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Insurance - lecture notes

Theme 9. Financial and economic insurance insurance

Be your own business with your vitality and income.

Get started with "vitamins" to pennies, money, victories for goodbye. And "get" means money, material values, possessions of indebtedness.

Vitrati insurance company vidobrazuyat vikoristannya her cost for securing my care and viznachayut two vzakomopov'yazanі processes:

  • the vision of goiters'yazan in front of the insurers;
  • financial insurance company insurance.

Vitrati of the insurer is following an economical serpent on an offensive large group:

- payment of the insurance amount and insurance insurance for insurance and reinsurance contracts;

- Vitrati for the conduct of insurance reference;

- Vitrati on financial preventive visits;

- Vitrati with health investments.

The insurance provider’s insurance, the whole amount of money is needed to fall into the formations of the three great groups:

- Income insurance insurance;

- income from investment;

- інші revenue.

Incomes of insurance business are paid to incomes of main business operations, including all insurance, insurance and reinsurance. At the warehouse of these incomes are insurance premiums for insurance and reinsurance contracts, insurance premiums, often insurance sums and insurance premiums, reinsured reimbursements, current and higher central reserve insurance reserves, non-current reserve payments Assigned incomes are formed for insurance premiums, the basis of which is the gross tariff. With all the oath, I’ll save a form for the insurance fund, and the structure of the insurance tariff is straightforward.

Alas! The main dzherel of the income of the insurer is insurance insurance premiums. To be sure, insurers є by "contracting" when they conclude a contract of insurance, as a rule, insurance contracts are not required for the period of insurance contract. Otherwise, insurance is incurred due to the realization of the same insurance policy.

The rozmir of the accumulated insurance premiums to lay down the sum of insurance payments and the excess reserves of unearned premiums. Assigned to bend the formula:

ZSP = DSP + RNpoch. - RNPk.,

de ZSP - accumulated insurance premiums;

DSP - insurance premiums for insurance payments paid to reinsurers for reinsurance agreements at the singing period;

RNPposch - reserve of non-bonded bonuses for the cob of a musical period;

RNPk. - a reserve of non-won bonuses for the end of the period.

The insurance premium is not covered by the warehouse of technical insurance reserves of the insurer, they are insurance premiums, which are rejected by the insurer, they must be insured prior to termination of the insurance contract, and not with the insurer's authority.

Reserves of unearned premiums are paid quarterly to the deposits in the amount of insurance premiums for singing types of insurance in the skin quarter, and some methods are used before the date of december. In Ukraine, the most common way to say sorry is the method of forgiveness:

- Sum of insurance premiums for the first quarter of the specified period multiplied by 1/4;

- the amount of insurance premiums for another quarter of that period is multiplied by 1/2;

- the amount of insurance premium payments in the third quarter multiplied by 3/4;

- all іtrimanі dobutka come true.

If you are an insurance company in case of reinsurance in the role of the assignor (reinsurance), then I’ll wipe it off from the supervisor for transferring rezika to reinsurance.

As a part of the insurance company, it was included in the warehouse of a professional insurance company, then when you enter a third one, you will often rotate earlier than before, as well as get involved in the income of the insurance company.

Income of investment income is included in pre-paid incomes of financial income and includes income insurance insurance and other valuable contributions. Investment is due to the large nature of the cost of insurance in the process of insurance, and the cost of insurance is signed by the insurance contract.

Riznitsya middle incomes and vitamins on target financial result of insurance company insurance.

Understanding the “financial result” of dyalnosti includes the term “result” and the category of “financial”. For the term term “result” means add-ons, hang-ups, residual donation, and some kind of busyness, as well as some kind of busyness. Kategorіya "fіnansi" vіdobrazhaє ekonomіchnі vіdnosini s drive formuvannya income i fondіv fіnansovih resursіv that їh vikoristannya Poєdnuyuchi tsі two rozumіnnya, mi can viznachiti scho fіnansovy result dіyalnostі insurers -. Tse kіntsevy pіdsumok Yogo dіyalnostі for Pevnyi perіod s drive formuvannya income i vіdpovіdnih fondіv fіnansovih Resource іх vikoristannya. The financial result includes two elements:

- side (zbitok);

- prіrіst (відплив) reserve off-season.

A positive financial result of a video image is a bit, a negative result is a bit. From now on, a little bit, as a financial result of the insurance company’s performance, representing the result of short-term income on income incurred by him for a singing period of one hour. To be paid income and insurance coverage.

Prior reserve out of service. Wanting to period zberigannya on the mahogany of the insurance company, I can get the most of the victories as an investor in the economy of the state.

I deny the benefit of є one ц ц ц ц ц страх страх виду страх виду виду виду я insurance к виду орган я я орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган орган,,,,,,,,,, та та та та та та та. Prote when you formulate a little extra insurance of the insurance company about re-distribution of the suspension. Naypershim dzherelom deny the benefit є the rate of benefit, as laid down in the insurance rate and to ensure the profitability of insurance operations. With the help of your own dzherelyami I’ve removed the allowance - є nadhodzhennya vіd all kinds of insurance policies.

Similarly to the income of the insurer yogo income is stocked up iz:

- a lump of insurance operations;

- a side view of non-insurance operations - investment dyalnosti and the first sound dyalnosti;

- a side view of supernatural dyalnosti.

The sidebar is also one of the main indicators of performance and effectiveness. As an absolute indicator, in characterizing the effectiveness of the insurance company, it is ambiguous.

The main indicators of the effectiveness of the financial and state insurance of the insurance company are the financial stability, profitability, profitability and overhead, so that you can apply your insurance company.

The platospromozhnіst means the ability, the health of the insured to take care of their goiters. Zobov’yazannyayutsya on:

- zovnіshnі;

- internal.

Zovnіshny zobov'yazannya - all zobov'yazannya in front of insurance companies, the budget, over-the-budget full funds, counterparties, skinny partners. Їx oath є mainly when vniznachennі іvnі іvnya plospromoznostі insurance.

Internal goiters - all goiters before the step-fathers, shareholders, filia, pracniks.

Practitioners should take advantage of the insurance policy, most likely activate the insurance company more, take care of the insurance, then there’s a fair amount of rent.

In practice, the state donation is due to the insurance companies ’flat indicator, an indicator, for such a good control from the side:

- financial services of the insurer himself;

- a sovereign state control body;

- audit services;

- for singing minds - rating agencies.

Efficiency of dyalnosti of any kind of undertakings in front of us means the achievement of economic deliveries, the elimination of positive results of dyalnosti, and the strict financial commitment of the financial institution of the year.

The effectiveness of the insurance company’s activities is considered to be bad, indicators, financial stability and cost-effectiveness of health insurance, insurance benefits and insurance are most important.

The peculiarity of the insurance process is that the poor resources of the insurance provider are rallied in advance when the insurance reserves are formulated and that they will be hidden for an hour by the insurer, which should be paid by the insurance provider by way of securing insurance. There is a need for a guarantee of health insurance for your needs for taking care of between you and your health insurance provider. Such a main guarantee is financial insurance of the insurer, as it is associated with the tariff, financial, investment and reinsurance policies.

Під фінансовою стійкістю insurance operations rozumіyut postіynu overtake income over the vitrates between the razrahunkіv for the insurance fund, so as to protect the insurance industry.

The basis of financial insurance policies on the basis of the general assessment of insurance company indicators:

- rozmir statutory capital;

- reassurance of the guarantee fund;

- rosmire of the highest cost;

- rozmіr target insurance reserves, sufficient for maybutnip bills;

- spіvvіdoshennya activіv that goiter'yazan;

- weekend standards for the insurance insurance reserves;

- profitability of insurance operations;

- Indicators of insurance coverage sums.

Criteria for the visibility of financial insurance and the insurance industry’s platform are possible:

- the availability of a decent oath of insurance operations;

- the presence of a rogue practice of reinsurance;

- securing an unbalanced insurance portfolio;

- obmezhennya vidovdalnost for rizikov;

- more reasonable (optimal) insurance insurance reserves;

- rational tariff policy;

- Diversification dіyalnostі.

The financial stability of the insurance company is looked at from such basic positions:

- the large number of shortcomings in any period;

- financial stability insurance fund;

- the profitability of all insurance business companies.

In Ukraine, I will become an indicator of the activity of insurance companies and brokers to take part in the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine. Інформація, яка підлягає monitoring and analysis, replenishing oneself with insurers voluntarily. Analysis for such straights:

- indicators of obyagіv dіyalnostі;

- asset;

- business activity;

- moisture capital;

- insurance premiums;

- withdrawn insurance payments;

- cleared payments for reinsurance;

- insurance bills;

- insurance reserves;

- parts of insurance payments, due reinsurers;

- regional measure;

- balance sheet of insurance.

Self-powered meals

  • What is the reason for specialty of the financial and state insurance insurance policy?
  • What is your income and vitrats of an insurance company?
  • Yak klasifikuyutsya vitrati insurance companies?
  • Yakі warehouses vitrat insurance?
  • How to form a specialty of insurance services?
  • How are income and insurance coverage?
  • Yakі warehouses and that dzherela income insurance?
  • How is the financial result of insurance coverage?
  • What are the benefits of insurance company insurance? How do you think?
  • How is the insurance policy plateau (actual and normative)?
  • Why should the vimoges reincarnate the actual stock of plateau capacities over normative ones?
  • What is the reason for effective insurance company insurance?
  • What indicators are the effectiveness of the insurance policy? What is the polygon?
  • How much are the main indicators of the effectiveness of the insurance company?
  • What is the roaming rating of an insurance company? What is the meaning of vin?
  • How do you vibrate your insurance company?