Marketing. In 1993, the French insurance industry had nearly 211100 members, and approximately one hundred and fifty people should be established.

The French companies of mutual insurance (with a large selection of prices, lower prices and tariffs) have sent a significant part of the market for the order of the hired agents of the traditional companies, to establish a part of the market (at all):

- 19.1 vid usih new awards;

- 12.1 new insurance premiums for life;

- 39.4 premiums in the highest types of insurance;

- 50 types of new premiums for insurance vehicles;

- 40 types of combined contracts with the healers Budivel.

French brokers are registered in the Commercial Register of Leader, ale pid named: Strakhova broker dіyalnіst. Have a broker help take care of the great number of companies. Brokers can be like a private individual, so a company. Vіd іmenі vіh klієntіv stench vibrate the insurer and behave at the given time like radniki. In 1993, there were 7 brokers in the insurance sector of the life insurance sector and 18 in the brokers sector of the higher insurance sector with 4,300 registered foreign brokers. It is divided into foreign countries, French brokers may have a great share of the market. In closer stinky maybutny stench I’m going to play a significant role in the structure of the stars, in the form of evil in the form of capital.

Insurance agents for hiring manage the real presence on the market, close to one of their clients. Stink the most active in the sphere of individual insurance, not connected with the life of insurance, but also in the insurance company and the average company. Since the 1980s, the number of insurance agents has begun to significantly change. As a result, in the 1911s, the hired agents distributed 855 insurance services, then in the 1990s they only 410. However, they still get more and more leaders for the sale of insurance policies, as long as they do not have to go to life insurance, and the insurance sector has 17 vіdsotkіv.