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Organization of the accounting region, economic control and analysis - Sopko V.

1.3. Principles of the organization of accounting, control and analysis

From the course “Organizational management of state property”, the main principle is the organization of administrative robots: unity of principle, indivisibility.

The rational organization of the accounting department , control and analysis of the transfer of the support of the systemic approach, values, all-round, subordinate, dynamic, second-hand video, system-wide communication.

The principle of peace will require you to examine the system as if you are, as if you are not visible, as if you can’t be reduced to the power of being part of the commune, so as to approve of it. Tsіlіsnіst the region of the system as an object is manifested in the double (balance, balance sheet) of the state-owned factories - evidence and processes. The principle of peace and blessing may increase global commitment, such as, say, knowledge about the material, the camp with the post-iters and so on.

Validity of control and analysis of state gifts from the systemic view of the system is integrated in a comprehensive all-inclusive informational information. Organization on the territory of the Dzherel (plans, regulations, regions) leads to the destruction of the system approach.

The principle of all- round transmission of all the internal sounds of the system and the system of factors, the factors that can be incorporated into the functional functions.

The complexity of the process of organizing the accounting region, the control and analysis in the management of state property is due to the manifestation of the number of options for using people's abilities, technology, and natural minds of these warehouse processes. There are hundreds of officials пост also a constant increase in the scale of the legal process, the dynamics of the processes, as well as in the economy. If I have any idea, I’ll see a bag of internal and external sounds. In addition to the system approach, I’m okremiy about the organization’s organization, I’m looking at the structure of the sounds between the elements of the system, the other between the singing system and the other systems, as well as modifying it (for example, planning, regulation, regulation, regulation).

The principle of subordination will be needed for the development of elements and features for clearly defined criteria (mobility, adequacy).

The main criterion is to encourage the accounting elements of the accounting system, control and analysis, the adequate organization and technological structures of the statehood. For example, the region of materials will adequately organize the state thanks: for the skin and material special, the representative of the mother; the regional vitrat for management - for workshops, businessmen, teams, products (virobes, robots, servants, groups of employees), the regional vitrat for management - for management, structures, buildings.

In the process of control and analysis, the government takes a look at the bagator (more work, workshop, team, mail, etc.) and bagatrany (post-processing, storage, etc.). To that, the basis for encouraging the monitoring elements and the analysis is laid as well as the adequate organization and technological structure of the radio.

The principle of dynamism is to establish that all the characteristics of the system are not clearly seen, but rather that they are retained until they are protected.

The dynamism of the accounting region as a system is zoomed in on the basis of the most detailed forms and methods of organization, the development of forms of weekly prices, the system of regimens, the acquisition of new methods of resource costs, and the cost of expenses. The principle of dynamism of transmission є to achieve the best sound for all the functions of the functional functions for the control of the analysis.

The principle of viperezhuvalnogo vizobrazhennya means the identification of problems, the development of certain dictated by the hour, and from now on, I will need to predict the future of all systems in Maybut. Shchodo sistemi accounting accounting region means that the regulatory method is regional accounting for virobnitstvo.

The principle of systematic vidnosin will require a very quiet call between the parts (elements) of the system, so as to ensure that there is no need to forget that it’s important. In tsomu aspektі tsіlіsnіst buhgalterskogo oblіku yak sistemi zabezpechuєtsya priyomami dvoїstostі (podvіynostі) tobto dvoїstim way vіdobrazhennya gospodarskih faktіv - yavisch i protsesіv (balance uzagalnennyam, buhgalterskoyu korespondentsієyu rahunkіv, conduct), ієrarhіchnoyu diferentsіatsієyu rahunkіv (sintetichnі, analіtichnі, subrahunki rіznogo order). The principle of control and analysis is to protect the entire arsenal of analytical methods, which are theoretically fragmented and practiced.

At the galaxy control and analysis of the state darity of the main ones роз the problem of development and the functional and virtual analysis, the different types and methods of control and analysis.

The principle of overall systemic approach is clear with a comprehensive approach to vivnennogo obzakta piznannya: the object is looked at as much as possible in the internal sounds.

Comprehensive and systematic approach to accounting, control and analysis of the state darity of the city give them the opportunity to see them in a clear way, to give them a vivid internal sound.

In addition, organizing myself in order to organize myself will require additional content and such principles, as adaptability, parallelism, rhythm, non-interruption, direct fuel, proportionality.

Adaptiveness to the organization, control and analysis means to invoke them and to function up to specific management minds: for the organization, the structure is so thin.

Parallelism in the organization, control and analysis, as well as the appearance of systems (accounting systems) of the accounting region, control and analysis in the most independent state certificates.

Rhythm in the organization, control and analysis means the equal need for the future and the future information. The underdevelopment of the leveling lead to the destruction of the strings of the remainder processing.

The lack of organization of the accounting system, control and analysis - that is the main reason for the regional, control and analitical processes during the specific hour of delivery of specific orders.

Direct fuel in the organization of accounting, control and analysis of transferring to such schemes more information and information, as much as possible to technological processes, for example, a large number of commercial processes.

Proportion is the principle of organizing an accounting area, control and analysis will require the right relationship between different elements and organizational elements, an extra item in the warehouse, a qualified warehouse. Proportion yes I can help to balance the labor and material resources.

Otzhe, Yakscho vihoditi іz sutі method yak Priya abo method of pіznannya (doslіdzhennya) yavisch Nature th suspіlnogo Zhittya, then pіdstavі zaznachenih printsipіv method organіzatsії buhgalterskogo oblіku, control that analіzu slіd vvazhati sukupnіst methodically i tehnіchnih priyomіv, SSMSC zabezpechuyut ratsіonalne funktsіonuvannya vsіh zaznachenih skladnikіv in system of statehood management.

The particularities of the method of organizing the accounting area, control and analysis of the premises of the company are manifested in constant methodical and technical methods.