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Organization of the accounting region, economic control and analysis - Sopko V.

1.4. Fundamentals of the organization of accounting, control and analysis in the minds of the functions of the automated system of processing the information

Unequaled mental control at the end є a complete reconstruction of the first technical and information base on the basis of an automated regional system, monitoring and analysis of automated work of an accountant in the United Kingdom.

One of the most important things you can do is to have a low price and a complete information system of new technologies for managing new technical problems. The role of the accounting department has been recognized up to now, and later, the methodological and methodological aspects will require a little bit of correlation. The accounting region and accounting information in the minds of an automated system for processing the data is more widespread, lower than that for manual processing of data.

Zmіnyuєts y tіlіve nominated accounting area. Winning more than the old warehouse management system and enterprise.

The process of automation of the accounting region is very important for the mind of a comprehensive, systematic and cost-efficient approach to the consumption of consumer business management.

The management system is limited in its role in the organization of the accounting region, which is safe from the financial and state subsidiary. The accounting region is additional information technology, and the main part of the input information technology is the latest of these systems. Having redirected to one of the information technology systems, I’ve got a call for the same way as I did in the same way as in the entire information technology system, the accounting system has one main control function. Success in managing functional functions while keeping a proper look at the correct installation of tasks.

At a time of a comprehensive approach to the organization of accounting, in the minds of automated processing of information, there is a need to go through organization of information, and there are a lot of information and information.

Integrated accounting in the automation of the accounting region in the current minds of realizing the formalized formalities.

  • Viznachennya і mіstsya otchetnogo oblastiu іn the system management іnpіdprіmstvo.
  • Classification types are complex, as well as information systems and areas, control and analysis.
  • Violation of the archives, as well as changes in the information system, as well as the nature of the systems of sound between them, elements, complexes and commits.
  • Establishment of minds and between officials of the information system of the region.
  • Control and analysis.
  • Pobudova conceptual model of automated processing of regional information.
  • Creation of an information accountant, in order to give the grave the opportunity to engage in dialogue mode.
  • A comprehensive review of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the accounting region.
  • System Virishennya zavdan region, control and analysis.
  • Vicorystannya zasobіv the model of the regional, control and analitic processes.
  • Organization of an automated system; Forecast of state financial and financial dіnalnosti.
  • Cutting down of the most inconsequential concerns in dialogue mode with the information system, control and analysis.
  • Building on the basis of a comprehensive approach to an automated system and taking control of management.

Rozrobka regional information technology is not a meta meta, but a part of the regional functional system. We are important for the task of creating such a problem by transferring information to specific corridors, so that I can help them to correctly correct the information and the potential for corruption. All the most urgent, the fragments at a time of the not far away tribute gave us a chance to bring more information. You can spend your wag. To this end, you have the opportunity to stay in the correct way, prompt the communal processes.

In the minds of automated processing of data on the organization of the region there is a steady flow of theory of communion. Adzhe obl_k is possible to submit an integrated system for picking, processing, transmitting and transmitting regional information, and the main principle of the theory of communication is to give the most optimal oversight, the terminology is straightforward.

Yak odnitsya komunіkatsіі oblіkovets have a vіdpovіdalnіst for the form of oblіkіvіh indicators and transmission їх to the corridors. For all winners, we’ll recognize the type of requirements for corridor blocks of information, more than one need for information, by the day, and for correcting the installation of communication. Yak is the only information system of the region and the water time and functions: transmission of information, transmission, blocking, transmission of information for additional mechanized communication. Yak komunіkatsііna odinitsya koristuvach oblіkovo іnformatsії one by one in the entire part of the komunіkatsіynoї system.

Koristuvach regional information vikonu two perchochergovі functions: іnterpretuє oblikovu information and vikoristovuy її. The main functions of management are the accounting region to identify their goals, tasks and needs for their development. All of these tasks should be especially organized if the workstation of the accountant is organized, so as not to duplicate the tasks themselves. The form of tasks is more correct, interchange of tasks is possible on the basis of automation of regional development, control and analysis tasks in management.

The information system of the control, monitoring and analysis is organically integrated into the main system of managing the business, characterized by the interaction of the complexes of tasks and tasks of the information, auditing, and the inclusion of The skin task is characterized by a function of management, within the framework of a clear vision; a resource, a yakon won vidobrazha, that yogo camp; pіdrozdіlom, to the capacity to lay down a resource; at one o'clock, for a certain image of the resource.

Sufficiency of unique indicators unambiguously signifies a task task. Functional tasks interact on the basis of information. Exchange of information between tasks within one hour of the work of the ARMB is possible for the manifestity of a classic task list. Clasification of the tasks of the assistance is thoroughly limited to the methodology of the oblast, and, on my own, is positive in the technology of processing the data for the auxiliary ARMB. Letting go of the classic signs allows me to localize one task, how to type it, go through it and go to the next section in order to control the rules and make it easier to inform.

The tasks of the accounting region are possible to classify singing signs and fall into practical practical needs. Najvavlivshim for practical purposes є group of tasks for the economical serpent of the greatest indicators. Tacke grupuvannya Je basis for viokremlennya mainly tipіv ARM accountant.

1. Workstation of the accountant of moisture status.

2. Workstation of the accountant in the region of the main concerns.

3. Workstation of an accountant in the area of ​​material values.

4. Workstation of an accountant in the area of ​​praxis and pay.

5. Workstation of an accountant in the area of ​​expenses for virobnitstvo.

6. Workstation of an accountant in the region sale of finished products, revenue and financial results.

7. Workstation of an accountant in the region of financial and rozrahunkovyh operations.

8. Workstation of the accountant of the established region and the folding of soundness.

Dermal skin with a cross-arm ARMB (a complex of tasks); Viznachayuchi transfer tasks, schuchy buti rozv'yazanі on the workstation of an accountant, the next urahovuvati factors, as well as pour in at the warehouse. There are technology and organizational factors, due to the nature of the work, due to the arduous challenges and methodical options for the development of the tasks of the accounting department, control and analysis . With all of these possible varieties of tasks, there are more bookkeeping tasks.

Information about the tasks of the region, control and analysis with the most active systems of the automated system and the control of the health of these rules with the following rules:

• vikoristannya vzaimno і information;

• dispute okremich dzherel information;

• dispute okremich of the first noses of information;

• Unity of the system of information coding;

• revelation of a zvoryazky;

• нDnіst systems of indicators.

The cloudy process in the minds of the victorious ARMB is characterized by the fact that I have a lucrative job - an accountant, as well as an experienced manager who is responsible for an accounting department. Automation of the last tasks. I’ll need to read through the organization of the technological process, and I can help you to re-enter the okromy’s circle. We are important for the hour of automation of the accounting region є form of regional functions for singing tasks, transfer to ARMB.

At industrial enterprises, they bring in one form of ARMB for complexes, as well as topological tasks (the region of basic concerns, the region of material values ​​and so on), as well as for the singular functional tasks. for okrimim functions (execution of the original document, form of singing values ​​of the primary region and so on).

For this purpose, regional modules are formed in such a way that it is possible to model regional processes with the use of vikoristovuvan calculating techniques, explicit regional staff, as well as the scale of business. In an information system at a time of consumption, you need to form a regional station, as well as a small number of tasks (ARMB), or a small number of functions. Mayuchi is a modular set of regional, control and analogous tasks, an accountant can use one of them in the ARMB office. As a result, I want to learn about the performance of the singing region and give me a chance to react to the flow in the structure of the company (shortened work time for the ARMB), as well as the time in the region.

Program to make it possible to have an opportunity at any moment and for any structural modifications, which are possible at the moment. Obligations of cooperation with the government are interchangeable, func- tional and automated work in a single informative regional process, which is important for the complete complex of tasks. ARMB for consumer control for a functional rozpodil form for tasks (task complexes), filed with a viglyad okremikh block.

Koristuvach regional information vikonu two perchochergovі functions: іnterpretuє oblikovu information and vikoristovuy її. The main functions of management are the accounting region to identify their goals, tasks and commitments. I want to help you, especially if you are going to organize the workstation of an accountant, separate the functions, and do not duplicate the tasks themselves. Having correctly formulated the complex tasks and surround tasks with their mutual involvement, it is possible to automate the development of regional tasks, control and analytical tasks.

Functional tasks, interconnecting on the basis of information, assimilating the whole discipline on specific functions and assignments, at the same time, organizational aspects of the remaining aspects are developed.

Less than that, for the ability to understand the organization approach, you will have to conservatism and negligence of the accounting department, some redundancy of work in robots, and even more time for accounting. The very organizational principle is that I can help you to find your way around the region and to the extent of the country.