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Organization of the accounting region, economic control and analysis - Sopko V.

1.2. Зміст і change your mind organization organizations accounting, control and analysis

Management is a direct sequence of inflows on a suspended presentation with a method of ordering.

I will look at the need for a complete, near-by-day management on the basis of the advancement of science by drafting the first revision of the organization of the assigned values. We also agree on the same area of ​​accounting, control, and analysis of state-owned activities - important management functions.

The term "organization" is limited to the words. We have the orderly sightseeing order and the song system. Organizational transfer and access to the following arrangements will be made in order of the elements of the system as a whole, as well as the recognition of the purpose of the transaction.

The main higher education institutions of a be-a-kind system are becoming a mechanism, a system of statistics (structure, personnel, technology) and dynamism (processes, of a system).

The mechanism of the system is characterized by a theory (designation of a subject, a method) and practice, a system with a structure, warehouse elements and related items, as well as a technology and a system in technology.

The ordering of the higher education institutions (elements) of the accounting system of the region, the control and analysis of state gifts is characterized by a wide range of organizations. Such is the organization of the pitch in a completely straightforward manner, the structure of the accounting process, the control and analysis of the state of the art of performance of songs. Ordering the parts of the higher education institutions (elements) of the system and characterizing the organization of the university’s rosumіnnі. Looking at the term “organization of the accounting department, control and analysis of the state dariality” I can mean either “organization of the yak systems”, or “organization of the functions (managing them). First, the tlumachen vidpovіdaє to the wider for the oath of understanding.

The yakomog’s ghost is more open to understanding the “system”, you need to identify the system, how to save us, to describe them on such rivals of abstract language: symbolic (linguistic), theoretical, mathematical, logical, logical, logical that heuristic.

I take into account the accounting region, control and analysis of the state system of yachts, it’s necessary to have a shawl, which’s why they’re objectively viral in the system of governing the way I go, governing the functions (that is, the way people are engaged). In addition, it’s a good idea to establish a system of a different symbolic rivie - a system of the state region, a control and an analysis, a yak, and one’s own house, as well as a part of a new symbolic system - a system of economical information.

A water-hour accounting area, control and analysis, I will take a look at the organization functions, are not simple functions, but not a total of technical advantages, but the overall order of the environmental, control and analysis procedures is necessary. Its order is represented by terms and functors. Persons characterize meta, objects, methods, and others - interchange between them. Such a need will require a mathematical apparatus.

I will describe the accounting area as the basis of the mathematical, control and analysis є balance method of managing the economy (statehood) - that’s the title of double (basic) method. The essence of this move lies in the fact that in order to achieve the possibility of mutual demand for more resources and resources at the scale of the most varied state system - enterprises, organizations, organizations, trusts, and so on; mutual coordination of the state formations; securing unbalanced costs in economy, proportionality with economic laws.

Theoretically, the basis of the balance sheet method of state donation is to establish recognition and recognition of the most economical laws, which is important to increase the performance of (suspension, exchange, distribution, living) suspension products.

In addition to the accelerated suspension of the balance of technology, there are a great deal of technical balance that should be given to the state thanks, and there is only one need for it.

Gospodaryuvannya - a show of a slurry character, a yak is characterized by peace on the basis of two aspects: the productive forces and the viral gods. That is the skin of the warehouse of the state donation, because I wouldn’t have a little won’t, I don’t have a pose with a suspension viral and I can’t lose a pose with a cloud, a break and an analysis. To this methodology of accounting, control and analysis of state thanks, due diligence, it is possible to identify state factors in advance of the need for management and their characteristics. For the whole of those, such a description of the success of state facts — evidence and processes — on the basis of the balance sheet method, with a certain amount of evidence is given to a skin dear state fact — evidence of the process, due to the fact that the state system is in good condition.

From now on, for the sake of managing state property, I need to be sure to read about the characteristic features of the process of virology and virology, and the internal structure of the whole statehood. In order to ensure that, by the way, the structure of statehood is on a two-year basis, be-yak date, Ії Слід зафіксувати, tax is static. Ale vodnochas the process of state donation є dynamically. Shchob vidstezhuvati zmіni, as vidbuvayutsya in state gifts, the process of state donation next time in taxes.

Assignments pidkhid vidbivaє the most attractive level of abstraction, for some accounting area, control and analysis of state gifts can be explained by the scheme shown in Fig. 1.2. Reshtivnaya abstraction of accounting, control and analysis аль the lowest filed in the other aspects and directly to the management.

characteristics of the accounting region, control and analysis in management

Fig. 1.2. Zmistova characteristic of the accounting region, control and analysis in the management of state property