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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 10. Insurance in foreign countries

Strakhova dіyalnist u kraїnakh Sunset narakhovaє even more than 300 rokіv. It was repaired in order to develop insurance for a great holiday in London in 1666 and the establishment of the Cow House of Edward Lloyd in 1668. However, there are more laws, as well as regulation of insurance companies, the bulletin has been recently adopted.

Now the market for insurance services is kind and roving to finish the legal basis. London is the largest insurance center in the world, as well as the international insurance reinsurance. They are part of the mysterious private insurance, insurance business on the international market, concentrating itself in the British capital.

The most naughty law, which was adopted by Great Britain and the rest of our days, is the “Law on Life Insurance” of 1774, which, in fact, has made it illegal to try and speculate on the deaths of people. A glance at the insurance company’s insurance is first introduced by the “Law on insurance company insurance” of 1870. It is mandatory under the law of insurance companies to have a goiter that requires robust insurance and financial assistance before the Ministry of Commerce. In 1906, the “Law on Morske Insurance” formulated the legislation, as I regulate the land and insurance of marine transport concerns. The law of the year is a single legislative act of this power.

Ninety laws on insurance companies on regulatory documents are formulated on the cob of the 1980s rock. The offensive rocky bulo adopted a great number of legislative acts. This is due to the integration of European Spells and visits to investors, which are marked in the 1986 Law on Financial Services. For the sake of legislation, 1 lipny of 1994 was introduced in the legislation, if they entered into the third directive on health insurance and the directive on foreign insurance.


Strakhov on the right, the United Kingdom has two heads directly:

- Dovgostrokov insurance life (contracts can be laid on a bagato rock_v);

- the frontier of insurance (the form of insurance for the extraordinary and the short-lived insurance: the contracts are laid out on lines no more than one rock).

Nini ponad 800 companies that are interested in engaging in the UK with one type of insurance business. More than 450 companies have to lay down to British insurance companies. Decent companies є with so-called reciprocal bets on the rights of the authorities of holders of insurance policies. First servants also give deeds of “friendly fellowship” (obdnannya physical features).

In the UK, the market for insurance also has a lot of foreign companies, with some British companies. Small British companies, as a rule, segregate the territorial territory of the country. Most of the great companies, which are engaged in overseas fears, are also in charge of the cordon, are given through files, agents, and there are many companies with them. Form of insurance companies:

1. Private companies - with frontier and share capital. These companies have the right to cancel the ownership of the company. The majority of UK insurance companies are private.

2. Company partners - to insure the owners of insurance policies and to obtain a profit for the gain. Smell the wings for the corridor of the hair polis. The company will take care of life insurance and become a third of the market of all life insurance.
Tipi insurance companies:

1. Zmіshany insurance companies (to carry out yak insurance life, so і is more important than insurance).

2. Filіali, so be engaged in the afterlife fears of life.

3. Filiali, so be engaged in an endowed life insurance.

4. Companies that are involved in reinsurance.

5. Lloyd Corporation.

Tipi middleman:

1. Іndivіdualnі intermediaries:

a) insurance brokers;

b) brokers;

c) brokers "Lloyd";

d) independent financial consultancy;

e) insurance consultancy.

2. Insurance agents:

a) up-to-date representatives;

b) company representatives.

Organizations to handle the insurance services market of Great Britain: Assotsiatsiya English insurance - stock up at representatives of nearly 400 insurance companies, which cover more than 90 insurance markets. Funding for rahunka vіdrakhuvan memberіv organіzatsії.

Functions Asociation:

- a squeeze on a detachment with a method of building the necessary brains to develop fear;

- securing zvyazka with the Ministry of Trade and Industry;

- managing sound ties with the suspension of food industry insurance; The Institute of London Insurance - insurance companies and aviation insurance, so as not to enter the warehouse "Lloyd".

London Insurance Center - a bargain for insurers who didn’t bother with marine insurance on the London market, which doesn’t cover Lloyd.

Asociation of English insurance and investment brokers - the leader in the middle of trade associations in the UK.

National Association of Independent Financial Advisers - Leader in the Middle of Independent Financial Advisers in Great Britain.

Institute of Diploma Insurance - the leading professional mortgage in the UK.

Surrounding the UK at the British Insurance Market is the Lloyd Corporation. Often, Lloyd is often called an insurance company; however, from a legal perspective, it is not right. “Lloyd” - is a corporation, yak about one’s private properties, one’s personal request for insurance and one’s personal offer for receiving all my loyalty. “Lloyd” can be called the most secure insurance market, you should store 20 million pounds sterling for a leather working day. The Lloyd’s portfolio is formed, in the order of traditional riziks, for the bells and whistles of insurance objects, they cannot accept insurance companies (commercial insurance, supertankery, nuclear power plants, etc.) . The primary contribution of Lloyd to the economy of the United Kingdom is overwhelming 1 milliard sterling.

Now the members of Lloyd є nearly 30,000 members in 70 regions of the world. Members of “Lloyd” are grouped in 370 syndicates. Syndicates are formed for the most important types of insurance: insurance of marine transport, ventilation, atomic risers, etc. For the skin syndicate, the underwriter is a person, has been upgraded by the insurance company, or the Lloyd syndicate, to take out insurance (or reinsurance) riziki. Underwriter vіdpovіdaє for formulating the insurance (reinsurance) portfolio of the insurer (reinsurance). Speak up to speak, shko riziki, so as to insure your insurance, do not insure yourself in “Lloyd”, but roam in “Lloyd”. About the price and the procedure itself of such a sharing.

Rizik take up the syndicate in leadership for this type of insurance. Vidovdalnost for the adoption of the rizik and the sum of premiums are distributed among all members of the syndicate in proportion to the amount of the sum, which they have contributed to protect the insurance operation syndicate. We’ll try to get better in the most similar syndicates, in order to improve the order of the leader and to take advantage of my own purchase, I need less money. Razmіshchennya riziku trivaє to the full coverage of insurance sums.

I’m glad to know what I’m looking for among the Lloyd syndicates є competition, the main official є cooperation for the health of one and the same is the interest of insurance and the high reputation of Lloyd.